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What Every New Sadhaka Should Know: Part 1

Date: 21 Mar 2010 14:49:01 -0000 From: "Chandramohan Jha" To: AM-GLOBAL Subject: What Every New Sadhaka Should Know: Part 1 Baba "Toma'ri katha' bheve ma'rmika anubhave..." (P.S. 3006) Purport: O' Baba, by thinking of You with all the feelings of my heart, my ba'ndha-bha'unga' mana [1] is ensconced in bliss and floats towards infinity. O' Lord of the divine and mortal worlds, the Soul of the soulless, even a wee-bit of Your great love is enough to fill my heart with spiritual bliss and give me goose bumps, horripilation, throughout my being. Baba, is it You who brings that devotional surge within me. Baba, thinking about You, my mind is ensconced in bliss. Baba, You are incomparable in rhythm and most pleasant in aroma. You have no comparison. In all vibrations, in the quintessence, deep down, You are the Dearest One to all; You are the nucleus of all the vibrations. In the garland You are the flower. In the necklace You are the jewel. In everything You are the best. Remaining in viitara'ga [2], You smile with the beauty of divine love like flowers. Baba, thinking about You, my is mind ensconced in bliss. Baba, in the severe heat, You are those first, cool showers that bring relief and respite. In the space between the monsoon clouds, You are the effulgent pole star. In the darkness, You are the beauty of the moon's enchantment. Under the hot sun, You are cool shade beneath the trees. In each and every circumstance, You are the Saviour. Baba, even staying afar, You stay in my mind’s divine haven. Baba, thinking about You, is my mind ensconced in bliss. O' Parama Purusa, keep me eternally at Your lotus feet... NOTES FOR PRABHAT SAMGIITA #3006: [1] Ba'ndha-bha'unga' mana: This is when the mind is overwhelmed with joy. Such as when one is extremely happy and bursts into tears or when one jumps for joy or exclaims or dances. In actuality though it is more than the joy experienced in worldly circumstances. It is that inexpressible bliss from the spiritual flow. It happens in the spiritual realm when one's mind is totally ensconced in His bliss and one starts crying uncontrollably. This is a state wherein one completely loses their composure. [2] Viitara'ga: This is the state of being beyond any worldly attachment or attraction - i.e. perfect equanimity in all circumstances. One of the qualities of Parama Purus'a is vaera'gya. Baba has demonstrated this on countless occasions. Even when all kinds of serious and critical problems came in the organisation, then He remained totally unaffected, keeping perfect composure. For social reasons He may have showed sympathy or concern, but internally He was totally unaffected. Those bhaktas close to Baba understand this well. For instance, before going to jail & whenever there was serious any catastrophe going on in organisational life, Baba had the divine ability to give discourses of eternal value. That can only happen when one's mind is in viitaraga.If anyone reads that discourse they will not get any hint about the extreme upheaval going on in the organisation. Such composure ise not possible by human beings. Being human means being affected by the bondaage of maya. Whereas in viitraga the mind remains 100% unassailed by any negativity, and is just the embodiment of universal welfare. Viitara'ga does not mean that the Entity in viitara'ga is unpetrubed by the suffering and tears of human beings. Everyone knows that Parama Purusa loves and cares so much.
Namsakar, This letter, the first in a series, focuses on an array of important points for new sadhakas to know. After all. AM pracar is one of our first and foremost duties. Baba says, "...It is the bounden duty of every Ananda Margiis to endeavour to bring all to the path of bliss..." (Supreme Command) To this end, a few senior margiis gathered and came up with a few points - intellectual and devotional - that will be helpful for us to propagate to new people as they come onto the path. These points will be presented in an ongoing series of letters. Please do share your experiences and thoughts as well - because we all have taken the duty and responsibility under Guru to do pracar and everyone has their own particular talents, skills and knowledge in this important arena.
"AS YOU THINK, SO YOU BECOME" Ya'drshii bha'vana' yasya siddhirbhavati ta'drshii
Baba says, "As you think, so you become." (AV-12) Baba has given this seemingly simple guideline in a number of discourses. Some new people may have heard or read this and think they understand. Other new people may not have yet come across it. We should ensure that every new sadhaka understands the full import of this teaching because this is one of the very revolutionary aspects of Ananda Marga. These days, with the great popularity of yoga, most yoga groups solely focus on the physical, or they may include their own interpretation of pranayama as well. Only AM offers the full system for transforming one's person into godhood. And the above guideline, "as you think so you become", is instrumental to our approach.
