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Important Point Today's Economy

Date: 08 Feb 2011 06:04:30 -0000
From: "Bhavanath  Rajpal"
Subject: Important Point Today's Economy



Note: This topic is an important reminder to all. With all the financial
troubles swirling around today, we should all keep this teaching
close to heart, lest we fall into serious problem.

In this time of global economic uncertainty, we must once again lean on
Baba's guidelines as only it is His teachings that could have prevented
this problem and it is only His teachings that can get us out of it.

These below guidelines will help us all manage through the present turmoil.

                   THE THREE AFFLICTIONS

According to Baba, human beings usually suffer from one or more of the three
types of afflictions: (1) a'dhibhaotika, (2) a'dhidaevika, and (3) a'dhya'tmika.

For instance, if a person is undergoing hardship in the mundane sphere and not
getting their minimum requirements met, that is a'dhibhaotika suffering. Or
one is suffering from mental tension and psychic stress, that is the case
with a'dhidaevika suffering. Or, lastly, in the realm of a'dhya'tmika
suffering, the sadhaka is in despair because of feeling separate or distant
from Parama Purusa.

So these are the common afflictions-- and each have their solution.

Baba says, "The jiiva experiences three types of suffering-- a'dhibhaotika,
a'dhidaevika, and a'dhya'tmika. A'dhibhaotika suffering is mundane, that
is, it derives from shortages of food, clothing, medicine, education,
shelter, etc. If we change the structure of society this misery will be
ended. So we must do this, we should do this. Regarding a'dhidaevika
suffering -- if we prepare our minds through sa'dhana', all the mental
cares and worries that result from a defective mental structure will come
to an end. The feeling of separation [from Parama Purusa] is a'dhya'tmika
suffering. This can be eliminated by spiritual sa'dhana', that is, by
dhya'na, dha'ran'a', pra'n'a'ya'ma, pratya'ha'ra, etc." (DKG, p. 25)

However, some are thinking that those living in wealthy countries are not
suffering from any problems;, but that is not the case. Rather, everyone is
facing problems. And in the case of the so-called rich nations, psychic
suffering is rampant. Lastly, while each of these three afflictions can be
resolved and treated, we should strive to have prama' in the life-- thus not
incurring any such suffering.


Baba has given prama theory, and He has explained that imbalance-- or not
following the prama in all the spheres-- causes serious problems and,
ultimately, catastrophe.

Some countries are lagging behind due to the lack of prama in the physical
realm whereas other countries are highly engrossed in physicality. They do
not have any higher goals. Result is that in both the cases, a serious
problem is there. Altogether though the whole globe is extremely affected
by materialism. Surely, balance is needed in all the spheres-- physical,
mental, and spiritual,-- but the general flow of present day society is to
give more emphasis to physicality. That is the outcome of materialism.

So materialism has reached in all the countries around the globe,
irrespective of so-called affluent or poor. Everyone's mentality is
quickly getting changed or degenerated. Whatever spirituality they have,
that they are losing. This is the general flow. And the reason behind this
negative environment is the onslaught of materialism.

In addition this is the age of advertisements. People are highly affected by
external things. And without thinking deeply they multiply their physical
desires and needs more and more. However they do not have that same amount
of energy and time to direct towards and give emphasis to the psychic and
spiritual realms.

Here psychic realm means proper study that is beyond the grip of dogma. And
in spiritual field people hardly have time to nourish themselves and that
brings dissatisfaction and emptiness in the mind. The proof being that even
after getting all sorts of the material things the mind feels: "I am
hungry". As if it does not have any end.

People are working and earning 12 hours a day and without thinking deeply,
under the influence of advertisements their needs multiply and they spend
more and more money.

On this point Baba has given so many teachings.  And again those are needed
to recount as certainly such teachings are helpful in bringing peace, or
rather perfect peace in our life.

First of all on this whole point of outlook toward money and materialistic
desires, Baba has given one very significant story.


Baba says: "A story flashes across My mind. The great sadhaka-- Pandit
Ramanath of Navadvipa-- was a highly elevated man. He was always engaged in
cosmic ideation."

"One day, the King of Nadia, with a view toward giving Ramanath some
financial help, once asked him, 'Are you in want of anything?'."

"The Pandit [Ramanath] had then been absorbed in the world of ideas. He
took the word 'want' for his want of knowledge and replied, 'Yes, I did
feel the want of an explanation of a sloka (aphorism) but now it is clear
to me'."

"The Maharaja [King of Nadia] then said, 'No I am talking about want of

"Ramanatha replied, 'Look, you had better ask my wife about domestic

"Then the Maharaja inquired the wife about their monetary needs etc."

"[But] as is the husband, so is his wife. She informed the King point
blank, 'Look, there is rice in the house and there are plenty of leaves on
the tamarind tree. My husband relishes the stew of those leaves immensely.
I don't know of any other necessity'."  - (SS part II, Hindi, p.57, 'Ved Me
Brahma Vijiana- 3')

So by this above story we can easily understand that when the mind is
engaged in the thought of Parama Purusa, then worldly attractions are
gradually eliminated. By goading the mind towards God, the mind
remains free of degenerating thoughts and one does not get trapped in the
vicious net of materialism.

This is the best training to channelize the mind and thereby get rid from
worldly desires. So this is one important teaching, especially for this
current era of extreme materialism.

