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It Is A Psychic Disease

From: Gaurishankar
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2010 07:51:08
Subject: It Is A Psychic Disease


"A'so na',  ja'o na' kabhu, chile, a'cho, tha'kibe tumi..."  (P.S. 590)


  Baba, You neither come nor go. You were, You are, and You will remain
forever with everyone. You are liila personified; You go on playing Your
liila like this.
  In the last so many millions and millions of years, those who were
existing in Your infinite bosom, still today they are and they will remain
there. Everyone's abode is within You. And whoever will come in future up
to thousands and millions of years, they will also never get destroyed.
They will always remain within You. Having everyone together You go on
playing Your liila in this beginningless to endless way.  
   Baba, because of this infinite quality of Yours I do sastaunga pranam again
and again at Your lotus feet. Those who are millions of light years away
from You, they will also never be lost in oblivion. They are dancing within
You. With Your love You are tying everyone close to You. Baba, because of
Your infinite charm and grace my whole existence is surrendered at Your

                  == IT IS A PSYCHIC DISEASE ==

Our Ananda Marga has reached a critical phase. While we all know that groupism
is bad - it still plagues our Marga. A few people who are sincerely trying
to repair our organisation resort to groupist means. Various "calls for unity"
prescribe merging or sharing power between various groups when in fact unity
can only result from following ideology. It never stems from mixing or matching
various groups.

Baba says, "Human unity is purely an ideological unity, which means unity
in the psychic sphere. Where there is psychic unity, physical unity will also
occur. In the realm of unity, unity is always psychic – ideological unity
means unity in the subtlest level of the mind." (PNS-15)

Baba says, "However, psychic or ideological unity may be affected if we
encourage the exploitation of one group by another. So to avoid this
there should not be any scope for exploitation in society." (PNS-15)

Groupism is one type of dogma, which unfortunately is still followed in our
Marga today, knowingly or unknowingly. We should all increase our awareness
of this psychic disease and warn others.


Animals are unable to ascertain their suffering from a physical problem
and are hence unable to treat their physical disease. They feel that some problem
is present, but they don't know what is their exact problem - i.e. what sort of
disease. To recognize a physical disease is the work of one's psychic
faculty. Human beings are psychically developed, that's why humans can easily
recognize their physical diseases, whereas animals cannot.

The next step is psychic disease. Primarily, human beings are psychic. And
in the mind, there may be various diseases. Some individuals can recognize these
psychic diseases, and some cannot. Just like, animals cannot recognize
their physical disease, in the same way human beings cannot recognize their
own psychic diseases. To recognize psychic disease, it needs spiritual
strength. Those who are not spiritually elevated cannot understand
their own mental problem nor what type of psychic disease they are suffering from.


Baba has given quite a number of discourses on this very problem. One such
book is, "Liberation of Intellect and Neohumanism". There Baba
describes how geo-sentiment, socio-sentiment  etc are serious types
of contagious psychic diseases. Talking about these psychic diseases, Baba
says that socio-sentiment is a million times more dangerous than
geo-sentiment. Both geo- and socio-sentiments are psychic diseases. But
geo-sentiment has some link with physical boundary lines, that's why it is
less harmful. And socio-sentiment is more psychic in nature, that's why it
is more dangerous. Another name of the disease socio-sentiment, is groupism.

Since 1982, margiis and WTs have been reading and learning about the
'liberation of intellect'. That's why, if you invite anybody to join in any
group, they will not feel comfortable. Because, in our Marg everyone thinks
that groupism is not good. Because of this awareness, some selfish and
cunning groupist leaders never like to accept that they are
propagating groupism. But by seeing their agenda, working system, plans and
programs etc, one can easily reach to the conclusion that their whole plan
and program is nothing but the propagation and enhancement of their group.

We have to recognize groupist outlook by the action. That's why Baba says
in His discourses that we should not get overwhelmed/convinced with the
tall talks of such propaganda. All such confusion happens because of
simplicity and lack of spirituality.

