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Marry or Not Marry

Date: Sun, 27 May 2012 22:34:55 -0600
From: "Punya'tman Deva"
Subject: Marry or Not Marry


"A'lo jhariye madhu ks'ariye a'ndha'r sa'riye tumi esecho..."   (P.S. 1233)


Baba, You have come and by Your divine advent You are showering effulgence, exuding nectar, and wiping away all darkness. Baba, You have come - making the flowers blossom & graciously spreading happiness and bliss to one and all. Baba, by Your august arrival, everyone's hopes and longings have been fulfilled.

Baba, O my Lord, living beings were awakened by the deep yearning and melancholic longing in their heart. In the anticipation & hope of Your arrival, they awakened and began watching for Your arrival - constantly looking towards Your path. Baba, the painful longing of devotees resonated in Your heart and You could no longer remain distant. Baba, You
have come and You are graciously pouring the basket of love - satisfying everyone's heart. The sleeping humanity has gotten new life by Your grace.

Baba, that river which dried up and evaporated, and that song which was lost in the oblivion, the current of that very river and the tune of those songs You have graciously brought along with You. [1]

Baba due to Your august advent You have inundated each and every heart with the nectar of devotion. This is Your causeless grace...


[1] The inner idea is that when Parama Purusa comes and saturates the heart with deep devotion, then all those feelings of love, which had dried up, start to blossom. In the above song, the river signifies the flow of devotion and the song and melody refers to that subtler expression of devotional feeling.



Baba says, "In the opinion of Ananda Marga every individual has complete freedom in matters of marriage... Those who are constantly engaged in the fulfillment of an ideal, or those who have to spend the greater part of their day in...some mental occupation should not marry, because they will not find it possible to fulfill their family commitments properly. The marriage of such people is harmful to the society in many cases." (Guide to Human Conduct, '91 Edn, p.19)

In our Marga there is a dogma that either one should become a wt or get married. Yet in the practical sense everyone knows that just wearing the saffron dress does not mean dedication. There are many wts who are exclusively "dedicated" for their own stomach - or for power, post, and their groupist agenda.

Only those workers dedicated for the propagation of Ananda Marga ideology are true wts.

In contrast, on other side, there are many margiis who are completely focused on ideology and dedicated to our holy AM adarsha. That is why after getting married they are unable to properly look after their marital and family responsibilities. In result their children end up not liking or even blaming Ananda Marga.

About such cases, Baba has given the clear mandate that it would have been best if such ideologically-minded margiis would have remained single, and not married. 

Punya'tman Deva

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