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My Story About Our Tiirtha to Tiljala

Date: 20 Aug 2011 15:41:10 -0000
From: "Gurucharan Deva"
Subject: My Story About Our Tiirtha to Tiljala



This past year or so my family & I took the several day journey from our home in Rajasthan to the Tiljala compound. The reason for this tour was multi-fold. During that stay an interesting conversation took place between my son and a senior dadaji.

While I was attending to some other duties, acaryaji inquired to my son, "You know, each year we hold the mahaprayan celebrations from 21 Oct to 26 Oct, and each year you miss this great gathering."

My son replied, "There are no guidelines given by Baba about this "ceremony" in the Festivals chapter of Caryacarya."

My son furthermore added, "By celebrating this type of shraddha ceremony or anniversary - year after year - then new and innocent margiis may begin to think they should celebrate the death anniversaries of their relatives as well."

Dadaji replied, "At mahaprayan the shraddha ceremony is not observed - just it is a time to do kiirtan."

My son replied, "If that is the case - if really it is just an occasion for doing kiirtan - then why make the long journey to Tiljala for doing kiirtan specifically in October. We can do kiirtan anytime in our local unit. We need not do it in a particular place during a particular week - every year at the same time and same the place. If anyone wants to organise a kiirtan gathering, then those events should be held in various places throughout the year so everyone may be benefited."

At this point dada did not say anything further - rather the topic was changed.

This is one clear-cut proof how the minds of the new generation are not going to accept the dogma of mahaprayan.

Baba remains in the heart of His devotees always - celebrating a dogmatic program like mahaprayan which states that "Baba is gone" - is not palatable by true Ananda Margiis.

It is a totally contradictory to think that (a) Baba is Parama Purusa, and (b) Baba  passed away. Only one of these two statements is correct. Parama Purusa never leaves - and if He did leave then He is not Parama Purusa. In our Ananda Marga all have the realisation that Baba is with them always - in that case how can there be mahaprayan.



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