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Singhalese are Not Native to Sri Lanka

Date: Mon, 26 May 2009 23:56:14 -0000 To: From: Subject: Singhalese are Not Native to Sri Lanka Baba PS Intro: In the following song, the term 'parii' (angel) has been used to denote Parama Purusa Baba. So in Prabhat Samgiita, the term 'parii' does not mean some dogmatic religious angel. "Ghor timire ma'tha' nat kore bosechilum ekela'..." (P.S. 1946) Purport: In the deep cimmerian darkness, with my head hung low in shame and sadness, I was sitting along in an isolated place. One angel came from the golden divine world, extending its wings. The angel told me, "I am always along with you; you are never alone or helpless-- nor in the past were you ever alone. You are unaware that I am the angel of divinity and that I am your eternal companion. I reside eternally in your mind. So don't ever be perturbed or get affected by the spell of misery." The divine angel further revealed to me that, "Even if you are forgetting me and keeping distance, even if you don't remember or think about Me, I will never forget you. Lovingly I care for you and fulfill all your needs. Even by mistake I cannot avoid you. I always keep you close to me." In the deep, isolated dark place immersed in avidya maya, with my hanging head I was crying in misery. The angel from the divine world came close and blessed me...
Namaskar, The world over is shocked, stunned and horrified by the recent events in Sri Lanka. The atrocities committed are raw and gruesome. The United Nations is convening to formally lead an inquiry today. Proutists, social activists, and human rights groups have also begun to mobilize. While we cannot undo time and bring life back to the fallen nor erase the horrors of those who were maimed and tortured, it is our bounden duty to set the record straight and ensure that human rights are granted and given to one and all, irregardless of ethnicity, language background or beliefs etc.
Tragically, the events that have transpired in Sri Lanka - that has culminated with the rampant subjugation and killing of Tamils and final defeat of the resistance group the Tamil Tigers by the ruling Sinhalese - are part of on ongoing theme: Native people are commonly vanquished by outside forces. For centuries, the Europeans scoured the earth and exerted their will upon the native people of North and South America, South Africa, Zimbabwe, India, Australia and so many places. In some cases, the native people were totally obliterated and in others native people were marginalized, forced into slavery or made to live with limited rights. Today, governments like that in Canada have come forward and issued formal apologies for past crimes whereas other governments like the US have recognised - at least in part - the injustices of old and given special rights after centuries of genocide, suppression and repression of those native people. The Australian government has still refused to recognise the unfortunate plight of the native Maori population. However, in this present moment, there is hardly a place on earth where the ruling regime continues to ruthlessly destroy the local people like the Sinhalese Sri Lankan government has done with the native Tamils (i.e. Dravidians).
In the face of this ongoing and recent human rights atrocity in Sri Lanka, our Ananda Marga offers guidance in two spheres: First, Baba has declared that the Tamils - not the Sinhalese - are the original inhabitants of Sri Lanka (Ceylon). Secondly, our Proutist approach is to demand equal rights and opportunity for everyone, as well as end all persecution, suppression and repression.
While the ruling Sinhalese may proclaim that they are the original inhabitants of Sri Lanka or that this land belongs to them, here Baba tells that those Sinhalese are the descendants of invaders from Bengal who came and conquered Ceylon, and changed the name to Sri Lanka. Baba says, "Around 534 BC, the prince of Rahr-- Vijay Singh-- reached Sri Lanka via waterway with 700 of his soldiers. Singhpur was the capital of Rarh those days. Nearby Singhpur there was a port also. Later on the name changed to Singhalpa'tan. This place is very close to Singhpur. Nowadays it is in Hooghly district. To continue with the history, the prince Vijay Singh was victorious in his offensive and captured Sri Lanka. And ultimately, Vijay Singh and his soldiers settled permanently in Sri Lanka. These are the ancestors of the modern Singhalii community. That is why Singhaliis are very close to Bengalis in their customs, manners, habits, and dealings. Their facial features are also like Bengalis. In fact, it is very difficult to differentiate between Singhaliis and Bengalis until one actually talks with them. Even then, the Singhalii language is part of the Indo-Aryan language group; hence it is quite similar to Bengali. The script is also the same. These days Singhaliis are primarily Buddhists. In spite of this, they have preserved their customs and manners so they are very similar to Bengal. The family name of Singhalis is Sena Na'yak, Jayvardhan, Gunatilak, Bhanda'r Na'yak, Desh Na'yak etc." (Varna Vicitra, Part 1, 20th Nov 1983, Kolkata) So in His above guideline, Baba clearly demonstrates how the Singhaliis came to Sri Lanka from Bengal, which explains why there is such a strong link between these two communities with regards to language, culture, physique, customs etc. The only difference is in their religion, but we must remember that in Ancient Bengal Buddhism was the religion of the day. So that also explains why Buddhism is widely practiced by the Singhaliis in Sri Lanka. Here Baba provides further insight how the Singhalese are originally from Bengal and that they came and conquered Ceylon, i.e. present day Sri Lanka Baba says, "Ancient Bengal (the then Paondravardhana) had as its capital Sim'hapur for 750 years. Sim'hapur is presently a very small town in the district of Hooghly. Sim'habahu was one of the kings of that period. His son Vijay Sim'ha conquered Ceylon and changed its name to Sim'hala. As Vijay Sim'ha died without children, he brought his nephew Pa'nd'u Vasudeva from Sim'hapur and made him the king of Sim'hal and Kerala." (AFPS-5) Thus, it is quite clear that the Singhaliis or Sinhalese are an outside community from Bengal who conquered Sri Lanka by vanquishing the local people, i.e. the Dravidians or Tamils. The name "Sri Lanka" itself is a Sanskrit term given by the Aryan-born Singhaliis and means, "the land that is surrounded by water." The Tamils or Dravidians had their own original name for that land.
