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AM Has Improved A Lot

From: "Gagan" To: AM-GLOBAL Subject: AM Has Improved A Lot Date: Thr, 11 Sep 2008 22:38:05 -0000 Baba "A'mi toma'y bhule kiser chale ka'l ka't'a'lum dhara'r buke..." (PS 2140) Purport: Baba, remaining forgetful about You, with some or other lame excuse I wasted my time in the bosom of the earth. I became completely captivated by one magical display. And because of that, I did not hear the call of my supreme well-wisher: Parama Purusa. O' Baba, when those dark days descended in my life, then nobody was there to give me hope; I was shelterless. Baba, then I started asking You to please come and save me. In that very terrible situation, I started calling to You, 'Baba, please come, and save me! O' Prabhu, save me from this ghastly danger'. Earlier, when the proper opportune moment was there, then I was intoxicated in the magical display of maya. In those days I was in a deep slumber; I was not able to understand. So I did not call You until the situation became disastrous. Baba, even then, now I know in my heart that, 'O Parama Purusa, You belong to everyone'. Baba, please attract me & make me Your own. Please remain with me always, in my pleasure and my pain-- all the time. Baba, I wasted the long span of my life by indulging in negative deeds and remaining oblivious of You. Remaining distant, I wasted my life. But now in the end, You have lovingly lifted me from the dust and gently placed me on Your divine lap. Baba, You are so gracious. You are love Personified...
Namaskar, While it may seem that our Marga is now in a state of disarray, on a deeper level our Marga society has improved a lot. In our present period of pause, there has been tremendous growth. Albeit that growth has been different from the period of growth in the pre-1990 era: That was primarily a period of speed. But since 1990, in our period of pause, significant growth has also occurred. In recognising this, we can see how our Marga is in prime position to move ahead.
In that pre-1990 era, Baba was doing everything; we were merely carrying out His wish, by His grace. He was creating the flow, erecting the programs, giving the inspiration, keeping dogmas out of AM, and directing us what to do in every way imaginable. And in that period of speed, there was huge growth. We could all see it, feel it, and touch it. When outside struggle did come in 1970-- when everyone was forced to live away from Guru and so much opposition arose-- in that extremely difficult period when it looked like everything was falling apart and so many left AM, the substantive quality of those Ananda Margiis who remained increased tremendously. Each and every sadhaka was forced to look within as well as brave the arduous conditions without. That was a slightly different period. And then of course, after 1978, a grand new pathway of speed occurred. Such that by January 1990, the prevailing notion was that our Marga was ready to create dharma raj on this earth-- at that very moment. Certainly, Baba had put all the tools in place-- He did everything that was needed to establish His mission, yet still His liila had to unfold.
By looking around our Marga in this post 1990 period, it may seem as though our Marga has just crumbled. The number of acaryas is less; the number of schools is less; our pracara has decreased; and then, of course, so many internal power clashes have erupted. So it may seem like a sinking ship. But actually, wonderful things have transpired; a great renaissance has occurred. Around 1990, we were all thinking that our Dadas were sadvipras and that we all understood AM philosophy perfectly. But actually up to 1990, we had been building our Marga externally by carrying out His plans and programs, and by His grace during reportings He was purifying us internally. Things were busy and there was less time for sadhana and philosophical study. It needed to be like that because Baba had many things to show us in an extremely limited period of time. So now-- i.e. since 1990 when things have been noticeably slower-- we have had excellent opportunity to internalize Baba's teachings. This has been the new phase; and it is really working well. No doubt, on the external sphere, our Marga is moving slowly. But internally everything is churning, and so much growth has occurred. And that is what happens during a period of pause. Today, philosophical problems and pointed analysis is happening regarding Baba's teachings. Margiis all over the earth are discussing AM ideology and doing sadhana to better understand it. Each and every day, we are forced to address issues of groupism, Prout, neo-humanism, the inculcation of dogma, and the list goes on and on. We have been forced to think about what is what and where AM teachings lie.