                  MUST SEE THE WORKS AT HAND

By seeing the nature of their work or propaganda, one can easily recognize
such groupists. By any number of examples we can see how various group leaders
are not neohumanistic.

                     FAKE ANANDA VANIIS

The basic point with regard to the issue of Ananda Vanii is that Baba has
given the distinct title "Ananda Vanii" to refer to a certain type of
His teachings. And with love and reverence for Guru, as disciples we should
follow His view and guideline. Therefore we should not issue quotes from
other discourses in the name of Ananda Vanii. Because those quotes belong
in their respective discourses and were never meant to stand alone and be
presented as Ananda Vaniis. That is Baba's system. Thus any person or group
issuing their own Fake Ananda Vanii is going against Baba's divine guidelines.
In their mind they may think that their group has tha authority to issue an
Ananda Vanii, but this is nothing but their diseased outlook of groupism.


For so many years in the past various "leaders" and more recently have tried to
sideline the margiis from taking leadership roles in the organisation so that
they themselves could continue their exploitation and selfish tricks. With the
intention to exploit Margiis, they altered the entire Bhukti Pradhan manual &
created so many negative rules. Anyone doing such things - directly or indirectly -
suffers from the psychic disease of groupism. So that is another way to discern
who is groupist and who not.


As we know Baba is neither bound to a Memorial building in Kolkata
(Mahasamadhi place) nor in Patna Jail or Jamalpur. Yet certain groups are
involved in their one after another dogmatic tiirtha campaigns.

The dogma related with Jamalpur and Tiljala is part of one deep seeded plan
like the religious dogma of old. We should not allow them to bind Baba in
some crude place by dogmatic people. History shows how the propagators of
dogma for their selfish mundane gain did and are doing like this. As an
easy way of making money, they infuse this cheap sentiment to empty the
pockets of margiis. Hence the dogmas of: Mahasamadhi, Jamalpur tiirtha,
Patna Jail tiirtha , Tiljala tiirtha (i.e. MPD) etc..

Like this countless points are there; we should be aware.

                        ALL SHOULD BE AWARE

So this groupism is a psychic disease; and neo-humanism is the only cure.

Hence the duty and responsibility of rational margiis and WTs is to propagate
Baba's neohumanistic ideology. And wherever groupism is raising its head,
we should quicky recognise it and strike at it mercilessly in a firm manner.

We should remember this following Baba's teaching.

Baba says, "Where there is no propagation of satya people indulge in
individual selfishness or group selfishness. The aim or object is not
enlivened with the spirit of collective welfare. The only object of the
party concerned is how to establish oneself in this material world [getting
Purodhaship] by means of the use of well-knit language and cunningness."
(Tattvika Diipika', p.1)

                           BABA'S BLESSING

By Baba's grace, all these years Baba taught us that in any negative circumstances,
we should not lose our patience and at the same time, we should keep our
eyes fixed on our goal. Our goal is Parama Purusa. And our path is the path
of neohumanism. Ananda Marga ideology. Those who will follow dharma, they
will be victorious.

Baba says, "Thus only neohumanism can save the universe, only neohumanism
can save human existence. So now, we are to sing the songs of neohumanism.
...Let all the hearts of the entire created universe, dance in ecstasy.
This is the goal of the day. We are for all." (PNS 9)

At His lotus feet,

                         Real Wealth:

            One Should Ponder, Assimilate, and Practice

Parama Purusa BABA says, "Those who seek to attain the permanent cessation
of afflictions in their lives, have no other way than to follow this path
of sadhana. Imagine that a certain person had accumulated vast wealth due
to his life long's diligent labor. It may be that the person, in the days
of his prosperity, was a central figure in the society. But at the end of
his life he may suffered a wretched existence, bemoaning his losses in the
arid desert of his heart. The reason is that the person had an insatiable
thirst for material objects and never tried to identify his individual flow
with the cosmic flow. On the other hand, a person living in a thatched hut
may not forget Parama Purus'a even in the midst of abject poverty and never
deviates from the goal of his life. Such a person's life can never lose its
charm. Every dust particle of this earth will seem to be as sweet as honey
to him. Likewise, his existence will acquire the sweetness  of honey."
(APH-4, pg 290)

