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The Kaurava-Pandava Dogma

Date: Mon, 14 May 2007 22:50:15 -0000 To: From: "Hariish Dev" Subject: The Kaurava-Pandava Dogma Baba "(Tumi) a'lo jhalmal u's'a'y ele, a'ndha'rer ja'l chinrile..." (PS 3983) Purport: Baba, You have come in my heart when the blissful dawn was glittering in effulgence. By Your grace, You have wiped away the net of staticity and crude darkness from my mind. In a flash You have also removed the dogma which had accumulated since ages. Baba, You are so beautiful. O' my Dearmost, You know how to make such a divine magical display. By Your grace You have created a heavenly panorama-- complete with the beauty and grandeur of colour, by Your divine play. Baba, in the blink of the eye, You bring lowly and depraved persons close to Your bosom, without making any differentiation or disparity about who is virtuous and who is sinful. Baba, You are my beginning as well as my end, my Goal, my everything. Baba, my whereabouts, my name, my place, my address-- everything has become one with You, by Your grace. Baba I offer You my heartfelt surrender and sastaunga pranam thousands, millions, crores, & an infinite number of times-- again & again. Baba, by Your divine grace You have come in my heart and showered me in Your supreme effulgence. You are my own; You are my everything...
Namaskar, These days in our AMPS organization, there is a new dogma which has spread throughout the different narrow groups striving for power. It is the dogma of "Kauravas and Pandavas". In this dogma, each narrow-minded groupist movement inside our AM organization proclaims that, "We are the Pandavas and everyone else are the Kauravas". This slogan resounds in the halls of the main meetings of each of the main cheap narrow-minded factions.
In one place I attended a series of gatherings where this cry was chanted again and again. Here I will give my first-hand account of what I personally witnessed. I was in Madhya Pradesh. It was the month of February, which is the time of seminars in our AM. Everywhere seminars were being organized. But this year the seminars have taken a different turn. The Rudrananda-Bihari group has been using the seminars as a tool to propagate their own group's propaganda. We margis have become quite awakened and alert about this point, and we do not like that any group should use Baba's organization as a forum for propagating their narrow views and claims to power. As a result, in AM units throughout India we margis are openly protesting that we do not accept the groupism and will not tolerate it any longer. At several different units, margis organized and refused to allow the groupist WTs to hold seminar in their area. In some areas margis held their own seminar in the jagriti and did not allow groupist dadas to come and hold class there. In other areas, margis held their own seminar in another location and protested the groupism by not attending the seminar held by groupist dadas at the jagriti. All around India, such margi-led movements against groupism are sprouting. As I say, during this seminar season when all this was going on, I was in Madhya Pradesh. In one area, I was present when all the meetings occurred and I will relate here, what I saw.
The regional seminar was soon to be held. Margis there in that place are quite aware of all the negative groupist in-fighting going on in our organization. And like margis in other places, they were fed up. So they met at a local dharmashala (inn), and decided that they would take action to voice their discontent with the crude, groupist behavior our WTs are exhibiting. When the area dadas came to know about this local margi meeting, they organized a meeting at the jagriti.
The dadas' meeting was held ostensibly to organize the upcoming seminar. Our dadas gathered very simple margis mostly from the outlying rural villages to attend the meeting. These margis were not involved or much aware about the politicking going on these days in the organization. So they were easily befooled by our dadas, who gave bellowing lectures in which they loudly proclaimed that "You all attending this meeting, you are the Pandavas. And those margis holding their own meetings outside at the dharmashala, they are groupist and anti-organizational. They are nothing but Kauravas. They are doomed; their destiny is to meet with defeat. But all of us here at this meeting, we are the Pandavas and we shall be victorious!" The simple margis there, unaware of the real picture, were befooled by our WTs' cunning words. So these margis really started to think that the margis at the dharmashala were going against AM and were themselves engaging in groupism. When the reality was the opposite: the margis who had held the meeting at the dharmashala were very good margis, who did not want to see Baba's organization destroyed by the factional in-fighting of WTs in the "Rudrananda Bihari group", or the "Bengali group", or the "Chattisgari Effecting Change group". Disturbed by the long-standing and destructive fighting of these three WT groups, the margis at the dharmashala had decided that something had to be done to raise a clarion call against this negative groupism. But the simple margis in the dadas' meeting were unaware of all this, and heard only what the groupist WTs told them at the jagriti meeting. So they agreed to help organize the upcoming seminar, and returning to their rural villages they mobilised all to attend the seminar. The WT-led seminar happened at the jagriti. It was attended by a number of very simple margis from the surrounding villages, who lived on their small farms and had no way to become informed about the truth of what was going on in our beloved AM organization. There in those villages, there is no such thing as e-mail. And in the vast majority of homes, there is no phone. In many homes, the floor is made of compact soil, there may not be electricity, and life is extremely simple.
