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Baba's Forewarning On NY Court Case

From: Carson Tyler
Subject: Baba's Forewarning On NY Court Case
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2010 17:08:01 -0400


"Shun'echi tumi dayalu, ka'je keno anya dekhi..."  (P.S. 2125)


  O' Parama Purusa, I have heard that You are the merciful One-- why then
by Your work and by Your action do I see something different. For You my
eyes are showering tears; my days are passing in calling and longing for
You. Then why are You not coming close.
  Baba, You know that I love You. Although I am meagre but even then I am
Your atom. The pain of the unit is the pain of the Universal; the pain of
the atom is the pain of the Cosmic. Don't You understand this simple truth.
  O' Dearmost, please go on doing according to Your desire. Only my
request is that You keep me along with You. The pain and grief of my heart
cannot be covered. The suffering of my heart will not listen to Your
various justifications and excuses; it cannot be appeased by the mere
jugglery of words. Baba, I want Your proximity and closeness.
  Baba, in the scriptures and by seeing Your glory, I heard from other
devotees that You are love personified and merciful. And that You are
caring for others. So many supreme attributions You have. But when dealing
with me I see something totally different. Here I am crying in longing, and
You do not care. Why like this? Baba, please grace me and come close...  

                       == BABA'S FOREWARNING ON NY COURT CASE ==

As most everyone knows, unfortunately there is a court case in NY sector between Tiirthananda and his EC group versus Vimalananda backed by the Ranchi faction of India. It is going to trial in May of 2011.

These persons - our Dadas - have dedicated their life for spreading the gospel of neo-humanism so it is very unfortunate what they are doing. They have forgotten their ideal and are now totally busy in their group fight. Their entire energy, time, money, resources and margii interactions are getting consumed in this way. It is very bad.

At the same time, the whole society at-large is suffering terribly. The common people need Baba's ideology and teachings to fortify themselves in the struggle against capitalist exploitation, religious dogma, and the many other negative forces in society.

As Baba says this is the transitional period. Human society needs His divine guidelines. Baba made these people - these Dadas - the harbingers for spreading the ideals of AM, but due to their intoxication of power and post, these people started infighting. And along the way they dragged other wts &  margiis into their group clash.

This entire situation is most unfortunate - even tragic. Society needs our help and Baba has trained these people (i.e. our avadhutas) in our philosophy, but instead of propagating Baba's teachings they are doing the exact opposite.

In this situation, only our duty is to remind these people about Baba's following guideline. At least now they should ponder Guru's teaching and warning.

Here in this below teaching - which was delivered as an RU discourse - Baba is describing how long, long ago the leaders of Buddhism got consumed in infighting. For this reason, they did not have time to do good to the society. They could not serve humanity. That is Baba's distinct warning.

                                          BABA'S FOREWARNING:


                            DO NOT REPEAT SUCH INFIGHTING

Now please read the following quote. It is very clear. Baba has forewarned us not to fall in this very trap of infighting as occurred with those Buddhist monks 2500 years ago, but now some Dadas are committing this same blunder.

Baba says, "Great differences in opinion developed among the bhikkus (monks) some time after his death. Two groups of bhikkus emerged – Sthaviravádii, the southern school of Buddhist doctrine, and Mahásáḿghika (the northern school), which later on became known as “Hiinayána” and “Maháyána” respectively. But that was not the end of it. Innumerable branches and sub-branches emerged, countless philosophies of Sthaviraváda, Vijiṋánaváda, Shúnyaváda, Mahásukhaváda, and Atisukaváda. Each one of these groups became so engrossed in their own so-called ideologies, doctrines and subdoctrines that they did not have any time to do any constructive work." (AFPS-4)

In His above teaching Baba is describing how the Buddhist monks divided into factions and spent all their days in infighting. For this reason they could not do any real service to the society. That is very real history and therein lies Baba's distinct warning.

