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Please think on this

Date: 23 Feb 2009 21:46:20 -0000 From: Raganii To: Subject: Please think on this BABA "This life is for Him, This mind is for Him, This soul is for Him, His universe we will serve in coordinating team... Undaunted in smiling face His grace we will sing." (P.S. 5009) {The above Prabhat Samgiita was given by Baba in English. Write me if you want entire song.}
Namaskar, Dear margiis, from time to time, I read the letters where a few make some serious question about Baba's veracity. Such letters are highly objectionable. A few think confused souls think that Baba did not establish dharma. Here is the clear-cut reply. The functioning of dharma is not easily visible: Baba says, "Dharmasya su'ks'ma' gatih... The dynamicity of dharma functions mainly in the subtle sphere." (NSS, p.156) So to recognise whether or not dharma is established on this earth is not an easy matter. It needs a particular type of mind to understand, otherwise common people are always confused. It is just like how there are many things going on in the physical body but people are not able to recognise them. So in order to identify those things they go to the diagnostic center to find out what is happening in their own body.
Similarly in the society, people do not realise or understand what is happening. Let me try to explain more by this following example. During the time of the Mahabharata battle, a hero like Arjuna could not understand prior to the Mahabharata that already Lord Krsna had established dharma. So Lord Krsna revealed His vishvarupa and showed the figures of all the dead bodies of various warriors, only then Arjuna could believe-- otherwise not. This all happened just prior to the starting of the Mahabharata War. And after that everything manifested and got expressed in the physical sphere. So really it was only that time after the war that Arjuna could believe 100% that dharma was established. And it was only then that all the citizens also believed. But far earlier Lord Krsna had established dharma-- even prior to the Mahabharata; but, nobody was ready to believe or understand at that time.
Similar is the situation today also. Because when Parama Purusa advents on this earth then dharma takes the upper hand and His mission gets established. Baba says: Yada' yada' hi dharmasya gla'nirbhavati Bha'rata; Ca'bhyuttha'namadharmasya tada'tma'nam' srja'mya'ham. Paritra'n'a'ya sa'dhu'na'm' vina'sha'ya ca dus'krta'm; Dharmasam'stha'pana'rtha'ya sambhava'mi yuge yuge. "Whenever the decline of dharma sets in...Parama Purus'a, assuming a quinquelemental body, descends on earth...The mission of Parama Purus'a is to restore dharma. He fulfills this mission yuga after yuga." (DKG) When Parama Purusa advents on this earth, His advent has some purpose. And that purpose is to establish dharma at its proper place. And when dharma is established, then He leaves His physical form. But eternally He resides in the hearts of devotees. Those who have a little devotion, they understand this fact that dharma has already been established on this earth. That's why not only in Ananda Marg but all around, we can see it clearly -- that sinners are getting annihilated one after another. And they are exposed. In the distant past, it was not like that. Negative elements were exploiting the whole society mercilessly. Nobody could dare to oppose. It was the case of most of the countries and areas of the past. But now, the whole vibration has been changed. In common general society, as well as in Ananda Marga. We should not forget that Mahasambhuti takes the human form, after several thousand years' gap. And this time Baba wants to give the special teaching to the world. That, in the absence of the human body of Mahasambhuti, His vibration is everything to generate and give a spiritual blow to adharmic people. And establish sadvipra society on this planet.
In the time of Lord Shiva, society was so primitive. So, everywhere He Himself fought, to prove "God is with you". And at the time of Lord Krsna, society was only a little developed. So even people were not believing that God's grace is something. And they were also not believing that without the direct involvement of Lord Krsna. Or without the taking up of weapons, the sinners will be destroyed. But to teach this very thing, that- God's grace is enough. Lord Krsna took vow not to take up weapon. His physical presence is enough. And after the Mahabharat this tendency was developed. In the common society, devotees started thinking that God's presence is in the physical sense. That's why different types of epics and poems and everything is written in such a way, that God physically came and did the work. And now, common Indian society believes this very thing -- that God physically came and did the work. And with the inner force gained by this belief, they are moving forward. But now, Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji wants to create and give one step furthermore teaching. -- "The physical presence of Mahasambhuti is not needed. His grace is enough. He is present everywhere. Each and every person must have to realize this."
