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Realisation From a Train Journey

Date: Wed, 18 May 2011 07:22:36 +0530
From: "Deva_Sudhakar"
Subject: Realisation From a Train Journey



Here I want to tell my own personal story with Sixteen Points.

Although I struggle here and there in trying to follow all of Baba's guidelines, I
have immense respect for those margiis and wt's who properly adhere to
these points. And certainly I try each and every day to implement as many
points as I can. By Baba's grace sadhana, asanas, fasting and many of the
points have become regular aspects of my life. In this regard, many thanks
to all A'nanda Ma'rgiis for your support and satsaunga.

Ultimately, on a larger scale, I feel following 16 Points does not just
bring welfare to the individual, but to the society at large also; in that
sense Sixteen Points is not just an individual affair, and I think many
feel this way as well.

Anyway here then is my story-- or one of my stories-- about Sixteen Points.


By Baba's grace, in the confines of my own home, I have long been
habituated to doing my sadhana twice daily-- just as every Ananda Margii
does. My problem would arise when I would leave the house.

For instance, it would often happen that when traveling-- either for
business or for AM retreats etc-- then I would refrain from doing sadhana
in public. Because I did not feel comfortable sitting and closing my eyes
in the train, or airport, or bus terminal and doing sadhana. It was not so
much that I was physically uncomfortable, but mostly I felt uneasy
mentally-- always worried about what others would think of me.

So in this state of shyness and fear, I would sit there and try to do my
meditation with my eyes open-- staring out into space. But of course it did
not work. Or I would bend forward as if I was tying my shoe when really
this was my half-hearted attempt to do one of my yoga asanas. And just
forget about doing my dances like kaoshikii & tandava-- never!!

In this way I was nearly paralysed when trying to do my AM practices in public.
All because of my shyness (lajja) vrtti, and similar types of psychic complexes.

And the problem is that extreme shyness continued not for one day or one
week-- but rather for months and years on end.

                   HOW IT ALL GOT TURNED AROUND

Then one day the assignment came to travel with another margii to do some
business  and then the two of us were going to go together to one of our
AMURT camps. This was the proposed agenda. And I was quite happy and
excited about it.

As we started the first leg of our journey, we got slightly delayed and
sure enough we found ourselves on the train with mealtime approaching.
I hadn't shared my hesitations about doing sadhana in public with my margii
companion, so I just acted normal as I saw him preparing to do his evening

First I saw him go to the bathroom in his business attire with his shoes
and socks on, and then a few minutes later I saw him return wearing thongs
(sandals) with his shins, ankles, and feet dripping of water. I noticed
that his pants were rolled up nearly to his knees. And when I looked at his
face and saw that there were water droplets accumulated all throughout his
beard, mustache, and on his eyelashes. In addition, beads of water were
dripping down his cheeks and disappearing into his beard. Plus his sleeves
were rolled up past his elbows and I could see that the hair on his forearms
was totally matted down and stuck to his skin since that area was still
quite wet. In sum, he had done half-bath-- on the train!

Little by little, I could see he was now preparing to sit for sadhana--
right there in the compartment with everyone watching. With much
trepidation, I also began to notice that other passengers were beginning to
take notice of him and were watching him-- some strangely and others in
amusement. Or so it seemed to me.

With my heart beating fast, pretending that everything was 100% normal, I
looked over at my margii brother and I also got up and walked towards the
washroom on the train. I wetted myself down as best I could and found
myself also leaving the washroom totally dripping with water, as I had not
brought a towel with me. Nor did I have sandals. So I walked back to my
seat with my bare feet on top of my shoes-- not inside. And I was using my
toes to grip my shoes with each step so that I could advance ahead. Step by
step I slid forward. The whole ordeal was quite awkward and I nearly fell
multiple times, but somehow-- by Baba's grace-- I made it back to my seat
without falling on anyone.

By that time, my margii companion was deep into his sadhana lessons-- eyes
closed, face serene, oblivious to the world around him.

With much nervousness I began to get seated in padmasana and slyly took a
look around the compartment. It seemed to me that everyone was watching
me-- looking on in disbelief that a second person (dripping with water) was
also now going to start the esoteric practice of meditation. I was
completely worried.

