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Right to Advise

Date: 23 Aug 2004 00:05:16 -0000 From: "Divyacaksu Deva" To: Subject: Right to Advise BABA "D'eke ja'i sa'r'a' na' pa'i, e ki kat'hin hrdaya..." (P.S. 3184) Purport: Baba, I go on calling You, but I never get any response. Your heart is tough. You do not care about my longing; that is why You never respond. Sometimes You come close and sometimes You go on smiling, keeping Yourself distant. What type of drama or divine play is this. With the melody and rhythm of the dance, You go on floating like a tidal wave in the ocean. In all the ups and downs of Your various vibrations I always feel Your sweetness. Baba, in all the ages You are; You remain all the time; You never get lost. You are also present in those memories which have already faded away. There also You are. You are ever-present in the nucleus of everything, manifested or not manifested. Everything is saturated with Your love, Your grace. Baba, You love me and You want to listen to my call again and again, that is why You do not respond. This is one way of Your loving expression. Baba, I surrender everything unto You...
Namaskar, We all know that for the right development of our AMPS, there needs to be coordinated cooperation between Acaryas and Margiis. Indeed this is the system as given by Baba Himself. But directly after 1990 this whole thing went awry and one critical example of this is the debacle of the ACB system etc. Here following is the history as it was faithfully recounted and explained.
Dada guided us: 'First off you have to know what is ACB. ACB means "Advisory Committees and Boards". By understanding this full name of ACB, the meaning is clear that here the work of the margii composed ACB is to give advice, & not just blindly execute like robot. Do you understand'? I replied, 'Excuse me Dada I am confused all these years I was thinking differently. My uncle is ACB member. He was appointed as ACB member in 1993 and since then he is involved in executing the order of Sarvatmanandaji and those others who followed in his footsteps. I never heard that they ACB Members have to give advice also.' Then Dada replied again: 'Okay, means I have to tell more deeply about ACB [Advisory Committees and Boards]. You know that Baba's AM ideology is unique. And you also know that this is the first time in human history that family margiis got the right to work in, organize, & execute the org activities along with Wt's with coordinated cooperation. It is not just theory. In 1957 in one of the BABA discourse "AM A Revolution" first it appeared in the book Tattviika Praveshika. Later on this discourse is included in Prout Part 11 but not that paragraph. Means that paragraph is deleted from Prout and also from ZY Find'.
Dada continued, 'In His working order, Baba made clear cut system and involvement of Margis equally into the organisation. For this Baba created different systems like UBP, BP, LFT, ACB, PKB, etc.. So margiis can work side by side with WT's without any inferiority complex. That means WT and Margiis work together with the relation of coordinated cooperation.'
'But presently ACB members are working in a completely subordinated relation. Means ACB Margiis do not have any right to advise, just they execute. In other words ACB members are like loyal servant.' 'And the proof of this is that those getting the post do not have right to advise. Just they follow. Otherwise they would have advised that why all these margii rights are being taken away such that Baba's teachings about this are being deleted in our scriptures and the BP system is being taken apart.'
'The point is that in Sarvatmanandaji's war chest of negative rulership he invented so many things in order to maximize his power and crush margiis into the dust. So the various ACB's he just made into his selected people / slaves. This was instituted by Sarvatmanandaji. Some few are still thinking that Sarvatmanandaji is one great hero but so many nuisances he did. Especially in the realm of margiis rights because it was he himself who tore apart Baba's Bhukti Pradhan system, distorted the scripture, created dogmatic tiirthas, and relegated margiis to a 3rd class position. 'And still so many of his negative deeds are still being carried out-- either by himself or by others. But Sarvatmanandaji is the main culprit because he created all these dogmas. And specifically with regard to the ACB, all along he was looking to create some slaves to uphold his negative rulership those days. And that is what he did by manipulating the ACB system. Just he selected persons of his choice who would obey and follow and accept all sorts of injustices in exchange for a touch of butter-- ie. post.' 'Of course most margiis rejected such a negative scenario and nowadays alll around the globe margisi are strongly opposing the injustices carried out initially by Sarvatmanandaji whereby he ruined ACB and BP rights and created so many other dogmas like tiirtha, Memorial, Mahaprayan.' 'But unfortunately a couple persons accepted the subordinated role of slave as designated by Sarvatmanandaji. Some have linked up on the ACB and some more recently as family acaryas and some as both. And still today in the aftermath of all this it is still going on. But Sarvatmanandaji stands as the main culprit. Because as the inventor of such injustices and dogmas he is primarily responsible for all the harm done.' 'Just like in all the dogmatic religions they created so many tiirthas in Mecca, Rome, Jerusalem etc. And this nonsense has been going on for centuries and centuries. So those new priests who by habit etc are carrying out these dogmas, how much can they be blamed when this negative system has been in place since the beginning. Whereas those crafty, opportunist preists who created these negative things, they are the worst culprits. They are the demons in human form and others like the newer priests just started following them.' Then we can see who is the main black agent for ruining the ACB system.