In the past, around 1990, we mostly thought that we understood AM ideology and were ready to deliver it to the world. And with that attitude it was not possible to really learn what Baba's teachings were about. Baba says, "One will not be able to know anything unless one develops the psychology of “I know not.” It is the fundamental spirit of a true aspirant." (CC-2, 'Sadhana', pt #7) Now, however, we have come to realise that we did not have everything figured out: We were not above groupism, scandals, and dogmas. And in that struggle to overcome this, by His grace, we have learned a lot. We can all feel and see this. Before we were thinking that those in the top posts were sadvipras and now we understand that greatness is achieved by sadhana, service, and sacrifice. In sum, for the first time, we are now, as a Marga society, truly assimilating Baba's divine teachings and understanding how far we are following His tenets or not. So it is a period of tremendous growth and learning in our Marga, as well as an essential phase to prepare for that upcoming era of speed, where we really are ready and fit to spread His teachings across this universe. Hence, despite all the groupist shenanigans and other external issues etc, things are quite positive as internally a whole new flower is blossoming.
By Baba's grace, we are now learning and experiencing what Baba has warned us about in His below teaching. And in overcoming this hurdle, we are becoming true examples of His ideology, slowly but surely this phase is going on. Baba says, "With bhakti only you can get Parama Purusa, but you must have some jinana otherwise some people may misguide you and goad you toward dogma and lead you on the wrong path" (paraphrased from the original Hindi, 'Direct Perception & Indirect Perception', 29 June 1980 (Bettiah) Namaskar, Gagan
*************************************** Stages of Human Life
Note 1: Here following are the Sanskrit terms demarcating the various stages of human life. Accompanying them are corollary English terms. However since the English language does not formally divide human life in the exact systematic way as in Sanskrit, then everyone should give their further suggestions for how to best express the English counterpart. Note 2: Baba has formed these categories of life based upon changes that come as a result of changes in: age, psychological outlook, physical & psychic development, etc. Baba says, "Human life is composed various stages. And the collection of all the stages encompasses the entire human life. And just as human beings have these ten stages, similarly the life of each and every living being is composed of these ten stages. So depending upon the type of living being and environmental conditions such as climate and temperature etc, the duration of each of these stages varies, either increasing or decreasing. Following are the stages of life for a human being living in a tropical country." 1) Ma'trgarbha: anuma'nika 10 ma's (Womb -> birth) 2) Shaeshav: 0 to 5 (Infancy) 3) Balyaka'lu: 5 to 14 (Childhood) 4) Kaeshora: 14 to 16 (Youth) 5) Paogan'd'a: 16 to 18 (Teenage / Adolescence) 6) Yauban: 18 to 39 (Early adult life) 7) Praor'hatva: 39 to 50 (Middle age) 8) Ba'rdhakya: 50 to 72 (Older adult life / senior citizen) 9) Jara': 72 to 100 (Elderly) 10) Atharva: 100 + (Centenarian) (Laghu Nirukta p.349) Note 3: Ma'trgarbha: In Varna Vicitra part 1, Baba comments that the duration of this first stage is ideally 10 months & 10 days. That is how long the fetus remains inside the womb, in the best of circumstances. If however, the fetus is born before this time, then the new born will not be properly mature. In that case its physical and mental development has not occurred up to the optimal degree. Note 4: Jara' means those whose bodies has begun shrinking. (Stage 9) Note 5: Atharava means those who are almost immobile. (Stage 10) Note 6: Due to the excess in-take of protein and fat and due to chemicals in the food, the age of puberty in so-called developed countries is rapidly decreasing. Now some young girls reach puberty at the tender age of 8 and some boys begin puberty at the age of 9. The extremely early onset of adolescence is the result of terrible imbalances in lifestyle and ultimately this creates serious problems in the society. Because suddenly 10 year old girls are getting pregnant and producing their own babies, yet they themselves are still young children and completely unable to take care of their offspring. This is the tragedy unfolding in various so-called developed countries. Note 7: This entire cycle of life is the divine liila of Parama Purusa. A baby is born and blooms up to its full development and then gradually it shrinks in its old age. This is the divine play of "Hari & Hara". That is why this world is called Jagat-- because everything is mobile. Everything is changing; nothing is stationary. Those who have come will one day go. Those who have gone, they have gone in order to return again. This infinite liila of Parama Purusa is going on from beginninglessness up to eternity. In reality, this liila is miserable for jinanis; but for bhaktas it is blissful. In this cosmic liila everyone has their own particular role to play. And those who remember that they are part of a divine drama, they enjoy; and those who forget, they cry. But in the real sense everything is blissful because everyone is dancing around Parama Purusa.

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