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Daughter's Lucrative Job

From: "Ram Kumar Deva"
Date: 21 Jun 2012 22:51:28 -0000
Subject: Daughter's Lucrative Job



Here is news and a very important report about one margii's daughter who joined Wt life and became an avadhutika. In her current posting, she has been collecting a lot of money and sending it to her laokik family on a regular basis. Here are some of the details surrounding this case.


1. This Didi is currently posted as the trainer at the Didis WT Training Center (TC) in Bangalore, and per the system she is giving classes and guiding the trainees.

2. At the same time, as remarked in the introduction above, it cannot be overlooked that the current trainer has other inclinations as well.

3. Actually this Didi wants to keep her post as trainer didi (TD) as she understands well its inherent value - she recognises that it is an important post. She receives financial donations from around the globe to support her work with the trainees. So Didi teaches the trainees sincerely in order to keep the donations rolling in.

4. In particular, margiis from all over donate money allotted for food, clothing, medicine, expenses, maintenance and more for the WT Training Centre (TC). Those margiis want to sincerely support the Didis WT training center in Bangalore in order to create the highest standard of wt didis. So margii supporters generously donate to the institution with the idea that the trainees should be well-fed, healthy, and cared for; plus those margiis donate with the idea that all monies are going to improve the facilities by enhancing the library, improving educational opportunities, making a sentient kitchen, and ensuring that the centre is proper in all respects. With this feeling in mind, margiis generously support the Bangalore TC.

5. Thus Didiji receives a "healthy" sum of contributions on a regular basis from around the globe - all of which is designated for the use and upkeep of the Ananda Marga Didis WT Training Centre.

6. But that is not going on - that is the tragedy. All those monies are not going towards improving the integrity and standard of the WT TC. Rather, Trainer Didi keeps 50% of all donations for herself and sends those funds back to her laokika family in her village. That is the sad reality.

7. One more thing that need be mentioned here is that this Wt Trainer Didi is herself the daughter of a well-known margii family. That margii family resides in one village. The local villagers know that the family is accumulating big money from the Wt daughter. So those villagers think that being a Wt in Ananda Marga means having a high-paying job and getting a lucrative salary.

8. And there is more to be known about this episode which I hope others will report.


Now we have to watch out and not donate until we see the money is being used in the right way. We should see first-hand with our own eyes. Our duty is to spread this type of news and inform donors. Such things should not fester in the dark. Rather, these wrongdoings need to be highlighted and stopped.

Plus donors should not give funds in the future without getting an exact report of how the money is spent. Otherwise, money will get mishandled and used in the wrong way. We will have a repeat situation. It is like feeding the devil.

Baba has directed us in the chapter on Tapah in "A Guide to Human Conduct" that if donated money is not utilized for a just and worthy cause, then the donor is also responsible for that misdeed(s). Thus, always be alert that your donation does not go in the wrong hand.


Do you know more about this incident with this Trainer Didi in Bangalore or other situations where money is not properly utilized by our workers?

Here it should be understood that what is being reported here is just the tip of the iceberg. This is not an isolated incident with one Didi, but rather a systemic, pervasive problem across the board with so many wholetime workers.
I am hearing from people who know that there are countless cases and others are bringing these to the fore.

Ram Kumar


By her actions of siphoning organisational funds to her laokik family, trainer didi is breaking all kinds of dharmic codes.

Baba says, "No relationship should exist with worldly family." (Point #9, "32 Rules for Avadhutikas")

So when Baba's directive is that no worker should have contact with their worldly family then it is 100% evident that it is wrong for Didi to be communicating with her laokik family and diverting funds to them. It goes without saying that taking organisational money for such purposes amounts to cheating and theft.

Baba furthermore guides us that Wts are only to look after the bigger, universal family. They are not to engage in the affairs of their mundane worldly family.

Baba says, "What is the small family? It includes one’s parents, sisters, brothers, spouse, and other relatives such as aunts, uncles and so on...This is one’s small family. And the big family is the whole universe and its suffering humanity...the sannyásin has only one family – the big family – so there is no question of adjustment there." (Ananda Vacanamrtam - 30, Self-Realization and Service to Humanity)

Here again, by involving in the affairs of her small family, Didi is going against her code of being a wholetime worker of the Marga. So from start to finish the whole situation is very bad. Anyone indulging in this manner is a fake sannyasin - a dyed jackal - a wolf in a sheep's dress. Such a person is not a true sannyasin.


Just in case anyone is at all confused, our Wts are not paid a salary - that is not the system in Ananda Marga. So no new or naive margii should think that our workers are like corporate employees who receive paychecks, bonuses and big salaries. That is not our way.


The didi in the above report is Ananda Madhurima Acarya. She is the Trainer Didi in Bangalore who sends so much organizational money to her laokik family.


"Ke go tumi a'ji bhare nile sa'ji na' baliya' mor phulavane..."  (PS 2111)


O' Divine Entity, who are You who has come today in the flower garden of my mind & without my awareness filled up Your basket by plucking all my flowers. Which Divine Personality are You who has done like this. Baba, neither did I ask You to come, nor did I ask You to please sit - indeed I could not receive You properly in the canopy of my mental flower garden.  

O' Baba, Your grace is unimaginable. When I call You, then You do not come; and now without any invitation You have blessed me by coming - it is Your grace. And You are silently looking at everything in the flower garden of my mind and You are not telling anything - just You smiled and got involved in plucking the flowers. Baba, Your liila is unique.
O Parama Purusa, I do not have the capacity to understand what type of liila' You are playing. Why do You go on playing with my mind. In my mental garden, without my awareness, You go on swaying Your love. And You go on creating vibrations there without my awareness. And You fill my mind with Your divine attraction and love.

Baba, O' the Divine Entity, You have graced me by coming...

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