'And with regard to the ACB these days, overall one outcome is that very good margiis --those who are upholding Baba's guidelines-- they have no place on the ACB these days. 'So instead others have filled those slots, those willing to jump in and become slaves in exchange for that shiny title. And same is the case with the creation of the recent rounds of family acaryas. They are basically the same type of selected persons etc. In similar fashion it is known all around this ACB has lost its inherent power to advise when such persons are sitting in the chair. Because if they really had the power to advise then they would have surely advised that Baba's things be kept in tact.' 'No doubt superficially it looks like these ACB members are doing something because they move around hither and thither and have all these mock meetings and are making all sorts of decisions. But on their head one shining sword is there waiting to sever the ties between them and their post should they speak up in true sense. So for that reason such persons overlook the matter of margii rights and instead accept the role as slave in order to keep their post of ACB member.' 'So this is the situation. All stated by Sarvatmanandaji. So although in the limited time he was in the stronghold of power but in that moment he did all these things. 'Further', Dadaji said, 'I like to a few two critical points: a) First ACB changed into obeying Board. b) And also side by side ideological proofs have been deleted that was available in AM A Revolution chapter.' c) 'And All these negative things have been done after '90. And you know all who did and who is responsible.'
Finally Dada gave one final example that made the point about the ACB all the more clear. Dadaji responded, 'In one company a ceremony was going on and with pomp and show some prizes have been distributed with great honor. And those who were recipients they were having full ego at the ceremony they received beautiful prize. And you know what was the prize? Prize was one golden crown. And one by one recipients received this crown with full honor by placing this crown on their head. And recipients were enjoying this high status. Not only that when they saw that the audience was clapping their enjoyment multiplied. And it was such a unique scene that the recipients were thinking in a completely different way from the audience. Because the crown was on the head so the awardees/recipients were not able to see that on the crown the word "slave" have been written'. Dada continued... 'So both the audience and the awardees were enjoying the scene for two different opposite reasons. Awardees were thinking that they were kings and that's why on their head one crown has been awarded. But the audience was seeing that how these awardees are foolish and they are accepting themselves as slave by placing their crown with "company slave" imprinted on the front. Not only that it was clearly visible to one and all in the audience that crown was made of plastic and also printed "slave" on front. That was the reason of their clapping & as it was only made out of plastic only, in material sense the crown had no value and above all it meant accepting slavery. And all know the significance of "slave".' 'And top of all company managers were smiling that they got some slaves'. 'So all were happy with their different reasons. Recipients for their receiving their crown, Audience by witnessing plastic material and "slave" thinking that how these persons are foolish who are willingly accepting company slavery. So that is why audience was clapping. And mangers were smiling because they got some slaves'. Listening to Dadaji's story, everyone in my family started laughing and laughing and my 2 1/2 yrs son was also laughing although he did not understand anything about ACB and Margii rights etc.. The overall conclusive point is that people like the ACB members who have latched onto such posts, although in theory they do have the right advise but unfortunately in the present scenario this is not at all working in that way. Here following is Baba's grand directive for building up one human society: Baba says, "The more human beings live in unity, shoulder to shoulder, the greater the welfare of the human race will be." (PNS-7, p. 35) Namaskar, Divyacaksu Deva Note 1: Sarvatmanandaji wanted to created slaves so he did all those things like ruin BP rights and margiis rights and in this way he captured many things including the ACB. And still this negative system is being passed down from generation to generation. And not only that but he also created all those dogmas such as those negative tiirthas / Holy lands which he started at the Tiljala Memorial etc. All in all it is just like what was executed in the past by numerous social & religious exploiters. That's why these days all around so many good margiis are rallying around to maintain the sanctity of Baba's teachings and the AM ideology. And they are step by step opposing all the negative injunctions invented by Sarvatmanandji etc. All in all best is follow Baba's guidelines for building a healthy human society. In the Prout song which He Himself composed, Baba guides us, "Expel the brutes from the psychic stratum". (FEE FY FO FUM) And here again in His own Prout song, Baba directs us, "Expel the parasites from the spiritual stratum". (FEE FY FO FUM) Note 1A) Margis and WTs both are two wheels of one cart: AMPS. If one wheel is small, then think what will happen to the cart. It will not move forward but only in circles. So best is to stick to Baba's system. When both Margiis and Wt's have equal rights and responsibilities. Then, no one is high; no one is low. But at present the ACB