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Re: AM Politics: Self-Interest is Uppermost

Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 20:47:13 -0000 To: AM-GLOBAL From: J.Young Subject: Re: AM Politics: Self-Interest is Uppermost
Namaskar, Here is some follow up to yesterday's letter about how in the post 1990 era AM politics is dominated by self-interest. To reiterate, all the groups are fueled by their own selfish desire. None should think that any one group is to be followed or favoured; rather, AM ideology is to be followed. That is the only way to achieve unity. And that was the overarching message of yesterday's letter. By reading it anyone can understand. Side by side here are three more points that substantiate the ideas expressed in that letter.
Once again, our creed is universalism, not groupism. It is not a question of following Vimalananda's Ranchi faction or Tiirthananda's EC faction. No group has the solution since they are dominated by self-interest. The solution lies in Baba's expansive view of neo-humanism. At the same time, if we were to compare Vimalananda's stance with Tiirthananda's position, then it is quite clear which one is comparatively better. Although both outlooks are groupist in nature and therefore defective, Vimalananda's standpoint is comparatively better because more people come under the umbrella of his self-interest. Vimalananda is concerned with numerous peoples in various sectors whereas Tiirthananda's view is limited to a handful in NY and a couple others-- that's all. And Baba's clear-cut guideline is: The sentiment representing more people is comparatively better. Baba says, "Let us consider, for example, the case of a Portuguese nationalist. The mental object of a Muslim communalist is certainly larger than that of a Portuguese nationalist, because the former desires the welfare of a greater number of people than the latter. This is because the number of Muslims in the world is greater than the number of Portuguese. Judged from this perspective, I cannot denounce the sentiments of a Muslim communalist in comparison to a Portuguese nationalist. Similarly, it has to be accepted that the sentiments of a Rajput casteist are broader than those of a Portuguese nationalist, because the former desires the welfare of more people than the latter. Likewise, the feelings of an Andhrite provincialist will have to be considered broader than those of a Portuguese nationalist. If one supports provincialism with seventy-five million Bengalees, it must be accepted that these feelings are more expanded than the nationalism of most of the nations of the world. The population of most of the nations of the world is less than the population of Bengal." (POD #18) So Baba's point is quite straightforward. The more people that come within one's selfish sentiment, the greater is one's mental outlook. That is why Vimalananda's approach is better than Tiirthananda's, in a relative sense. This much understanding about the nature of sentiments every Ananda Margii should have. And of course when it comes to our practical approach, then all such sentiments are to be discarded as they are inherently defective and only AM ideology is to be followed. Because only the dharma of AM can bring welfare to all.
The second point is the sheer irony of what is going on now in NY sector. In this regard, Baba draws a perfect analogy to the dire tragedy that occurred in Bengal in the first half of the 20th century. Baba says, "Those same Bengalees who had once fought with all their might to unify Bengal presented a petition to the British in 1947 to once again divide Bengal in two. When the two Bengals were united in 1912 the Bengalees thought that they had won the fight. And when Bengal was again divided in two in 1947, again the Bengalees thought they had won the fight. What a tragedy of history! (SC-1, disc 6) So up till 1912, the Bengalis wholeheartedly fought to make a united Bengal and by their determined efforts they achieved victory on this point. And they celebrated accordingly-- having achieved unity. Then just a few short decades later those same Bengali people engaged in a campaign to divide Bengal. And ultimately it was divided and again they rejoiced thinking they got victory. Such is the irony of the history of Bengal. Oddly enough, that same imbalanced and ironic episode is going on now in NY sector. In the 1970's or so, the ACB margiis of NY initially joined the universal mission of AM with a strong desire to make AMPS the perfect medium of those ideals. And to keep a united Marga those very ACB margiis helped fight the Communists, Indhira Gandhi, and the CBI-- all done to keep AMPS united. And they celebrated that victory. Yet now, just a few short decades later, these very same NY ACB margiis are cracking AMPS into pieces with their very own hands by breaking away from the main structure. Yet in this process of division they are also feeling glorified and victorious, just like the Bengalis felt in 1947. So see the irony of it all. In both circumstances the said parties fought hard to bring forth and maintain unity and then later on due to their own self-interest they fought hard to bring division. That is why Baba openly proclaims such events like that of Bengal and NY Sector as being ironic and "a tragedy".
The third and final point of today's addendum is this: There can be absolutely no sympathy for those who break away from AMPS as they are going fundamentally against AM ideals. And that is what Tiirthananda's EC crew is doing: Dividing the organisation by changing the NY sector by-laws etc. In that case, in the face of undermining the principles of AM by breaking away, all EC's philosophical talks are utterly useless. What is the need to listen to their lengthy lectures on AM when they have blatantly undermined Baba's teachings by splitting the organisation. If the EC faction did not choose to break away then their various proposals about the development of AMPS could be discussed and considered. That would have been fine and welcome. But when the EC heads deliberately and forcefully opted to make a split from AMPS, then what is the need to consider their grandiose philosophical proposals. Because their whole idea of splitting the organisation is totally defective and destructive-- and against our ideological principles. Baba says, "One human society is divided into different nations, and one nation is divided into different religions; religions also have different castes, and castes also have different sub-castes -- what kind of situation is this? We have only learned how to divide and subdivide humanity, and we never learned how to unite the people. This is all due to the defective teachings of dogmas...Dogmas are psycho-physical diseases." (PNS-9, p.46)
By Baba's grace our Marga will surmount the present crisis. Because AM ideology does not tolerate groupism of any kind. Rather our Marga is based on neo-humanism and universalism. So those various factional leaders from all the camps will be exposed and groupism on the whole will be rid from AMPS. By that way our AM ideology will be established and we can usher in that golden era by His grace. Baba says, "So the important thing is that all are the progeny of the Supreme Progenitor. According to this, there will be unity in the physical stratum, and so will there be in the psychic and spiritual strata. But to strengthen this unity yet more, there is one more factor which should be there, and is there - that factor being the common goal for all the children of the Supreme Father - the merger of all in Him. All have come from Him and are in Him; therefore, all people will have to live together." (Disc on MHB: 'Planning for the Mahavishva') Namaskar, Jagatmitra

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