So while Baba Himself has clarified beyond any doubt that the Tamils are the original inhabitants of Sri Lanka and that from centuries up to this very moment, the Sinhaliis were wrongfully imposing their control over the Tamils, modern science can also give proof of this. Because in this present age when genetic testing can determine who that father is of a baby, or one's lineage, or which animal is related to what pre-historic creature, it would be very simple to investigate the bloodline of the present day Singhalese culture. If done, it would clearly show that the Sinhalese came from Bengal. They are direct descendants of the mixed Aryan culture of Northern India. They are not native to Sri Lanka or South India like the Tamils. So it can all be proved scientifically as well. At present, the Tamils primarily live off the faith that they are the original occupants of that land whereas the Singhaliis either do not know or do not want to know who are the original people of Sri Lanka. Just in their own mind they think, "This is our land." But they are wrong.
Here we should also take a moment to recognise that in the course of their resistance, the Tamil Tigers engaged in all kinds or near-terrorist activities. This letter does not condone cent per cent all their tactics and whatever injustices they may have committed, such as fire bombings and killings etc. At the same time the Tamils must be given certain scope to protest the alienation of their rights when their own land has been taken from beneath their feet - i.e. when they have become victims, refugees, and prisoners in their native region.
Baba clearly lends support to all native peoples and populations and demands that the rights of all must be granted and protected. That is our Proutist policy. Baba says, "In accordance with this trend, PROUT advocates [that]...the interests of all local people will be guaranteed and gain proper recognition." (PNS-13) Thus, our support goes to the Tamils of Sri Lanka. They are the local people and it is their voice and livelihood which must be restored. They must be given ample scope to live freely and peacefully in their own land. Side by side, it is not our claim that all Singhaliis must leave Sri Lanka. Just as we do not demand that all European descendants leave the US or that all white people leave Africa. Only our demand is that equal rights must be ensured to all. That is our Proutistic stand. That means all native populations must have the freedom of language, culture, education, expression and livelihood etc. In short, their cardinal human values must be guaranteed. That is the result we need to see in Sri Lanka at this very moment. Instead, there is overt hatred and oppression being committed by the Sinhales upon the local Tamils. In that case more and more circumstantial pressure must be created until the Sinhalese loosen their death grip and adopt a humane view towards the Tamils. Till that result manifests, it is the continued duty of all Proutists to raise the banner of the Tamils, as they have since become voiceless. Let us remember that peace only results when basic rights have been secured for all. Till that time, there will never be peace in Sri Lanka, nor anywhere else on this earth.
By Babas' grace, our code of neo-humanism will soon be the leading tenet in every land. Till that time we are not to accept any "promises" of peace or equal rights by the Sinhalese. Rather we are to demand and ensure equal rights to all. The current scene in Sri Lanka is an extreme example of similar cases around the globe. Now is the time for humanity to rise up and secure rights for all human beings. Baba says, "We want no more gospels. We want something practical, something practical for the elevation, or for the exaltation, of the entire human race." (NHNS-1) Namaskar, Mukunda
******************************************** One Should Assess Oneself on the Following
Baba says, "When human beings feel that, 'Parama Purusa is my everything', then that is called as sharan (shelter). No being can come under the sharan (shelter) of two different Entities. So what is the meaning of Sharanagati (surrender)? When living beings give up their 'I-feeling' by withdrawing the mind from any other object and completely adopt the feeling that Parama Purusa alone is my everything." "Up to the time when any person is thinking that they are working with their own strength, then we should understand that the feeling of sharanagati has not yet come in them. And when human beings think that, 'I am doing the work only with His strength', it means the feeling of sharanagati has come in their mind. So when living beings start thinking that, 'Whatever work I am doing, I am doing with His strength', then they have the feeling of sharanagati." (General Darshan, Patna DMC, 1970, [from audio tape])

Baba: Cemetery Sadhana "Very Encouraging"

This recording is from when Baba came to the Philippines. Following is the transcription of a conversation which took place on 24 April 1969 at 9:00pm when Baba was on His field walk along with some local margiis and acaryas.
Baba: "What is the distance of that American cemetery from this place where we are at present now." Margii: "The way I look at it Baba, it is a little bit..." Baba: "How many miles or kilometers?" Margii: "Almost the same, almost the same, with the only exception that the road there is dusty now because under repair. But I think tomorrow brother P will take You to the cemetery." Baba: "I like the entire world." Margii: "Ah, no particular place." Baba: "No." Margii: "But all." Baba: "But all..." Baba: "The cemetery is very encouraging for spiritual aspirants, for sadhakas." Margii: "That is true - that is what we think. Whenever we go there we get inspired only to meditate and do nothing more." Baba: "And many of the sadhakas were initiated there?" Margii: "Yes, Baba. Especially at the beginning. And this brother...where he left us..." Baba: "He went there [to the cemetery]? He was there [at the cemetery]?" Margii: Yes, Baba.

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