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Re: Current Economic Crisis

Date: Tue, 03 Jun 2008 22:18:42 To: Subject: Re: Current Economic Crisis From: Jiivendra Baba "A'nkhir ba'dal mucheche ka'jal, ka'r katha' mane par'e balo na'..." (PS 3013) PS Intro: This is the song when Baba is talking to the devotee in disguised fashion. In particular He is speaking about the melancholic feelings of that sadhaka. Purport: Please tell me whose longing brought rain in your eyes such that the ointment of the eyes washed away in result. Why is sleep not coming in your eyes. In whose longing are you feeling restless. Please tell me the tales of your heart. Why are you not expressing anything. This is the most charming atmosphere of the intoxicating night. When all the directions are charged with divine love. The aroma of flowers is spreading all around. This is the most blissful time. In whose longing are you remaining awake in hopelessness? In whose longing have you forgotten fear, shyness, and all kinds of complexes; this happened due to His love? Please let me recognise that entity who has stolen your heart. The black clouds of the mind-- the feeling that your beloved is distant from You-- those dark clouds cannot remain for a long time. With the practice of dharana and dhyan, gradually they will go away. You should know that after bad days naturally good days are going to come. Thinking this don't worry. Very soon your dear-most will be close to you...
Namaskar, The interconnected and global nature of our current economic crisis is rather dramatic. The new economic powers like China and India are pushing for more and more globalisation, while a growing number of alternative thinkers in the US and Europe are seeking answers to the current global economic pitfalls by building local economic structures. But, of course, those top corporate giants in the west are hungry for more globalisation in the economic sector, despite all the problems it is causing the general people. Here are some points that build upon the initial letter on this pressing topic of our current economic crisis.
We all know Baba has put forth the Proutistic vision of a local economy. This is our stand. And nowadays, some alternative thinkers in the west are looking this direction as a means to escape the multifarious problems cause by globalisation. Those problems include: A ravaged planet, loss of jobs, cash-strapped consumers, destruction of natural resources, wars, high oil prices, housing foreclosures, huge debt, loan issues, and more. And these critical issues are all a direct result of the current global economic structure. That is the root cause; they are not independent issues. That is why a few are looking for alternatives and answers elsewhere-- outside the realm of the global economy. Thus, when the situation is becoming so dire-- especially in the west-- then why is there a continued effort for globalisation. The reason is those top corporate powers are getting richer by the second. Big capitalists are making corporate mergers on a daily basis in order to become that great economic power that can dominate the global economy. Those companies include: Microsoft, Home Depot, Berkshire-Hathaway, Fed Ex, Google, Disney, as well as various financial houses like Goldman Sachs etc. They are all on the prowl to extend their economic might in the global arena. So despite the problems the global economy is causing for the common people, it is making those corporate heads into multi-billionaires. Hence they continue to ravage the entire globe and multiply their exploitative methods in order to make more and more money. That is why there is a continue push towards globalisation, even in the west where the problems are multiplying on a daily basis.
Sadly, those in the growing economies of Asia are thinking that finally their day in the sun has come. The people there finally have a thriving economy to bring them their due prosperity. But what many of them do not realise is that their current success are all built on a house of cards-- ie capitalism and over-industrialisation. Soon all the issues that have come to haunt the US and Europe will rattle the Asian economies as well. Over-industrialisation means producing more goods than a country can consume. Then to sell those goods they try to capture outside markets-- even if that means going to war. That is what the US has done. And China is running directly in that same direction. They are producing far more than what they can consume and to keep their economic boom alive, the day will come when they invade lands to force them to buy Chinese-made products. That is but one of the problems they are inviting by their current economic policy. Housing issues, outsourcing, unemployment, environmental destruction, pseudo-culture, stress, poor mental health, collapsed banks, and so many overarching issues will beleaguer the Chinese and Indian populations in the near future-- just as they have drowned citizens in the western world. Because extreme capitalism is not prejudiced. It will rear its ugly head and cause problems wherever it is practiced.
Despite the fact that the global economy is driving people into the ground, fueled by the greedy capitalists it will increase more and more-- until the common people rebel, until there is a shudra revolution. In the US and Europe, that moment is drawing near. In China, India, & SE Asia, the general citizens are intoxicated with their new found wealth. Most are as pleased as can be. Whatever may be, in each and every land, those top capitalists will push ahead to create their global economic empire-- no matter what hell befalls the common people. And it will only stop when a full-blown shudra revolution arises. When the common people get so fed up with the greed of those vaeshyan giants. But it will have to reach its peak. And let us remember, that unlike the virpas and ksattriyas, the exploitation of the vaeshayas knows no bounds. They will plunder, squash, and kill the exploited masses. Baba says, "Once the social body falls unconscious, the vaeshyas will die along with the rest of the body. Otherwise, before allowing themselves to die, the exploited shu'dras, ks'atriyas and vipras can unite to destroy the vaeshyas. This is the rule." (HS-2) Thus, the end of the global economy will only come when there is wide-spread & extreme discontent-- when the people cannot swallow another ounce of corporate exploitation. Then and only then will this earth be rid of the nasty tidings of the global economy.
By His grace He has outlined all the needs to that Proutistic society based on independent, local economies. It is not far when this will be embraced by all. Baba says, "The overall well-being of society is the ultimate goal of decentralized economy. This is a comprehensive ideal and should be established in each and every socio-economic unit. It will bring about economic prosperity as well as ensure greater opportunities for the psycho-spiritual elevation of all members of society." (PNS-21) Namaskar, Jiivendra
****************************************** Real Meaning
Baba says, "The indomitable mental force aroused as a result of collective Iishvara-Pranidhana will help you in solving any problem small or big on this earth. It is for this reason that you should always have a zeal to attend the weekly Dharmacakra regularly." (GHC, last page) Note 1: In His Encyclopedia-- "Laghu Nirukta"-- on page 191 Baba explains that one of the meanings of 'cakra' is family, society, collection, or body. Thus the real meaning of dharmacakra is 'family of dharma'. Similarly Brahmacakra means 'family of Brahma'. We all know that the family of creation is the entire family of Brahma. Note 2: Baba is the Propounder of AM philosophy and in that philosophy He has used various Sanskrit terms. To clarify the meaning of those terms Baba has given His own grammar books and encyclopedias etc. So those who want to learn AM philosophy indepthly have to study Baba's teachings on grammar also. Otherwise most of the concepts will remain beyond one's grasp.

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