But with little alternative-- as I did not want to skip my sadhana since I
was traveling with a fellow margii, and because my fear of skipping sadhana
in front of him was greater than my shyness of doing sadhana in public-- I
took Baba's name and closed my eyes and quickly began the mandatory
repetition of my Ista mantra, before delving into bhuta shuddhi.

At first I was quite self-conscious and was wondering if all the
passengers were still looking at me. But then to my amazement, as I focused
on my mantra, a deep serenity overcame my being and I could feel Baba's
divine presence. With each mantra japa, the anxiety and nervousness drifted
away; by His grace, with each and every second that went by I became more
immersed in His flow.

With that sweet feeling, I calmly proceeded through all my sadhana
lessons-- one by one-- feeling totally ensconced in His love. I even did
pranayama before my final session of dhyana. Finally, as I got myself out
of my kneeling position after completing Guru Puja, I discreetly took a
look at my wristwatch and noticed that it was far past my usual dinner time.
Then I looked over at my margii brother and I saw that he too had just
completed his sadhana, and he had just begun putting his shoes and socks
back on. In that moment, when our eyes met, he greeted me with a warm smile.

                     WHAT HAPPENED NEXT...

With sadhana properly completed, I was just about to inquire about
proceeding with our normal evening routine when I noticed another passenger
coming towards us.

At this time my nervousness suddenly overcame me and I looked over at my
margii brother. He seemed quite calm and composed. When the passenger came
closer he greeted us in a very gentle and respectful way and asked if he
could join us. We of course agreed.

And then the passenger began to say that he was deeply intrigued with
meditation and that he really admired us for being so dedicated to our
practice that we did our meditation on the train. Then that passenger
called two of his friends over and suddenly there were five of us. And it
was quite apparent how these other three gentlemen were highly impressed by
seeing us do our practices and they wanted to know all about sadhana and

Thereafter in a very open way, my margii companion and I shared many things
about spirituality with them. Soon the three gentlemen were listening with
great interest about vegetarianism, meditation, health, channelizing the
mind, and all sorts of topics. Their questions seemed endless and with each
moment their admiration for us grew.

Then to my astonishment, my margii companion revealed to them that we were
actually Ananda Margiis. One of three did not seem to know Ananda Marga at
all. But the other two gentlemen told that they had read some unfavourable
things about Ananda Marga in the newspaper, but that after this inspiring
meeting they would now hold Ananda Marga in an entirely new light-- with
new respect. They also said they were interested in getting initiated.
We past the rest of the journey sharing our packed vegetarian meals with
them and spoke at length about the joys and sweetness of our spiritual
path-- our AM path of bliss.


When we reached our destination we all did namaskar to one another and then
the three gentlemen went in their direction with the address and phone
number of a local jagrti in hand. And the margii brother and I went in our

When we got to the street, we hailed a taxi and got in. Once inside-- in
the privacy of our own taxi-- I expressed to my margii companion what a
wonderful journey it had been. We had done our full routine, did lots of AM
pracara, and spent the whole train ride in His sweet flow.

And then I admitted that regrettably I generally forgo my yoga and sadhana
practices when traveling. And I told my margii companion that when I saw
him go for half-bath and come back dripping wet, then that gave me the
courage-- or provided me with the circumstantial pressure-- to do the same
and also begin my sadhana. Otherwise, I admitted, I would just have skipped
it all.

So I thanked him wholeheartedly for his dharmic example and sadvipra-like

                        AN UNEXPECTED REPLY

With a smile, my margii companion told me that he also had something to say.
He explained that he was totally unsure of himself as he approached the
washroom to wet down his legs, arms, face etc. And he said he was equally
nervous about starting sadhana. Because he said he had never done this
before and that he too skips his practices when traveling alone.

But he figured that since he was traveling with a dedicated Ananda Margii
(that is to say me!), then he felt should move ahead by following Sixteen
Points-- because he was thinking that I would do that!

He said that was why he had started his routine by doing half-bath etc and
that if he had been travelling alone he would never have done such a thing
and also would probably have skipped his full yoga and meditation program.

At that point we both broke down in laughter and gradually that laughter
turned to warm smiles. We both felt deeply indebted to Baba for providing
us with the beauty of our AM practices. We also both repented for having
skipped sadhana so many times in the past when traveling alone-- all due to
shyness in public. Because on this fantastic journey, Baba had shown us
some of the beautiful things that can happen when one is strict in
following 16 Points.

