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Devil's Dance: I or No One

Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2007 23:48:03 -0000 To: From: Richard Cross Subject: Devil's Dance: I or No One Baba "Aja'na' Pathik eseche..." - P.S. 4490 Purport: The Parama Purusa Ajana Pathik [1] has come. He has filled this mortal world with the love of flowers and fruits. For Him no one is distant, no one is alien, everyone is His own-- close and intimate. By His grace, He has wiped away all the tears and removed the suffering of everyone. Baba has come riding on the chariot of effulgence. He is associated with one and all through His ota and prota yoga. He is pulling everyone with His divine attraction and with the blessing of His varabhaya mudra. Today Baba has come. The whole world is inundated with His love-- His grace.... NOTES FOR PS #4490: [1] Aja'na' Pathik: Aja'na' means 'unknown' and Pathik means 'divine traveler'. This is the word by word, literal translation. But the inner sense is that Parama Purusa is always moving throughout this vast cosmos and by His special grace He is constantly present with everyone all the time. He is in the Cosmic Nucleus yet at the same time through His ota and prota yoga He is everywhere-- carefully watching & lovingly guiding everyone. This unique aspect of His grand Personality is treated as Aja'na' Pathik. Because He is constantly traveling yet present everywhere. He is in the nucleus as well as throughout this entire expressed universe. As the Ajana Pathik, Parama Purusa Baba moves and moves and moves. Thus in their devotional approach devotees feel that wherever they go then the Divine Aja'na' Pathik will always be there to shower His blessing. By His grace, devotees can always get His intimate company & companionship. With this devotional link, by His grace sadhakas understand that Parama Purusa is present everywhere, yet side by side He travels on and on throughout this entire cosmos. Thus He is Aja'na' Pathik. Overall the name Aja'na' Pathik has one special and unique meaning that goes far beyond its literal translation. And in our hearts we A'nanda Ma'rgiis know and feel that Baba is that Aja'na' Pathik. Indeed in His discourses, in Dharma Samiiksa, and in reporting, in DMC, and in numerous ways Baba has revealed this very fact that He is ever-present and always along with us. Hence He is always moving and wherever we go then He will also be there. Parama Purusa has infinite attributions and one of them is this special quality where He always remains along with us wherever we are in this vast universe. In this way He is known as -- Aja'na' Pathik. == DEVIL'S DANCE: I OR NO ONE == Namaskar, In the last 24hrs, the news broke how there will not be a New Year's DMS this year. All because one of the groups secured a last-minute injunction to have it stopped. That group was going to be holding a New Year's DMS, but when they found out they would not be allowed, then they made sure no one could hold a DMS. In their minds it was either 'I or no one!'. That is their devilish dance. This is all the result of an extremely low and crude mentality. And this is not out of character or an isolated incident for this particular group. This faction has a long history of such antics-- of 'I or no one behavior'. In the past, when they were not in control of Ananda Nagar they raided AN and destroyed countless plants and papaya trees and created mayhem all around. Then on a separate occasion they launched a reckless attack in Ananda Nagar and murdered Ac Abhipremananda Avt. This is all part of this team's ugly history. 'I WILL CONTROL AM OR DESTROY IT' So B group's very recent ploy and subterfuge to eradicate our New Year's DMS program is part of their on-going ways where they think 'I will control Ananda Marga or it should be destroyed'. Hence theirs represents an extremely low mentality. It is the height of selfishness and mean-mindedness. Their crude mindset is: 'Either I will milch this cow, or I will send it to the slaughterhouse-- no one else will get that milk.' They are like the devilish disciple who cannot do sadhana or surrender to their preceptor, so they break the leg and cut off the feet of their own guru to ensure that no one else can lay prostrate to their master. Or they are like one grown son who murders his own mother because he found out that his brother ate the bread which his mother baked. And to ensure that does not happen again, he kills their mother. This is Sarvatmananda's & Co despicable and lowly mentality. It is totally devoid of any welfare motive, devoid of caring for our AM community, devoid of feeling for Baba's mission and teachings, indeed it is devoid of anything sentient and noble and is instead full of hatred, selfishness, and malice. Don't get me wrong, I am no supporter or worhipper of the gang-leader Rudrananda nor the EC wimps. I have no sympathy for those factions. Only I want to say that B group's recent dastardly maneuver to eradicate our New Year's DMS program is part of a long-string of misguided and self-centered antics that have harmed our AM family. SPECIAL OCCASION OF NEW YEAR'S DMS All know that the New Year's DMS / DMC is special time in our Marga: It is a time for spiritual renewal and recharge; it is a time when margiis come from near and far to see one another; it is a time when new AM marriages are planned and performed; it is a time when babies are named; it is a time for margiis to meet and review the year as well as discuss the future; it is a time for acaryas to give lesson reviews and organise for the coming year; it is a time to plan our Prout operatives; it is a time to plan and review all our