I am coming to the point, to analyse the situation of our AMPS organization. Baba created Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha to propagate and establish His ideology, Ananda Marga. Ananda Marga is dharmic. Hypocrisy, duplicity has no room here. This is the kingdom of BABA. Whoever did anything wrong, right away they became turned upside down. They fell on the ground, and the chair was on them. It means, their chair got tilted and their chair sat on them. So the post which they were holding, the very post boomeranged on them and became the force behind their own exposure. And that post became the force to make them reap the consequences of their own negative actions. So the Ananda Marg chair is so peculiar. For example, Dada Sarvatmanandji became unquestioned king in 1991. And the wheel of dharma just moved a little, and he was thrown away into a chasm, nowhere. And the same thing is going to happen to H group, because they are indulging in another type of tyranny and injustice. And with every other front as well such as Third Front, or EC etc
In the concluding part of my letter, I want to write here that Baba planned that this very time, His physical presence is not needed to establish dharma. As He did in the Mahabharat battle. In the Mahabharat, although Lord Krsna did not take up arms, but He was present there in the battle field. This time, Baba wants to teach the whole society that the grace of Parama Purusa is everything. He is physically there or not, but His grace is always there. By the different events, and when gradually in the society this thing will be more and more clear, that God's grace is everything. In invisible way. The unseen force is working behind. And with this force, dharma is getting established. Unfortunately these things society was not believing up to now. That the invisible force of Parama Purusa, is everything. When we analyse the last 19 years' history of Ananda Marga it is getting clear. That Baba's force is doing everything. And it will be more clear, gradually. That Baba is not gone. In His invisible form, He is sitting within our mind. And His vibration, His grace is working in the entire universe. And the whole physical, psychic and spiritual field of all the living and non-living flora and fauna are getting metamorphosed gradually, in the rhythm of AM ideology. And negative forces are getting annihilated. Nobody can save them. Dharmic people are not helpless anymore. Those who still do not have faith on this, they will see. That by this metamorphosis, in the entire society Ananda Marga philosophy is going to be established. In the very near future. Let alone inside Ananda Marga. And those who are spreading the nuisance of groupism, they may be Hindi group or Bengali group, Baba will throw them out. Now it may not be clear, what way they will be thrown out. Same way it was not clear when Dada Sarvatmanandji was in power in 1992-3. Everyone was thinking that he will rule Ananda Marga up to the end. With vanity he was busy in curtailing Margii rights, and doing distortion of Baba's many discourses. As H group is following the path of Sarvatmanand - and in the name of party interest, many things are going on - then they will meet a similar fate. It is sure dharma will not allow this to continue. Baba is taking care. As changes have come in the past, in the same way with His force, everything will be alright. This Ananda Marg is made by Baba, and He is taking care. Negative persons or groupist people will not have any place in Ananda Marg, in the near future. So with this following Baba's teaching, I am concluding the letter. "In order to annihilate evil doers and restore dharma, Parama Purusa showers His especial grace and compassion. This special effort is necessary because the place of dharma is above all else. Its importance is greater than that of anything else. For those who put dharma above everything else, their victory is assured." (AVM 22 Hindi) At His lotus feet, Raganii Vijayan
Baba says, "Lord Krs'n'a was the first to attempt to build a strong and healthy society, but due to the Maha'bha'rata war, much of His time was lost. As He did not find enough time to build a society, a human society could not come into existence. Similarly, Lord Sada'shiva, the original provider of Tantra, had to devote much of His time to building a strong foundation for spirituality, and despite His immense desire, He could not build a strong social order. Today, the combined power of both will help in building a healthy human society." (PNS-21, 'The Responsibility of Society') Devotees of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti understand that in the above quote Baba is indirectly stating that due to His divine advent, dharma will reign on this earth in all the spheres of life and a new social order will be born. Logicians will say that this is due to Lord Shiva and Lords Krsna but bhaktas understand that Baba is graciously doing everything, and that by His grace all credit will go to those devotees who work tirelessly to implement His teachings. In our hearts we should know that Baba has done and is doing everything. implement
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Sadguru Baba says, "Man can do nothing. Living beings cannot do anything without His support: that is, when a human's desire and His desire coincide, then only does the human desire become fruitful, otherwise it is a sure failure. When the jiiva's desire coincides with the desire of Parama Purusa, then it is successful, otherwise not." (10 September '78)

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