So we both took the firm determination to adhere to all our sadhana
practices when traveling in the future-- no matter what the public venue
might be, and irregardless of whether we were alone or not.

And thus far, by Baba's grace I can say we have been successful-- all due
to His loving countenance.


All around the globe the vibration has changed: The consciousness of the
people is rising. People are interested in spiritual ideas, in social
change, in health and well-being. In all kinds of sentient things. And in
each and every sphere our AM has the answer.

And one of the best ways to share this with others is simply to be strict
in all our practices: Sixteen Points. Because by this way we can be an
example to the world of what AM is about.

So following 16 Points-- in all circumstances-- really is Baba's special
boon on us to be a medium in the establishment of His divine mission.

                                BABA'S BLESSING

It is Baba's great blessing that He has showered us in His love and given
us all the secrets for moving ahead in life-- unto His divine Lap.

Baba says, "...In order to march ahead on the road of human welfare, we
will have to strengthen ourselves in all the arena of life. The complete
seeds of welfare in all the spheres - physical, mental, moral, social and
spiritual - are embedded in the sixteen points. Hence be firm on the
sixteen points." (A'nanda Va'nii #45)



Baba says, "Those who are reared in the cradle of materialistic ideologies,
feel shy or ashamed at first to sit in meditation in the presence of others."
(Subhasita Samgraha, part 3, p.86)


Baba says, "Those who protect dharma, dharma protects them. One should always
protect dharma, in both big and small ways. If one thinks that they will only
follow dharma in some big events, and not in small ones, then those big events
may not ever come in their entire life. It may be that in their whole life,
besides their birth and death, not a single big event happens. Yet at the time
of birth how can one protect dharma. At that time one is just a small infant
and cannot do anything. That infant is totally unaware about the events going
on around them. Then how can they protect dharma. And at the time of death, a
person is senseless. In that case also how can they protect dharma. For this
reason, dharma should be protected always. In small and big ways-- even in
jokes and humor dharma should be protected. Those who protect dharma, dharma
protects them: Dharma raksati raksitah." (AV-32 (H), p.86-7)

Sometimes in our day to day habits we forget to follow dharma in small ways
such as not using water after urination or not doing bhuta yajina (feeding
animals and plants) etc, and we think that when the next Mahabharata happens
or when there is a battle to establish Prout or neo-humanism, then at that
time we will come forward wholeheartedly and fight. But we should remember that
in the beginning it is needed to follow dharma in small ways. Such as by doing
proper half-bath etc. Yet often we see that we overlook and neglect various small
points then we justify to ourselves that is fine. Because we mistakenly think
that when the big battle for dharma happens then we will be prepared. But we
should remember that such a battle may never happen in our lifetime and if it
does then only those who follow the small points of dharma will really be prepared.

                            PRABHAT SAMGIITA

"A'loker a'nanda tumi dhara'te nebe esecho..."   - P.S. 3104

 O' Baba, the blissful Entity, the embodiment divine effulgence, You have
incarnated Yourself on this dusty Earth. This is Your grace. You have
saturated everything with Your divine flow of love and sweetness. You have
changed the dry and rocky heart into something very soft and loving. Baba,
Your sweet smile is unforgettable; Your voice is charming and attractive.
Baba, everyone says that they love You and that You love all. So why
then are You keeping me away. Whether You like me or not, please do not
continue to ignore me-- please do not forget me.
Baba, O' my Dearmost, You are very close. Only You make me aware how You
go on playing Your liila with my mind. Baba You are bliss Personified. You
have come on this Earth to inundate love and devotion. Baba, You have come
in my heart and mind and blessed me with the highest devotion-- parabhakti...

            Baba's Mudra Photo is a Unique Gift...

Baba says, "The Sadguru is saying something, and the deaf or dumb man wants
to hear it but cannot. If one concentrates the mind on Vara'bhaya Mudra',
there will be the direct effect of positive microvita on the auricular or
other nerve cells and also on the controlling cells, and it may be that all
of a sudden he may get back the power of hearing.  One should look towards
this mudra' and not to anything else.  Microvita are radiated through this
mudra'. This is the inner secret." (MVNS, p.65)

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