system is degenerated. ACB members do not have any right to advise but only to execute. That is unfortunate. It lost its value, only ACB word remains. With this present way of working side by side and maintaining the relation of subordinated relationship that is not at all good. No doubt many margiis at present are ACB members. But they are treated as lesser and they do not have any right or scope to put forth suggestion or advice. Anyhow my conclusive point is that ACB means Advisory Committee & Board. Not the committee only to execute the order of The reigning party-- ACB is not robot. Note 2: Along with all the negativity done to Margii rights etc, scriptural distortions, Bhukti Pradhan rights etc, countless other wrongs have been committed. See here how Sarvatmanandaji manipulated and changed Baba's plans in relation to Ananda Nagar. As we all know Baba has taken great care in the right development of Ananda Nagar. In the practical field that means each and every inch of land of Ananda Nagar have been allotted and demarcated by Baba for different projects. But Sarvatmanandaji is personally responsible for throwing away Baba's system. Because Baba Himself has given so many specific programs and names of different locations of Ananda Nagar that got overturned during Sarvatmanandji's regime. For example, from Baba's Quarter to Engineering College, they changed the name of the road to "Memorial Road" and shifted Engineering College far away. Furthermore, the foundation stone of this Engineering College was done by Baba Himself. And also it has its own old huge original building. Then it got decided by Sarvatmanandaji to demolish that building and shift the College. So see the blatant disregard for Baba's system. And countless good margiis protested on this Engineering College point to the powers that be. But it was turned down. Even many concerned persons wrote dozens of letters in protest. But ultimately they were rejected and or threatened to keep quiet. Who is behind all this?? --you know the reply. Furthermore Baba has clearly ordered that around Ananda Nagar, proper care should be taken because poor persons are living in that area. So Baba has ordered not to erect any new multi-story building. According to Baba all buildings will be up to ground floor only. Then a few benefits will happen: (1) The neighboring people will not be feeling complex of rich and poor. By that way, they will come more close. (2) Maximum land will be occupied. (3) Third benefit will be, more natural environment. Even then all this negativity got carried out at Ananda Nagar. First of all, to appease PP Dada, a PP building have been created. That place was also allotted by Baba for some other project. Of course those days PP Dada was one "front-man" in the hands of Sarvatmanandaji. Plus Tadbhavanandji was a grand tool in the hand of Sarvatmanandji those days. And in that way the then Dada T dutifully sucked up the margiis money from around the globe and then created the multi-story Prout Palace in Ananda Nagar. Which of course directly contravenes Baba's own directive and desire. Hence all these things were directly spearheaded by one group leader with the selfish interest to build up his own power and position. Note 3: Recently, Dada Krtashivanandji is again highlighting himself and his crew as being the great proponents of AM ideology and dharma. And some ACB margiis have taken to highlighting his stand. So see the irony, because Dada Krtashivanandaji is himself responsible for destroying margii rights and creating one dogma after another. Because for years, since 1990, directly or indirectly he has accepted & supported all sorts of nonsense things that are ultravarious to Baba's teachings. And he is well known for masquerading various events and befooling margiis for the sake of organisational post and power. Even then some of the various ACB's are heralding him as a great. Unfortunately that is the present standard.
**************************************** Sadhana Point
Baba says, "We have various cakras-- mu'la'dha'ra, sva'dhis't'ha'na, man'ipura, ana'hata, vishuddha, a'jina', etc. The mind, instead of exerting its control directly from the sahasra'ra cakra, exerts its control through the other cakras, the other plexi. Hence in order to advance spiritually, one has first to establish control over these lower cakras, then finally over the sahasra'ra cakra. If one, conversely, tries to control the sahasra'ra first while the other cakras remain uncontrolled, spiritual practice on the sahasra'ra may be hampered. Not only that, even if the sahasra'ra cakra can be brought under control, the final result will not be good if the subsidiary cakras are not brought under control. It is not enough that the driver of the car be efficient the car as well must be free from any defect." (15 January 1980, AV-17) Note: Some quack acarya knowingly or unknowingly misguide margiis by telling that, 'only do sixth lesson and that is enough'. These acaryas in their confused way think that because sixth lesson is very important and people have less time in their busy life, so if they do sixth lesson that is enough-- that will suffice. And they discourage that other lessons are not needed. And this happens primarily when margiis ask Dadas to revise their lessons and in reply those acaryas tell that, 'No need to do, rather just practice sixth lesson'. But this misguided approach which these types of acaryas are preaching is not consistent with Baba's teaching. Rather what they are preaching is detrimental for sadhakas development. So we should follow Baba's above teaching and practice all the lessons of sadhana.

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