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A Sure Thing?

Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2009 06:28:37 -0400 To: From: Pradiip Subject: A Sure Thing? Baba "Ekahno ki prabhu toma'y du're tha'ka' bha'lo dekha'y..." 2332 Purport: Baba with deep longing in my heart I go on calling You. How can You feel good when You do not pay heed to my call. Do You think that this is appropriate. In calling You again and again my voice got hoarse until finally I completely lost my voice. But Your heart never melted. Baba, on which dusty earth have You sent me-- thus pushing me far from You. Why have You forgotten me. Is this the definition of Your love. Should I believe that what You are doing is proper. Baba Your liila is unfathomable; it is beyond my understanding. Why do You do like this. I do not have the proper language to express myself, but all these feelings which I am sharing with You come from deep within my heart. Baba, sometimes You make me cry & float in my tears; and sometimes You make me laugh when my heart is filled with Your longing. Baba, I do not know what to do. How long do I have to wait for Your heart to melt. Baba please come...
Namaskar, Every so ofter we hear about how at a particular retreat numerous people went into samadhi. Generally speaking, the common view is that samadhi is one very high state-- something quite extraordinary. Side by side, however, we should remember that in His discourses Baba clearly tells us that there are various types of samadhi: Some high & some very low-- crude. Who got what, that is for those who were on hand at the retreat to say. In our unit one or two people were also experiencing "samadhi". At the time it was an anomaly for us as they were not very involved in following AM practices - and, on the whole, their conduct was rather poor. Please excuse me for saying so. The point being that when we asked Dadaji about how samadhi works then he gave us quite an interesting and complete reply-- which helped shed light on why 'less-involved sadhakas' in our unit were getting "samadhi".
Our Acaryaji said, "It is a quite common thing. Samadhi is not of one type only. There are many types of samadhis -- some are spiritual and many can be crude or jara samadhi." "For instance, by just thinking about money many persons faint when they lose their share or sometimes they die, that is also one type of samadhi. And sometimes when death comes to a close person, then they cry and sometimes get faint and crying stops. That is also samadhi." "With fear also samadhi comes. When the amount of fear is beyond tolerance then people get samadhi of crude nature. In the Mahabharat such a story comes related with Jayadratha. He had fear of his death, and that is why he was constantly thinking about the enemy and crying in paranoia, "Save me, he is going to kill, he has come here" -- when anybody could see that no enemy was there." "But the samadhi of irregular sadhakas is a different case." "This is only possible with people whose conduct is not ideal or even good. If they participate in kiirtan or bhajan, then in a very short time their mind can go a little high and that very vibration their body cannot tolerate. So then their body feels reaction, and that is visible through their cries or fainting etc." "So when new people come and do a little sadhana and kiirtan then that vibration makes their whole body jump and they lose control due to even a slight vibration. Means these new people started doing simple japa and they cannot not manage the vibration whereas the margiis easily tolerate that same vibration and much more than that."
"And with loose, longer-term margiis or half-way margiis whose conduct is not good and who do not do proper sadhana - they undergo a similar thing. Almost instantly in dharmacakra or in kiirtan they start crying and laughing etc, but side by side as soon as they leave the devotional program they get involved in an endless amount of quarrels with everyone. Basically in their dealing they are swindler and cheater types of people." "For example in a unit where I recently visited, one person was misbehaving his wife and drinking alcohol and even smoking illegal drugs and selling those things on the street. All these misdeeds and screwy dealings he was doing. And then when he shows up for sadhana shivir or akhanda kiirtan then immediately he displays samadhi types of things."
