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Science Behind

Date: Tue April 10 2012 21:17:32 -0400
From: Arati
Subject: Science Behind



Baba says, "As a result of practising a special type of Tantra, people attain the yaks'in'ii siddhi. (Such people are known as yaks'in'ii siddhas -- sa'dhakas who have attained a type of occult power.) These yaks'in'iis* work under the instructions of the siddhas, and provided that some rules and regulations are not violated, they abide by their instructions. Usually the yaks'in'iis cannot be induced to perform any evil deed. They have no influence in the supernatural and spiritual spheres -- their influence is primarily exerted in the physical sphere and to some extent in the psychic sphere. They follow the yaks'in'ii siddhas like a shadowy image, and very often can be found moving on walls or inside rooms like black shadows."

"The system of performing sa'dhana' on various deities is not exactly the same as this, but somewhat similar. Deities like shadowy figures also become visible through this practice. Although this sa'dhana' is different to some extent from the sa'dhana' of yaks'in'ii siddhi, the psychology in both is the same. All the systems of Ka'lii siddhi, Durga' siddhi, d'a'kinii siddhi, yaks'in'ii siddhi, etc., are different in practice, yet they are similar theoretically." (Discourses on Tantra - 2, p. 242 & 245)

So the yaksinii is something which has no bodily physical existence. Rather it is just the play or expression of someone's kosa. Because when an avidya tantrika achieves some control over their kosas, then they can make that unnaturally reflect as an image in the form of a yaksinii. And with the help of this yaksinii they can do various things.

For example with these siddhis sometimes they fetch materials from distant places, if that item is available. But one should not be surprised that some ghost or "spirit" is doing the work. Rather this is the work of an avidya tantrika's own mind as they are projecting it outwardly. However after some time these avidya tantrikas lose their power and ultimately get degenerated. Their faces become sunken, black, and crooked like a witch or ghost. So this is one horrible stage. After their demise they turn into iron or coal.


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