Ananda Marga: Rules on Financial Decisions

Date: Tue, 07 Dec 2010 16:18:54 -0600
From: "Paul Paltrow"
Subject: Ananda Marga: Rules on Financial Decisions



This letter contains an in-depth Baba story with His critical and detailed guidelines about borrowing and lending money. We should all firmly adhere to His exact teachings lest we get caught in the whirlpool of capitalism. We should convey these points to all in our unit and community.

                             ANANDA MARGA: OPPOSITE OF CAPITALISM

The present era of materialism preaches "instant gratification": Enjoy the world by buying happiness. Credit cards and loans are readily available to the common person. Indeed lending agencies and credit card companies are standing by with astronomical interest rates in order to rip off consumers. It is a deadly cycle; already so many have been victimised.

In AM, our view is totally different. We interact with this world for our daily needs and aim our mind towards psychic and psycho-spiritual pursuits. We seek happiness and peace in those upper realms, not in the instant gratification of worldly indulgences. We know this, we practice this, but even then some in our Marga have gotten bound by the noose of capitalism.

But there is no winning in capitalism. Only those top capitalists dervive some selfish benefit. The common public justs borrows and spends money on material allurements hoping to find happiness; but ultimately they find themselves upset, frustrated and in debt. All the while, the impoverished masses around the globe suffer from an extreme dearth of resources, which have been gobbled up by those capitalists.

So we should not fall prey to the capitalist cycle of borrowing and spending. Please read this following Baba story about this very subject.

                                                       BABA STORY:

                             GUIDELINES ON FINANCIAL DEALING

Baba was against people borrowing or lending money. One day He said, "You must know that lending as well as borrowing is undesirable and detestable."

I had known Baba's attitude and so had always tried not to borrow money. But I still had a question, "Was it so bad to lend money to someone in distress?"

Baba answered with an illustration. "Do you know why it isn't desirable to lend out money? Suppose someone has come to you to borrow some money. Maybe his need is genuine and his appeal is justified. As you listen to his story of distress, you are likely to want to be kind to him. Even if it is beyond your own means to lend a big amount, you become so upset thinking of his dire need that you take pity on him. Your thoughts get interrupted as the gentleman says, 'You need not worry, dear brother. Please help me wriggle out of my crisis. If your generosity can take me out the present crisis, I'll repay the loan within a month. Meanwhile I'm likely to get some money soon, so you may rest assured that you'll get back your money on time.'"

Baba continued, "There may be no reason for you to disbelieve him. Suppose you are soft-hearted, so you collect the money somehow and hand it over to him. And he, too, feels glad and goes away."

"That man may not have any intention of taking you for a ride, but it may turn out that he can't get hold of the money as he thought. It is not so unusual. But you go on nursing the hope that he will repay you at the end of the month."

"A month goes by. He hesitates to see you out of his shame because he has no money to repay to you. Suppose you go to him out of need for the money. In all likelihood he will be ill at ease and may take offense at your uncalled-for-presence. He will think, 'How disgusting! He has come to me straightaway.'  Understandably, he will tell you a long excuse about why he has failed to repay you. You will a patient hearing to him and coming back home begin to wait for the deadline as promised. There will be times he will think 'O, my God! Here he is again, he will certainly remind me of my debt!'"

"Of course it's only natural such thoughts come to mind, interspersed with some inaudible abusive remarks. Maybe you didn't go to him for money, but what is that to him? Your presence will be unpleasant enough."