We asked, "Please explain further by giving some example." The Acaryaji said, "Alright suppose you take 30 kg of solid rock in one strong sack. And by lifting it you see that the bag is not tearing apart. But just because the bag did not break does not mean that the rock is not heavy. Rather that bag was strong enough to hold that 30 kg. Then, compare that situation with the following. Take just 5 kg of rock pieces and put it in one plastic bag. And then lift the plastic bag. Because the plastic bag is very fragile, so it cannot bear the weight of even 5 kg of rock. The bag will rip immediately because it cannot hold even that little 5kg bag of rock. Means due to the weakness of the bag it could not hold the rock of just 5kg. Let alone 35 kg, it could not lift the 5 kg rock. Not because the 5 kg rock was very heavy. Rather the reason was, because the plastic bag was fragile in nature." "Likewise crude & irregular sadhakas cannot manage to take in even a little vibration. So they are like that comparatively weaker plastic bag whereas established margiis can manage a much greater vibration just like that strong sack can hold many more rocks." "Let me clarify further." "In the above experiment you have seen that 35 kg of rock was unable to destroy the strong sack. Instead the sack could hold the rock nicely. So here in the case of samadhi, this analogy is proper. One can see the situation in the following way." "The bag is just our body and the heaviness of the rock is related with spiritual vibration. Consider what happens when equal amounts of spiritual vibration come within the bodies of two different persons. If Mr. A's nerve cells and nerve fibers are strong they will not react. Tears will not come and Mr. A will not fall in samadhi. And with similar vibration, Mr. B who is weak minded will not be able to tolerate that vibration. And he will fall in samadhi or tears will come or many such symptoms will be visible." "This can happen even by receiving a lower degree of vibration also. With even a lower degree of vibration, one will be unable to tolerate. This usually happens with those whose nerve fibers and nerve cells are very weak. So some persons' nerve cells or fibers can tolerate and other persons' nerve cells or nerve fibers cannot tolerate. Even, the wave which has a far lower vibration." "When one does regular sadhana, asana, and takes proper food then one's nerve cells and nerve fibers get mature and strong. In that state, they can receive stronger and stronger spiritual vibrations. That is why such sadhakas easily can tolerate normal up to higher spiritual vibrations. It depends upon individual to individual. That, they will be able to tolerate very strong spiritual vibration. And not get samadhi."
"See this way, our beloved Baba has had a physical body. And that physical body was so pure and everything was so strong that He was assimilating the strongest vibration without any external reaction of samadhi. And if anyone touched Him for few seconds even, then they got samadhi in a flash. So Baba's physical body was very conducive for keeping the strongest spiritual vibration in a very controlled way. But sadhakas could not do this; they fell in samadhi."
"That is why Baba was not allowing others to touch Him such as when doing pranam to Him. So to protect this from happening then VSS guards were employed. But even then, even without direct physical touch, just when entering the discourse room or place of darshan then one's whole body and mind gets charged and goose bumps come and whole body and the mind gets riveted. And people feel a strong divine force emanating & penetrating their entire existence. By just sitting in that place. No doubt, certainly it varies from individual to individual based on their sentientness and devotion that how far they can receive the divine vibration of Baba." "Because sitting around in closer physical proximity, many crude Central workers might not have received whereas as those margiis sitting a little more distant might have received a more strong vibration. And above all it is solely depending upon His grace alone how far he is blessing certain individuals up to what degree."
"The conclusion is that when the body is pure or purer, then one can digest even the stronger spiritual vibrations very calmly and easily. But when the body & mind is crude then even a little vibration is beyond tolerance. And such superficial sadhakas or rustic people start crying and tears are rolling down-- even when their conduct is mean and they never do asana. Such things you might have seen." Acaryaji explained like this. So we understood that, when the body is sentient, then it can tolerate many higher vibrations without any disturbance. And if one is not following 16 Points and just involved in derelict type of poor behaviors then they cannot manage any spiritual waves and they just start crying etc. And about all this, Baba describes it perfectly in his Subhasita Samgraha discourses.