So these margis from rural areas attended the seminar. And at the seminar, our dadas bellowed into blaring loudspeakers about how "Our AM organization is under seige by anti-organizational elements who want to break our AMPS org. Our organization is under threat of destruction by negative elements inside our own organization. But we margis and WTs attending this seminar, we are the backbone of dharma. We are the Pandavas! And those not attending this seminar, those attending their own groupist meetings in hidden dharmashalas, they are the negative groupist elements. They are the Kauravas. But they will be defeated. Because noone can stand against Shrii Shrii Anandamurti and succeed. They are sure to be defeated. And we who are here today, we are the warriors of dharma. We are the Pandavas--Baba is sure to bless us, and our victory is guaranteed!" For the two days of the seminar, these are the sorts of booming slogans that were heard in almost every so-called "class". In reality, these were not classes at all. They were nothing but political rallies. Underhanded opportunities for the groupist WTs to project their negative mis-guided plans and ideas on innocent, unassuming margis from the countryside.
By the end of the seminar, these simple village margis had been befooled by our cunning WTs that this was a meeting of the Pandavas. And that those who did not attend, they were the Kauravas. Meanwhile the reality was, that the well-informed and active margis of the local area had protested the seminar because it was being run by WTs from the Rudrananda-Bihari group. And these margis who stood in protest, wanted that our AMPS should again become united. That there should be no Rudrananada group, no Chattisgari "Effecting Change" group, and no Bengali group. These margis in protest, where standing for dharma. --That groupism must not be tolerated in our AM. And these margis were right. But our crafty groupist WTs painted the picture in their own twisted way. And in the absence of any other source of information, the simple village margis in their innocence, believed our WTs. (It should be added here that not all WT's are groupist. There are many sincer WT's who are dharmic and completely committed to Baba's divine ideals. By the phrases-- crafty Wt's-- I refer to those WT's who are members of particular factions, and try to befool margis about their factional membership.)
So this was one example of how the Kaurav-Pandav battle cry is being wrongly sounded in our organization. It is a highly misguided battle cry. --But it is an effective one, loaded with the sentiment of the Mahabharat. So that unassuming, innocent people can be easily misled. For this reason it is highly important for all to be alert about this point. Because calling out that "We are the Pandavas, and they are the Kauravas!!!"….-this is not enough to prove anything as to who is wrong and who is right. Rather, the measuring rod is Baba's teachings. Those who act in concordance with Baba's teachings, they are standing on the path of dharma. They--and only they--are dharmic. Merely calling out that "We are the Pandavas" has nothing to do with dharma.
And yet, unfortunately, this very fake "Pandava" cry is being sounded in all corners of our AM organization today, by each groupist faction.
I have been to Kolkata, and attended the dogmatic mahaprayan function. I was watching carefully, and they were shouting slogans that, "We are all Pandavas here. And those who did not come to this shraddha ceremony of Baba, they are all Kauravas. Their life is doomed." And there in Kolkata at that dogmatic mahaprayan function, our groupist dadas also broadcast over the PA system one Baba's discourse on "Yuga Sandi". In which Baba says that, "You all are the flag bearers of dharma, those who are dharmikas will be victorious…". And after all heard the discourse, our groupist dadas there stood and proclaimed that, "We are the dharmikas and we will be victorious!!". So those who are following B-group dogma, they in their camp think that they are the "Pandavas". And that all others in our AM organization are Kauravas, whose lives are doomed.
I have also been to Baalbia Nagar, which is the head office of the "Effecting Change" (EC) group. Kiirtan was going on there, and the same type of slogans and dogmatic excitation was going on. In the booming pracar that our groupist dadas there gave over the microphone after mediation finished, they also said that, "All of us here at this gathering, we are the Pandavas and victory is ours! And others in our AM organization are Kauravas, their lives are doomed."
And the Rudrananda groups' headquarters are in Gadaypur, Baba's MG quarters in Delhi. When I attended a function there I heard the same battle cry. -"We are the Pandavas. Our victory is guaranteed. Those who have not attended this function are the Kauravas. Their lives are doomed!! But dharma is with us, we are the dharmikas!"
And in overseas sectors as well this is happening. I have seen the same types of reports on the e-mails that such and such groupist retreat or meeting happened, and those who attended felt that they are in the right and destined for victory, and all others are on the wrong path and doomed to defeat. So this dogma is not limited to India or any single country. This is one far-reaching dogma which has come inside our AM, and it has spread throughout the globe.