Tragically, nowadays in AM, all our top Dada have separated into various groups - B, H, EC etc - and they are consumed in battling one another for supremacy. That is the unfortunate scene that has developed in the Marga. A classic example of this is the legal battle going on in NY. The two groups involved are committing all their energy, time, and resourceds etc into this group conflict, and hence they are unable to serve the general society. Is it not a mirror image of what transpired long ago?

Here below is Baba's furthermore teaching on this matter.

Baba says, "They were always engaged in vindicating their own doctrines and maligning others’. In other words, they strayed far from their original ethics and objectives. This state of affairs which began to develop in the Buddhist age is still occurring – and not only in the Buddhist sects. It is also continuing in all respects, in all spheres of life." (AFPS-4)

In His above guideline, Baba is forewarning that in that old Buddhist era, those monks pushed their own narrow agendas and totally forgot Buddha's original teachings. Likewise in AM, since 1990, top Dadas have splintered into factions and created their own separate factional agendas, totally forgetting Baba's divine neo-humanistic teachings. That is why in in AM, infighting has become the theme of the day and that is why in NY the court case has come to the fore.

Baba continues His guideline on this important topic.

Baba says, "Wherever there are two individuals there emerge two parties. Conflicts between so-called ideologies have become unavoidable, and have become the order of the day. The reason for this is that human beings have progressed in the mental sphere but not in the spiritual sphere. The spiritual goal is one. But in the absence of this unitary goal, factionalism emerged. Factionalism does not mean only groupism; it is also a conflict of doctrines. And it will prevail until human beings accept a singular goal in the process of synthesis." (AFPS-4)

In His above teaching Baba points out the cause behind all these group conflicts. In the past those Buddhist monks quarreled and fought because they totally lost sight of their spiritual goal. And instead they just rallied around their own factional agendas.

Similarly, all the battles, court cases and power plays going on these days in our Marga  are happening for the same reason: These groupist have forgotten their spiritual goal.

Up above, Baba has clearly warned us what results when people forget their spiritual goal and chase after narrow-minded interests. Even then, sadly, many of our top Dadas have lost the course. Tragically they forgot Ista and started in-house battles for power. All this bickering and all these court cases - like the one unfolding in NY - will continue so long as people stick to their group agenda. When they remember the Divine Goal, then both peace and unity is easily attained.

Baba says, “Stop, stop – do not quarrel – there is no use of fighting – peace, peace” – uttering all these good words will not do; it will stop no one. Peace may come for the time being, but it will not be permanent; like an ash-covered spark, unrest will again flair up. If human beings want to save themselves from this catastrophe, the only way is to march forward towards a single goal. Humanity must be guided to follow the path of synthesis [spirituality] and not the path of analysis [groupism]." (AFPS-4)

In His above guideline, Baba warns us that words alone are not enough. The only way to create a true environment of peace is to strictly adhere to the spiritual path and follow His tenets.

Note: Here we should all be totally clear on the difference between synthesis and analysis.

Synthesis means that there is one Goal in life. My goal is Parama Purusa and I have come onto this earth to serve Parama Purusa in the form of all jiivas. Everyone has come from Parama Purusa and they are my kith and kin and ultimately I have to become one with Him.

Analysis means, "I belong to this group and the followers of this group are my brothers and sisters, others are alien and they are my enemies. My goal is to defeat and conquer others by hook or by crook and spread my glory all around. That is my goal of life. My approach may be soft or very polite, diplomatic or harsh or even deadly but ultimately I have to achieve my goal: To spread my glory and my group's glory everywhere."

                              MORE ABOUT BABA'S ABOVE TEACHINGS

Baba's aforesaid teachings are quite clear: When one forgets the goal and chases after selfish ends then infighting is inevitable. What Baba diagrammed about the Buddhists of old is now going on in our Marga. Certain Dadas could not learn the lesson - they could not pay heed to Baba's warning.

Here are further parallels that can be drawn between the Buddhist infighting of old and the ongoing groupist battles in our Marga today:

1. Buddha did did not forewarn his disciples about infighting nor did he give them a scientific meditation practice, hence they had no tool to clean the mind. In that sense those monks were almost destined towards infighting.