"So whenever you meet him, he will think, 'I am lost! He has come again to pressure me for that money.' At the same time he will hurl some unsavory remarks at you, albeit silently. Contrary to what is in his mind, he will say, 'Welcome, my dear brother. I am glad to meet you. I am so grateful to you,' and so on and so forth.

"Undoubtedly the moment he sees you, he will heap uncharitable remarks on you, but when you will come within earshot, he will be all praises an parade his respect for you. It goes without saying that you will be put into a dilemma from not getting your money back even at the time of your own dire need. It may happen that your need will drive you to his house and shout from outside, 'Hello, Mr.----, are you there?'

"He will think, 'Oh! he has come again for the money. What will I say to him?'

"Thinking this, he will not only silently curse you, but also try his best to avoid an encounter with you. Instead of coming outside, he will tell his little son to tell you that his father is out. Accordingly, the boy will run to you to inform you that his father is not in.

"Looking askance at him, you will say, 'Go inside and find out for certain whether or not your father is there.'  The simple-minded child will reply, 'Why, I don't need to check because father has himself said that he is out.' In this way your relationship with that friend will sour and you don't know where it will end."

"Well, he certainly would have been offended that first day if you had not lent him money. Not only that, he would possibly have been shocked and have silently heaped some abusive remarks. Nevertheless, the unpleasant situation would not have spilt over onto the rest of your life. If you lend money, you will inevitably invite filthy remarks galore. That is why a person should think many times before lending to others."

I asked, "Sometimes a really good man may fall into trouble and sincerely need help. In that case, what is to be done?"

Baba said, "Instead of lending him money, you should help him according to your capacity. Suppose he is asking for five thousand rupees. Tell him your attitude about lending money and let him know your financial condition. Then help him with an amount that's within your means. It may not be as much as he demands, but he will get consolation that you tried to share his difficulties." ("My Days with Baba", Sarveshvarananda)

The above story is quite clear on the point of borrowing and lending. According to Baba, we should not borrow money nor should we lend it. If anyone truly needs financial help, then we should give them money according to our capacity, and not expect anything in return.

                                     BABA'S FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS

Here are some of His further teachings about this very critical topic.

First Baba warns us that we should seek counsel and permission before (a) spending money on superfluous items and (b) before taking any loan.

Baba says, "I am also giving one more advice in regard to aparigraha. If any Margis have to spend on anything in addition to the fixed expenditure (for example, expensive clothing, ornaments, articles of furniture, marriage, building, etc.), they should, before incurring such expenditure, obtain a clear order from their ácárya, unit secretary or district secretary, or any other person of responsible rank. Similarly, permission is to be obtained before taking loan from any businessman or money-lender. Where one’s own ácárya or any person of responsible rank is not easily available, consultation or rather permission is to be obtained from any other ácárya, táttvika or any right-thinking member of the Marga. Every member should follow this instruction strictly." (Guide to Human Conduct)

Secondly, Baba warns us how money lending itself is a filthy profession. We should keep such greedy persons at arms-length.

Baba says, "People should also not earn their livelihood by lending money and taking interest. Such persons want to lend more and more money to gain more and more interest, and they do not want the borrowers to refund the capital. The scriptures stipulate that people should not accept food from such people, because their occupations are despicable." (Subhasita Samgraha-11)


We should all exercise extreme caution in our financial dealings. This era of extreme capitalism has devoured the lives of many - leaving them as desperate beggars unable to regain their footing. We must not let this happen to us or anyone we know. We should remain out of debt and keep our mind free for psycho-spiritual endeavors. That is the only way. Remember, one in debt becomes mentally bound by this financial burden as well.

Thus no one in Ananda Marga should make a living by lending money and no Ananda Margii should go into any sort of debt without first getting clear-cut permission from respected members of our Marga.

By following Baba's above guidelines, we can maintain our psychic equilibrium. Going into debt and digging means losing one's mental peace and becoming a lifelong tool of those greedy capitalists.


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