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The Way Parama Purusa Evaluates The Divine Measuring Rod

From: Chandra Kumar
Date: Sat, 01 Sep 2012 22:31:58
Subject: The Way Parama Purusa Evaluates The Divine Measuring Rod


PS Intro: This is one humorous song for children of all ages. In the odd kingdom there was an odd king and all his actions were peculiar and
completely senseless. This following song shows how imbalanced people do just opposite of what should be done.

"Ru'pakatha'r ek ra'ja' chilo, ha'sate se ye ja'nato na' to..."    (P.S. 432)


Once upon a time there was a mythological king who was not even aware how to smile and laugh. 

When taking food he would hold the rice in his hand and then eat using his feet. And in the middle of the night while eating his cakes the king used turn his back to the sun in order to enjoy the warmth.

The king would use his tongue to chew sugar cane, and he used to use his teeth cut suck the juice. On the tennis court he used to spread the net
and try to catch some fish.

Due to his fear of ghosts he used to hide in the water - even in the middle of the day. By rowing the raceboat he used to travel in the distant sky to get fresh air. Just by thinking about work he used to feel drowsy and sleepy and within a flash he would start snoring.    

There once was a mythological king whose behaviour was very peculiar - he was not even aware how to smile and laugh. Always he was tense and in a
serious mood...



Baba says, "Do not think that those who are highly learned intellectuals are elevated. In the realm of spirituality even illiterate persons can reach the Goal, leaving those intellectuals behind. Parama Purusa does not consider the intellectual qualification or intellect. He evaluates everyone with the measuring scale of how much love one has for Parama Purusa." (Subhasita Samgraha - 14, p. 91, Saharsa DMC, 27 June 1980)

In His above teaching Baba guides us that all that is needed to get Him is sincere love for since Him. That is the special measuring rod. That is why those jinanis and groupist leaders who go on inventing more and more crude theories for their own prestige and power are far, far away from the

Chandra Kumar

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