Whereas in AM the situation is totally different. Being the Sadguru, Baba has warned us about groupism; Baba has given a perfect system of meditation; and Baba has graced us with all the tools to keep the mind pure and above divisive tendencies - even then our Dadas have fallen into groupism. Does it not seem then that they are worse than those Buddhist monks of old?

2. During the time of Buddha, 2500 years ago, the society was quite primitive and the general populace fought all kinds of clannish battles. The society was very divided those days.

Since that time, the general society has developed a lot and has become far more inclusive. Racism and other crude isms are on the wane. Even then, some of our top Dadas remain plunged in battles over power and prestige. In that sense there has not been any growth. The general society has grown a lot, while certain Dadas have not. Does it not seem then that such Dadas are worse than those Buddhist monks of old?

3. Because of their infighting , neither the Buddhist monks of old had zero time to do any concrete work. Likewise our groupist Dadas today have no time for concrete work. In both cases, those monks are sunk in personal battles and factional feuds - hence there is no time or resources to help others.

4. By His grace Baba issued countless warnings to keep away from groupism, but some of our Dadas could not mange this. Instead they become one with their groupist agenda.

It is just like how a mother warns her children of going close to the fire, but at the soonest opportunity the children disregarded their mother's warnings and ended up burning themselves.

Tragically the same thing has happened in the Marga. The whole situation is shocking and very sad to see.

5.  Although it is sad to think this, in my mind what is going on today in AM is worse than what happened in the past between those Buddhist monks. Why? Because warnings, in the present circumstance warnings were issued by Guru, a system of meditation was given, and the general society has improved a lot in the past 2500 years. Yet, despite all of these dharmic teachings and social enhancements, some of our very own monks remain indulged in groupist feuds. For this reason it seems that what is going on now in AM is worse (more tragic) then what happened with those Buddhist monks 2500 years ago. But ultimately, it is up to you to decide the answer to this query. Only then will it be final.

                                                      OUR DUTY

Given the current situation going on now in our Marga, the duty of sincere margiis is three-fold:
1. Try to stop this infighting;
2. If we cannot stop this infighting then at the very least do not participate in these groupist battles and do not contribute to their token causes, like the NY lawsuit etc;
3. Instead, we should ulitise our individual and collective strength and resources in doing selfless service to the needy and suffering humanity - as Baba explains in the above guideline.

Baba says, "march ahead vigorously with firm steps, keeping a synthetic goal ever before them. “Caraeveti, caraeveti” – “March forward, march forward”. This should be the slogan of today’s humanity." (AFPS-4)


Note 1:                                      REFLECTION

It is very simple and obvious how is it that those who are infighting could not understand. Those who do not understand, they must be intoxicated by the post otherwise it is very simple.

Analogy: it is well known that nicotine is very but even then millions and millions are still indulging. Similarly, Baba has forewarned but these people are intoxicated that is why they cannot understand this simple simple point which anyone can grasp and understand.

Baba is also telling why people cannot understand. those who goal is other than PP they cannot get it. Suppose someone has some ulterior motive of power post political gain and motive to exploit others and mundane achievement, then for them this above teaching is they cannot understand.

                     Fake Devotion

Baba says, "Oh Lord, I am your devotee, help me to pass my examination; Oh
Lord, my daughter has attained marriageable age--- help me to find a worthy
suitor; Let the bridegroom be ideal, let me not spend much on the wedding.
This type of showy devotion that simply asks for mundane objects, is no
devotion at all. Because such persons always say, "I want this, I want that."

"What news can you report to a person who already knows all the intimate
details of your life? Is it not ludicrous to retell the stories of your
grandfather's house to your mother, for certainly she knows them better
than you!"

"Parama Purus'a knows more than you whether you are a sinner or not, so
what is the necessity of telling Him?" (AMIWL p. 820 & 824)

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