When Baba says, "as you think so you become", He is telling us that we must have some control or restraint in our thinking. If one thinks of something mundane or crude they will transform into that object - step by step. That is one part of the equation. Baba says, "It is the natural wont of the mind to take the shape of its object of meditation. If the object of worship is crude, say money or any crude thing, the mind takes the shape of that crude thing in the course of time." (Baba in Fiesch) And not just money, in this materialistic era people's minds are riddled by all kinds of thoughts: name, fame, jealousy, stress, anger, sex, fear, enemies, disease and so much more. And by thinking in this way, part, or even all of their mind, gets consumed in that thing. By that way, the problem festers and grows. Wild or uncontrolled thinking is one of the main causes of both psychic and physical diseases in materialistic societies. Those new to the path of sadhana - and even those not yet on the path - should be informed of the adverse effects of this equation, "As you think so you become."
Then there is the other side of the equation: If we refine our thoughts to focus in a spiritual manner we will move towards the Supreme. This also we should preach and teach to every new sadhaka. By this way they can not only free the mind of so many fetters and distractions, but one can truly move ahead on the spiritual path. In AM, that is exactly what our system of sadhana is - a methodical manner of thinking wherein the mind focuses on the Ista. Baba says, "Concentrated thinking is called “meditation”... In spiritual parlance, when the mental flow is directed towards the goal, that is, the Supreme Entity, it is called “concentration”, but in metaphysical terms, it is a concept of dharma. Concentrated thinking leads to the development of positive the process of constant mental flow towards the goal. In the process of meditation the following things are involved – brain cells, apexed or pinnacled psychology, concentrated thinking, Guru cakra and ultimate devotion." (YP) Thus concentrated thinking is a integral part of our approach. By this way one can transform their entire existence. Even those who are terribly depressed and anxiety ridden can become stellar sadhakas through this method. And this is unique to AM. No one else other than Baba highlights the sublime importance of thinking. So those new to AM should understand that they will not get this teaching nor this practice on other paths and they should clearly understand and experience the dynamism of this practice. Our mantra japa in first lesson or sixth lesson is the culminating practice of, "as you think so you become." By bringing the mind back again and again to the idea of the mantra and training the mind to maintain that flow, then one's entire physical, psychic and spiritual existence gets transformed. Then one veritably becomes divine. Then one becomes Parama Purusa. That is Baba's teaching for every sadhaka to realise - new or old.
Because this principle - as you think so you become - is such an important guideline Baba reminds us of this again and again. Baba says, "I told you, or I have been telling you, that a man takes the form of his psychic object; that is, your very existence will be converted into your psychic object. You should select your psychic object very carefully." (AV-12) Really then, we should share the import of this concept with all new sadhakas. By this way we too may become more aware of the use of our mantra, either during and / or after sadhana. As pracarakas, this equation - as you think so you become - is one important point of our approach. So many in the world nowadays are looking for something new. And our Marga has all the practices they need to transform their life. So those being introduced to na'ma mantra meditation or first lesson or even just kiirtan, should be made aware of the profound effects of this subtle science.
By Baba's grace He has blessed us with the practical method of how to ideate on Him. We should share this technique with one and all. We should never allow others to settle for any lesser approach. It is everyone's birthright to get Him - by their thoughts alone, one can attain His eternal shelter, by His grace. Baba says, 'It is also stated in Tantra that if a person wants only to attain limited progress, one may practise on certain limited ideas. But those who are genuine seekers of Brahma will never agree to worship any finite idea. Those who want the Supreme Entity will have to ideate on Parama Purus'a alone. People may attain limited achievement in terms of occult power through the grace of the gods and goddesses, but they will remain far away from the attainment of the Supreme Entity." (DT-1) Namaskar, Chandramohan
Here Baba points out the very negative effect of dogmatic idol worship. But none should think this adverse reaction is limited to idol worship. Any persistent engagement in crude thoughts (sex, money, greed, jealousy, etc) will turn one into negative microvita. Baba says, "“If idols made of wood, clay, iron or any other metal are accepted as objects of meditation, then what will be the result?” It is said, Ya'drshii bha'vana' yasya siddhirbhavati ta'drshii [“As you think, so you become”]. The aspirants’ own entitative existence will be turned into clay, metal or wood – a state which in the scriptures is called Prakrtiliina [negative microvita]. It is a dreadful state." (SS-11)
Please write in with your thoughts regarding what you feel is very important to impart to new people on the path.

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