Baba says, "Viks'ipta Sama'dhi is that when the mind is engrossed in some higher thought for a time and then the very next moment it cuts adrift to its meaner propensities. Those that do not follow Yama-Niyama (codes of self-restraint and austerity) -- those that endeavor to attain God without the Sadhana of Samyama (Self-control), betray a plethora of distractions." "If a man without self-control indulges excessively in hallelujahs or divine songs (Kiirtana-bhajana), it is noticed that his mental proclivities temporarily get inclined towards the Divine Bearing during the time of kiirtana-bhajana, his body too shows evidence of pious traits, tears come into his eyes and he attains a Trance of Subjectivity (Bhava-Samadhi) as well. But the very next moment, i.e. immediately after his kiirtana-bhajana, his unrestrained and incontinent mind races towards mean propensities with a greater momentum." "That is why such types of Sadhakas take to very dishonest ways of life during the rest of their daily occupations. In other words they give themselves up to acts of depravity, deceitfulness--to defrauding their own relatives. The people also are a little chary of such types of carol-singers. The man without self-control does indeed enjoy a bit of transcendental happiness by forcing his mental flow towards the auspicious name of God, but soon after the stoppage of this divine panegyrics or 'hymn' (nama-kiirtana), his sand-dammed mind bursts and races towards the inauspicious names with re-doubled speed, i.e., at that time he appears to be more inclined to scandal-mongering and rudeness. You mark minutely how blatantly those that are bereft of self-control among the bhajan-singers, indulge in scurrilous languages under a little provocation." (SS-4, p.100)
So some are real types of samadhi and some are fake. The type explained in this entire posting is a fake type of samadhi. So if any person in your unit is like that then you should know theirs is fake.
Baba says, "Parama Purusa is always with you, in you, and He is the greatest of the entities and there is no other entity who loves you so dearly, you will have no cause to feel that your life has become useless." (AV-23, p.131) Namaskar, Pradiip
Note 1: 'What can be the reason why irregular sadhakas, when they come to Akhanda Kiirtan then they get samadhi, fainting, tears come, crying loudly?? When we see the attainment of their samadhi we have a lot of respect for them. But when we see their conduct they do not follow 16 points, even their food habit is tamasik. They eat meat occasionally. They are not strict in many of the points. Even then they get regular samadhi when they come to participate in akhanda kiirtan. And other sadhakas are more strict in conduct but they never get samadhi.' The above letter is the explanation of such a scene.
Note 2: Almost a decade back one young sadhaka used to bounce around & leap up and down in sadhana. That was going on in NY sector. And many around him were proclaiming that this young sadhaka was the incarnation of a great soul. They told like this because they were impressed with his various "bounces" & "sounds" during sadhana. And when he arrived for WT training in Sweden, he was getting rave reviews from those who met him. Then all of a sudden came his "fall from grace". Really it is a sad and shocking story and my heart goes out to the young sadhaka. He really needs our support. What he did and how he behaved has been explained in the past and does not need re-hashing here. Only we should understand that he left TC (training center) in a most unusual way got bound up in all sorts of cruder type things. Yet this was the one who was "bouncing" up and down in sadhana. Then we all understood such bouncing did not mean he was a saint or mahasadvipra; rather it was either a totally fake display or-- more likely-- it shows that he could not handle even the slightest bit of vibration. So we should be careful to properly evaluate samadhi-like symptoms. Because as sadhakas our approach should always be balanced and we should be able to recognise who is who.
****************************************** Mango Cake
Baba says, "In the days of old, when women folk used to prepare dried mango cakes, the young boys used to sit by the side to keep the crows away with a stick in the hand. Similarly you should be careful and alert always." (NHED, p.185) Note: In His above noted discourse of 'Victory Day' (Vijay Dashami), via one analogy Baba is guiding us how we should always be ready and very alert about protecting all the precious gifts which He has bestowed upon us. Just in the above analogy as the boy is alert using his stick to protect the mango cakes from the crow. Similarly we should never allow any "crow" to take away any of the nectar which Baba a graced as such as rights and scripture and so many things etc. As we know after '90 such "elements" tried to infuse various dogmas, but by Baba's grace all margiis were alert so those parties could not get success. In that same spirit, we should always be vigilant in this regard and strictly follow Baba's invaluable teaching.

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