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Keeping our Cadre

Date: Mon, 04 Aug 2008 23:02:18 To: From: "Pavitra" pwKlauss@springnet... Subject: Keeping our Cadre Baba "Sakal duya'r khule dile prabhu, Va'ta'yan-pathe a'lo elo..." {P.S. 2429} Purport: Baba, by Your grace You have come and opened all the doors and windows, and from that a huge effulgence has started pouring in. From the eastern horizon the crimson dawn is visible. The darkness is fast fading away. Baba, in the past there was a domination of dogma and groupism all around. Countless superstitions and negative samskaras were dancing their naked dance. But now, with the presence of Your divine effulgence, in the blink of an eye those dogmas and negative things have disappeared. And the beings of darkness have dissolved into thin air. I do not know where they have gone-- just they disappeared. Baba, with Your love and punishment You are keeping everyone in Your shelter. O' Baba, You are caring for everyone...
Namaskar, In this present era when our organisational leadership is fractured and many workers are not getting TP's or attending reporting, there is a lot of freedom amongst our Wt's. Some are using this freedom for dharmic purposes: Doing pracara and sadhana. And some are using this freedom in another direction: Indulging in social violations etc. Here is one point that we should all keep in mind in this present scene, lest we move more of our respected acaryas.
According to Baba's teaching, monks are those who only maintain a link with the universal family. They are not to have any connection with their unit family whatsoever. Thus if anybody does not wish to leave his unit family then he should not become a monk. Although both family life and monk life are important in their own ways, but one of the qualities of becoming a monk is that they must give up all relations with their worldly family. Otherwise keeping the relation and trying to become monk is just like burning wood under the water. Obviously it is not possible. What has been expressed above is not new to anyone, rather this is the common longstanding belief and way of life in AM.
Indeed since long Baba has instituted such rules for Wts. Baba says "One should not talk of one's family affairs." (Rule #28 of 37 Workers Rules) Thus according to the Baba's conduct rule, avadhutas must not talk about their worldly family. In the same spirit Baba has given another rule for wholetimers. In "32 Rules for Avadhuta", Baba has put for the following rule. Baba says, "No relationship should exist with worldly family." (Rule #9) Thus for an avadhuta Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji is everything. Father, mother, brother, sister all relations. However, not all are adhering to Baba's guidelines and mandates. In particular one long-time avadhuta has written useless tales of his previous life-- from before he was avadhuta. Yet he is doing so using his avadhuta name. So this is entirely wrong and against the principles of being avadhuta.
Because as we all know, according to our AM scripture, avadhuta means new life. That is why a new name has been given. Thus becoming avadhuta is like being re-born. Everything is new: New name, new uniform, new look, new identification. Everything is entirely new. And one no longer has any link with their old life. That is the real spirit of becoming avadhuta. For example, suppose one beggar was a king in his previous life but now he is a beggar. In that case being a beggar he cannot go back and tell the queen that 'I am your husband so please accept me'. Because the history of one's previous life has no meaning in this practical world. In the same way, the life of an avadhuta is treated as a re-birth. And in that case Baba Himself is the father, mother, everything. This is a very lofty teaching of Baba which has great charm. Unfortunately one or two have forgotten all these points. And they did just opposite what the dharma of Avadhuta life is. Please read below how one avadhuta has written worldly gossip in his own book about his former life and his relation with his worldly family.
Our avadhuta wrote: "I also tried many jobs, each for a few months, including working as a lawyer's investigator, a postman, a construction worker, a supermarket clerk, and many varied jobs on a golf course." And after writing the above about himself he goes on to write about and describe all the members of his laokika family. Yet this is done in his own autobiography about becoming the person from the west to become avadhuta. Here below our avadhuta is talking about his laokika father and laokika mother: "I was brought up in a middle-class suburb north of Chicago. My father was a trial lawyer and my mother was a housewife-cum-oil painter." So here above in print this avadhuta has written about his laokika father and mother as if those are still his real parents-- even after becoming avadhuta. But that is not all, here below Dada is eulogizing about the worldly talents of his laokik sister. Our avadhuta wrote: "My only sibling was a sister who achieved a fair degree of international fame as a cellist in a top-notch trio." So like that in his book this avadhuta write about all his worldly family relations, when we all know Baba has given the rule that avadhutas must not maintain any link with their worldly family. But even then our avadhuta Dada does not stop there.