                     BABA'S SPECIAL GUIDELINE:


Furthermore Baba gives many pointed guidelines about money, expenditure, debt
and loan. Because if one can exercise proper control and understanding on
these points then this will also help the mind escape the deadly noose of

Specifically, in the chapter Aparigraha, Guide To Human Conduct, Baba
condemns the practice of taking loans, and remaining in debt. And Baba
blames that those who are seekers of luxury, they fall in the mud of debt.
That is a totally negative thing. We should refrain from this negativity,
as well as guide others also.

And for those who have the strong desire and they cannot control their
thirst to have x-tra things from the external world, then they should be
careful and they should not take loan. Because taking loan leads to the
long spiral downward of a mind sucked into the whirlpool of materialistic
mentality-- i.e. spend beyond your means by taking loan. But this is
totally negative because then the mind is not capable of or even interested
in higher pursuits.

And further Baba has told that such people who are extravagant in
their expenditure, they incurred debt. Baba further guides, that this is
the collective responsibility of society, to control such people. And those
who are doing unnecessary expenditure, they should not be allowed to do.
That's why before purchasing any costly things etc, it is suggested that
sadhakas should get permission from their acaryas.


In GTHC chapter "How To Live In The Society", Baba further has written,
that the whole society is one integral entity. All members are one joint
family. So if one is in trouble, then others should come forward to help.
But Baba is very strict. Those margiis and WTs who are doing extravagant
expenditure and at the time of expending money they don't ask their acarya,
bhukti pradhan, or top level authorities. That is, at the time of spending
they don't take permission but later when they are in debt and problem they
cry for help -- this type of mentality, Baba condemns.

Baba says, "Not to consult anybody at the time of spending money but to ask
for help from all when in debt, is not a good practice. Such a mentality
cannot be encouraged. To purchase, by incurring surely against
the principle of aparigraha." (GTHC)

So we should be very careful that if any of our margii brothers and
sisters, those who are in our unit, if they are doing unnecessary
expenditure we should warn them. And not allow them to fall in unnecessary

                THE DEFECTS OF CARVAK

And one closing idea related with this entire discussion is this. Baba has
pointed out & condemned the atheistic philosopher Carvak because he was
preaching the gospel of materialism. Carvak was telling 'Enjoy the crude
material life by taking loans & indulging in crude worldly desires.
Spend what you like because you need not have to pay back anything'.

So the idea is that Baba condemns this preaching of Carvak because
remaining in debt is very bad. Often those who are taking loan don't think
about the consequences. And the consequences are that this very mentality
of acquiring material objects more and more, that invites all types of sin,
crime, lawlessness, various negativities. And when people have a desire, or
they don't know how else to manage, then they fall into debt.

The central idea is that by hook or by crook one should not fall into the
dark depths of materialism. Because human life is not for satisfying crude
worldly desires. Living a life of materialism is completely useless, and a
sheer waste of human potential. Rather as human beings we have come here to
move along the spiritual path and enjoy permanent peace because the worldly
approach of materialism has not any redeeming quality or lasting value.


We should all take seriously this following Baba's teaching:

Baba says, "You should make your life worthwhile through your sadhana. How
much can your worldly friends and relations do for you? After your death
your relatives may perhaps ask, 'How much money has he left behind?'. Your
friends may go to the crematorium and indulge in flattering reminiscences
about you. Your husband or wife may cry out for you for  about ten or
twelve days and then regain their normal composure. Your lot will be only a
profound sigh-- a record of the futility and frustration of your life. So
do not waste your time lest you later have to repent." (SS-3, p.63)


Note: Please write your own thoughts and experiences on this topic. That
will be beneficial for one and all.

                                         PRABHAT SAMGIITA

"Toma'ke ceyechi ceyechi sab ka'je..."  (P.S. #187)


Baba, I desire to see You in all my works. Baba, please grace me so that
no matter what I am doing, always Your image of varabhaya mudra is
reflecting in my mind. I long for Your close proximity in all my actions:
physical, psychic and spiritual. Baba, by Your divine grace Your sweet,
charming, & attractive form is always floating in my heart.

O' my innermost, I have come onto this earth to remain engaged in
serving You. Day after day, I will go on moving towards You-- blissfully
floating in Your divine ideation. 
Baba, by Your grace whenever I propagate even a wee-bit of Your glory
then always Your blissful presence appears in my mind and Your divine tune
resonates in my heart. Baba You are so gracious.

Baba, when doing dhyan in the lonely night under the moon and the stars,
then You always grace me. And the peacock of my mind spreads its colorful
feathers and dances in inexplicable joy. Baba, by getting You my mind
dances in bliss.

O' my dearmost Baba, whenever I do anything You always bless me by
coming in my mental temple. Always You remain along with me. It is Your
causeless grace. Baba, You are the most loving One...

                    Who is blessed one?

Baba says, "The man who is intelligent should, from his very childhood,
move along the path of proto-spirituality. The sooner a man starts and
moves along this path of psycho-spirituality, the better it is. He is the
blessed one." (AV-12, p.75)

Note: With the start of this spring season we should once again reflect
how Baba has graced us by providing us all the tools and teachings for
moving along the path of spirituality. So again with renewed vigor we
should be more firm and more sincere in our adherence to Sixteen Points.

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