So it has become evident that everyone in all the different groupist camps, they each brag that they are the Pandavas and others are the Kauravas. But the main point here, is that we have to consider what Baba's teachings are. In Baba's teachings, we will find what is right and what is wrong. Whereas devoid of Baba's teachings, living in the dreamland that "We are the Pandavas and all others are the Kauravas", this is nothing but pure dogma.
Baba guides that we are to see the cardinal principles in His teachings. And on that base we are to apply our vivek as to what is right and what is wrong. Using Baba's teachings, we are to discriminate what is dharma and what is adharma. On the basis of what Guru says, on that very basis the decisions will be made as to who is dharmic. Just crying out that "We are the Pandavas", proves nothing and is meaningless.
Baba says that dogma should not be followed. So if anyone follows any type of dogma, then that is not good. If anyone is eating meat and drinking alcohol but chanting slogans that, "All should eat vegetarian food and become healthy!"-then that slogan has become meaningless. The person who cries out such slogans but in his house is eating meat and drinking alcohol, will get some mortal illness and die a premature death. So similarly, singing the song that, "We are all Pandavas and the others are Kauravas", that is not going to help one to be dharmic. Rather we need to see what is Baba's teaching, and follow that. Following any type of groupism is against dharma. In that setting of following groupism, calling out that "We are the Pandavas" in no way changes the fact that one is going against dharma.
So we should remain alert about any such religious cry or priestly chant. Otherwise, we see that in Islam, Judaism, Christianity, and Hinduism--all talk the same talk that "Our tiirtha is best, our system is very good, those who follow our religion are the chosen ones". As if to suggest that those are of that faith are the chosen ones and all others are heathen and their lives are doomed. Similarly in our AM, those who follow B group or EC group or Rudranand group, they all think they are the chosen ones. They are the "Pandavas" destined for victory, and all others are "heathen"-- "Kauravas", who are doomed. So this all became one dogma in our AM organization today, and we should be alert and careful, and expose the preachings and beliefs of such narrow-minded groups. Otherwise the danger is, that under the aegis of being "Pandavas", one will just be getting "taken in" or indoctrinated into one false dogma.
By Baba's grace, all dogmas-- like that of the "We are the Pandavas, and they are the Kauravas!!!"…-- will get removed from our AM society and our Marga will only reflect pure dharma. Baba says, "You boys, you girls, you the spiritual aspirants, must always remember that you must never surrender at the altar of dogma. In the past, dogma committed so many nuisances, dogma created so many fissiparous tendencies in this human society. Your slogan should be "Dogma - No more! Dogma - No more!" Establish yourselves above the boundaries of dogma, and be established in the excellence of human glory." (AFPS-4) Namaskar, Hariish
Baba says we should always apply our vivek. We should not merely accept something without using rational mind, just because someone with official authority has spoken. Because if what we accept is not proper, then it can cause the downfall of dharma. Baba says,
"Yuktiyuktamupa'deyam' vacanam' ba'laka'dapi; Anyam' trn'amiva tya'jyamapyuktam' Padmajanmana'h. Kevalam' sha'strama'shrityam' na karttavyo vinirn'ayah; Yuktihiina vica're tu dharmaha'nih praja'yate.
If a child says something rational, it should be accepted, and if the Supreme Creator says something irrational, it should be totally rejected. It is undesirable to accept something just because it is written in the scriptures, because if irrational sayings are accepted and implemented, the decline of dharma will be the result." (HS-1)
Here Baba points out how and why various groupists adhere to dogma. Baba says, "[They] yield to this dogma with the sole intention of attaining selfish pleasures; They know that they are surrendering their intellect to dogma, and that the outcome will be undesirable; they know and understand everything why, even then, do they knowingly submit to it? They are all deliberate sinners and intentionally accept dogmas as truth. They observe that these dogmas are based on A'tma-Sukha Tattva; but they think, "I don't care whether it does good or harm to others, because at last I have enjoyed some pleasure!" Being motivated by this idea, they enslave themselves to dogmas. " (NH-LOI) With this intention, with this knowledge, those factional leaders knowingly stick to their crude dogma-- "We are the Pandavas, and they are the Kauravas!!!"… So good margiis and good wts should be aware about this situation and not get caught up in this groupist escapade.
*************************************** One Should Know
Baba says, "It is the duty of every sa'dhaka to propagate dharma so that humans will not make a mistake but will follow the path of spirituality." "Humans are endowed with intellect and the faculty of judgement. So if they do not act properly or fail to follow the path of spirituality, they are no better than animals." "Those who utilize their spiritual potential are intelligent but those who do not, and live like animals, will be born as even more inferior creatures in the next life." (Kolkata, 6th November, 1978)

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