Our avadhuta wrote in his book: "The most extraordinary member of our family was our dog, Judy, whom I once calculated knew one hundred and fifteen words, responding to each of them even when they were spoken in monotone. For example at the faintest mention of the word 'bath', she would raise her ears and dive behind the sofa. Judy once indicated to me that the best place for meditation was actually right there, behind the sofa, where no one could disturb her, though I believe she was joking." Thus in these [above] mentioned four quotations, first our Avadhuta Dadaji wrote about his own past self, then about his laokika parents, and then his sister and then, in the end, about his dog. All of which goes against the letter and spirit of Baba's mandates for avadhutas.
Of course if such writing would have been done by a regular family person then that would have been okay-- or at least it would not have been against any social codes. Because family persons have a responsibility to maintain a link with their laokika parents. But here with our Dadaji the case is different because he is WT and not only that but in his book he is claiming himself as the first westerner to become avadhuta yet in his book he is breaking those very rules for being avadhuta. That is the central reason why his writing is not at all acceptable because Baba does not approve any relation with previous life by any avadhuta. Even then his is not the only such case.
Because during a recent holiday season another of our avadhutas was happily and openly indulging in a lengthy visit with his laokika family. Means this next avadhuta was exclusively visiting with his laokika mother and his laokika non-margii siblings like his brother and three sisters and their spouses. And all together so many worldly and traditional things they were doing. Like going out on the town and doing some shopping and seeing the sights of pseudo-culture etc. Plus Dadaji is receiving tasty baked treats and other goodies from his laokika relations just like students get when their parents visit them at the college. And not only that but this Dadaji made plans to celebrate Christmas day with his mother and brother and exchange gifts under the tree, Santa Claus style. So this was our Avadhuta's recent dealings with his laokika family. And they are telling that Dada is enjoying so much the visit with his worldly relations that he has made a pact that 'Since this time you all have come see me then next year I will go see you'. So in this way again Dadaji will visit all his mother and brother etc and exchange gifts and sample delicious food tasty treats and indulge in all the holiday cheer alongside his laokik family.
And not some more recently released books have come where yet another avadhuta is involved in explicitly talking and describing about his laokika family. So this negative trend is forging ahead-- unfortunately as it brings down the standard of our avadhutas and is a blatant violation of Guru's teachings. So when any avadhuta is writing about their laokika family relations as if they were family persons then margiis should know about it. Because for any avadhuta to do such things is a blunder and sin-- betrayal to Guru. Because when Guru graciously takes the avadhuta oath from His workers then where is scope for this type of behaviour by such avadhutas.
Let us also remember that above all Baba's grace is with us and Baba's blessing is always showering upon us. Baba says, "Victory will be yours.. nothing can be suppressed...This factuality is as glazy, as graceful, as glamorous and as colourful as the rising crimson sun in the eastern horizon." (Prout-15) Namaskar, Pavitra
Here again it should be said that Avadhuta means new life or new existence beause a new birth happens whereby one receives new name,a new uniform, and a new identity. So when a person becomes an avadhuta then the old personality is dead, nothing remains. That is the true Avt in real sense-- otherwise if they are reverting back and engaging in their old life then they are just fakes. Because talking about old things and using their new avadhuta name is just hyposcrisy. So best if if no avadhuta should write about their laokika family as it is unbecoming and against the spirit of being avadhuta. But if they do engage in such lowly type of things then at the very least they should use their old died out name.
With regards to the avadhuta who wrote about his laokika family and their dog etc, he should announce to different media that this book should be re-edited. And with the respect of WT conduct rules, he should take out these above mentioned totally negative writings which goes against Baba's teaching. Otherwise (a) innocent people in confused state will think that our avadhutas must have relation with their worldly family; (b) If anybody will read this very page and if they know about Baba's teaching then surely they will form a negative opinion about our avadhutas on the whole; (c) Whenever writing nothing should be written which goes against Baba's teaching. Otherwise the entire purpose of the book is in question. When obviously the purpose of writing was to project Baba's teaching but unfortunately it is doing something else.
************************************** Real Wealth: One Should Ponder, Assimilate, and Practice
Parama Purusa BABA says, "Those who seek to attain the permanent cessation of afflictions in their lives, have no other way than to follow this path of sadhana. Imagine that a certain person had accumulated vast wealth due to his life long's diligent labor. It may be that the person, in the days of his prosperity, was a central figure in the society. But at the end of his life he may suffered a wretched existence, bemoaning his losses in the arid desert of his heart. The reason is that the person had an insatiable thirst for material objects and never tried to identify his individual flow with the cosmic flow. On the other hand, a person living in a thatched hut may not forget Parama Purus'a even in the midst of abject poverty and never deviates from the goal of his life. Such a person's life can never lose its charm. Every dust particle of this earth will seem to be as sweet as honey to him. Likewise, his existence will acquire the sweetness of honey." (APH-4, pg 290)

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