service projects; it is a time to sing and dance as one human family; verily, it is a time for so many important things in our Marga. It is a time when Baba always brought our AM family together to rejoice and recharge for the New Year. NO FEELING FOR OUR AM FAMILY But B group blatantly stepped and spit on all of that and they meanly and selfishly insisted that if 'I cannot hold DMS on New Year's then no one will'. This is their crude mentality. That is why so many say that the B team does not have an iota of feeling for our AM family. Only they think, 'Either I will milch that cow, or it will be slaughtered-- no one else will get that milk'. B group sees DMS as nothing but their groupist party and if they group cannot be garlanded on stage then to hell with the entire program-- irregardless of what loss, pain, and disappointment this is for the margiis. And indeed for this year, already the margiis from South India have begun their long and arduous journey to attend this year's program. But does B group care about that. Again I do not support any group, but Sarvatmananda's recent ploy is totally disgusting and once again shows he has not an inkling of well-being for our Marga. THE MANY HEINOUS FIRSTS OF B GROUP B group was the first to tear down margii rights; the first to destroy the BP manual; the first to expel innocent people from the Marga; the first to distort Baba's scripture; the first to murder one of our own avadhutas; the first to wipe out the ACB system; the first to create Fake Ananda Vaniis; the first to break away when they could not get the top posts; and now they are the first to annihilate our New Year's DMS program. Clearly by their actions, both past and present, their goal is not the establishment of Baba's Ananda Marga mission; rather their only desire is groupist control and power. That is what makes B group tick, that is their life-force-- nothing more. IF I CANNOT HAVE ANANDA NAGAR FOR MY OWN RULE, THEN LET IT BE DESTROYED That is why if they do not get rulership of AM, then they are willing to destroy each and every aspect of Ananda Marga. In the past when they lost control of Ananda Nagar, they unleashed their young brahmacariis on a search and destroy mission: Digging up our tree plantations and literally ruining whatever they could get their hands on. This is the history. Just like it is the history that when they could not control some of the buildings in Ananda Nagar then they unleashed a heinous attack where they bloodied, beat, and ultimately murdered our dedicated acaryas. Such is their demonic history and the devilish plans of Sarvatmananda. And by seeing their heinous display, any rational margii can only conclude that B group thinks, 'Either I will control AM or I will destroy it!' JUST DEMONS IN HUMAN FORM Once again we must reflect on Baba's warning to beware of those demons in human form. Baba says, "But those who are demons in human structure are all in categorical forms. Although these structures, these frameworks, look like human beings, they are exceptionally clever and cunning. By inculcating various sentiments, they misguide not only thousands, but millions, of people to the path of malevolence, just for some petty social status or other temptation." (NH-LOI, Disc: 10) Thus for the sake of their own selfish power certain groupists and factional heads indulge in so many heinous activities and destroy Guru's teachings, then we can understand what type of creatures they really are. And here below Baba furthermore tells that the day will always come when the world will come to know the truth about such demons-- such groupists who are trying to destroy our Marga. Baba says, "Those demons in human form do not think that after their demise a real evaluation of their ideals and actions will take place." (NH-LOI, Disc: 10) Thus in the end, the truth will invariably be known and those power hungry demons will be forever branded as the veritable enemies of humanity. Such is the fate of those clan leaders who do anything and everything for their own post and power and never show an ounce of repentance for their hellish ways on this earth. WHOM TO RELY ON & HOW TO MOVE AHEAD At this point, it is quite clear that no one should place their faith in any group thinking that xyz faction will repair our Marga. Groupism in any form will continue to ruin our Marga. Our AM can only be restored to glory by those who are dedicated to Baba's ideals-- not by those who only care about post and power. So it is those margiis, acaryas, wts who truly believe in serving Guru who can bring well-being to our Marga. No one else. The first and foremost thing then is to bring Baba's teachings into the limelight. That means rebuilding His true BP system, removing the distortions from AM scriptures, and implementing Baba's ideals in each and every facet of AM life. In this process, naturally our true leaders will show themselves and we will once again have proper stewardship of our Marga. BABA'S BLESSING By Baba's divine grace, our Marga will soon be rid of all groupism and become that great ship of dharma that has true moralists at the helm. Baba says, "You are to purify society by purging it of sin. It is more than an obligation, it is your bounden duty. You must do this or total destruction is inevitable. To take leadership in society you must be established in Yama and Niyama in just such a strict way." (AV-31) Namaskar, Ramendu *************************************************** Remedy Baba says, "On imbibing cosmic ideation all kinds of ailments will be cured." (PNS-8, p.19) ***************************************************

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