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Improving Sadhana VIII

To: AM-GLOBAL From: Carson Tyler Subject: Improving Sadhana VIII Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2008 23:18:05 -0400 Baba "Bhul kare du're thekechi tumi bhul bheunge dio..." (1827) Purport: Baba, due to my own defects I am not able to get close to You. Because of not following Your dharmic guidelines, my progress is hindered and I am just keeping myself away from You. Baba, by Your grace, please remove all my shortcomings and weaknesses and bring me in Your closest proximity, take me in Your lap. In my life I have received an abundant amount of love from You; You have graced me so much. Baba, now I am offering my love to You-- please grace me by accepting it. Baba, in the sky there is a deep blueness and my tender heart is full of love for You. Baba, I do not want my love to remain hidden & secluded in my little heart. By Your grace please allow the reddish glow of my heart-- i.e. my love-- to merge in the vastness of the distant blue sky. Baba, please let my love reach up to the highest realm-- reach up to You. Baba, when I sing the song and ideate on You there is a deep feeling of longing in my heart. By Your grace You have given the tune and in that way I sing for You. Baba, may my heart's inner longing be goaded & pointed exclusively toward You. Baba by Your grace, I should always contemplate and think of You; my life should revolve and dance around You. My life should be successful, please grace me...
Namaskar, All are aware about the inherent benefits of following Baba's guidelines of 16 points. Because Sixteen Points enhance one's existence in every aspect of life. Baba says, "...The whole seeds of welfare in all the spheres--physical, mental, moral, social and spiritual--are embedded in the sixteen points. Hence be firm on the Sixteen Points." (Ananda Vanii #45) Needless to say, Sixteen Points has deep value in the development of each and every Ananda Margii. And point #4 about laungota wearing carries many distinct positive aspects also. Among them are: the balancing of the glands, general support and protection, cleanliness, hygiene, and sexual control. All these are the lifelong benefits of wearing a properly fitting laungota. Unfortunately in various parts of the world the general masses are totally spellbound and fascinated with the pseudo-culture of modernity. And in our western world the crude habit is there to wear loose fitting hosiery type of underwear-- or even worse 'boxer shorts', which offer no support at all. And the worst part is that this fascination is spreading to those so-called 3rd world countries, even countries such as India where the laungota is part of the long-standing tradition. The point being that hosiery type of underwear etc is the style of the west and it has gotten a lot of undue fanfare. Crude advertisements wrongly portray men wearing this as if it brings them success in life. When in fact it is commonly known that Baba has raised the matter on various occasions that wearing hosiery, or "briefs" as they are sometimes called, causes disease, sickness, and promiscuity-- i.e. extreme sexual weakness & immorality-- in life. That is why almost every sadhaka strictly adheres to Baba's laungota wearing system. Even then on some occasions it may be observed at retreats etc that a few do not wear laungotas. Those pseudo-margiis may give their various reasons and justifications about this but in true sense they have 'missed the boat' on this vital guideline given by Baba. Instead such persons have gotten sucked into the nasty vacuum of western pseudo-culture which is the hellish path of extreme degeneration. Whether it be high-heeled shoes, crude types of contraceptive devices and techniques, or hosiery underwear for males etc, all these things lead to long-term problems in life and severely hinder one's growth and development in physical & physico-psychic sphere-- what to speak about spiritual life. Rather for a clean and fresh existence whereby the lower cakras are properly controlled and one can move ahead on the path of sadhana and, then laungota wearing is a must.
Here following are a few of Baba's detailed guidelines regarding this all-important practice. Without question Baba directs us that a laungota-wearing is a must for all male sadhakas. Baba says, "Males should always wear laungota" (Pt 4 of 16 Pts) And here Baba outlines when one should start wearing a laungota. Baba says, "Immediately upon reaching adolescence (in India, one reaches adolescence in between the ages of twelve and fourteen), males should start using Kaopiina (langota)." (CC-3, chapter 6) And here Baba guides us that the various yaogika practices like asanas cannot be done without wearing a laungota. Baba says, "[During the practice of Asanas] males must wear a launogta, and there should be no other clothing on the body." (CC-3, Pt #4 of sadhana rules) Thus laungota wearing is an essential and dharmic aspect of life for Ananda Margiis. Others family members are also requested to share their views and insights. Namaskar, Cinmay
In our pursuit and practice of Sixteen Points at first we try to incorporate these guidelines into our daily living routine. Then after some time they become part of our habitual way. Some may think making them habit is something sufficient & great. But Baba's supreme teaching is more than that. He guides us that we should be so established in our practices of 16 points that they become our nature. That means that our body rhythms and mental vibration should be intrinsically linked with these practices such that it is distinctly uncomfortable and inconceivable for any of the points to be missed and / or delayed. In that was there will always be an internal urge and calling to adhere to the dharmic code of 16 points. This outcome is one of the great qualities that distinguishes Ananda Margiis and reflects the excellence of Baba's divine teachings. Because by developing 16 points as our nature we become eternally one with dharma. Parama Pita Baba Kii-- Jai!!
****************************************** Importance of Sadhana
Baba says, "Numerous rich and beautiful cities of the historic past are now buried under the earth. Many splendid palaces and mansions, many churches, temples, mosques and synagogues, and many pyramids have been reduced to rubble. With the constant change in the flow of time, how many major changes have occurred in the universe? Similarly, with the change in time and space, people also change. A small two year old child becomes a smart and active twenty-five year old youth. And the same energetic youth becomes an infirm, inactive old person in due course. Thus, nothing in this universe is permanent. Many gigantic animals of the past have become totally extinct from the surface of the earth. Royal pomp and opulence, the pride of power, the vast knowledge of mighty scholars have become things of the past, thrown into the dustbin of history. Many objects emerged in the past, remained on earth for a short time, and then disappeared according to the inexorable law of nature." "The only eternal truth is Parama Purus'a. He is Ana'di, beginningless, endless, all-pervasive; an entity beyond the scope of time, place and person. He is the only eternal, undecaying, imperishable, immutable entity. He is the Supreme Source from which the inanimate, plant and animal worlds have emerged. He is the starting point and the culminating point of everything. Hence, wise people should utilise their physical, psychic and spiritual power to realise that supreme omnitelepathic entity, to become one with Him." (PNS-18, p.6) Note: Please read Baba's above teaching again carefully. It explains everything.

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