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Re: Cause of Depression & Proutistic Solution

From: "Geoffrey Young" To: Subject: Re: Cause of Depression & Proutistic Solution Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2008 23:01:29 +0000 Baba "A'lo jhariye madhu ks'ariye a'ndha'r sa'riye tumi esecho..." (P.S. 1233) Purport: Baba, You have come and by Your divine advent You are showering effulgence, exuding nectar, and wiping away all darkness. Baba, You have come-- making the flowers blossom & graciously spreading happiness and bliss to one and all. Baba, by Your august arrival everyone's hopes and longings have been fulfilled. Baba, living beings were awakened by the deep yearning and pain of longing in their heart. And with this feeling, in the anticipation & hope of Your coming, they were awake, watching for Your arrival-- constantly looking towards Your path. Baba, this pain and longing of devotees resonated in Your heart and You could no longer remain distant. Baba, You have come and You are graciously pouring the basket of love-- satisfying everyone's heart. The sleeping humanity has gotten new life by Your grace. Baba-- that river which dried up and evaporated, and that song which was lost in the oblivion-- the current of that very river and the tune of those songs You have graciously brought along with You. Baba due to Your august advent You have inundated each and every heart with the nectar of devotion. This is Your causeless grace...
(Note: This letter is in follow up to the earlier letter of Monday, 22 September.)
Namaskar, As talks at the White House (USA) turn into a bi-partisan brawl, there is no concrete action for how to resolve the current economic depression. However, if and when they do come up with a plan-- whether it be a $700 billion bailout or any other-- it will not be a proper solution for the simple reason that they have misidentified the cause. Note: If countries come forward to lend the US $700 billion dollars then that will merely delay the downfall of the US economony. It will not solve anything, because in 6 months again a crisis will come, and then it will be even worse.
Right now the prevailing myth among top captialists is that (1) a lack of banking regulations along with (2) poor-loan candidates are the cause of the current economic crisis. They are claiming that the common people are the cause, as new home-owners could not afford their house payments, i.e. mortgages, so they forfeited on their loans, and in turn the banking industry collapsed. More specifically, why did the banking industry collapse? Because the common people were not making their house payments to the bank, so the those investment banks had no cash, and when those banks began struggling due to a lack of capital, then wealthy capitalists stopped investing in the banks. Hence many banks went under. And the primary cause is the common people, i.e. those poor loan candidates. This is the myth that is swirling round and round. But that is not at all the main cause or the main problem of the the current economic depression.
Baba has clearly identified two chief causes of economic depressions, and it is these causes that are the operative factors with the present day US economic downfall. Baba says, "There are two main causes for economic depressions – first, the concentration of wealth, and secondly, blockages in the rolling of money." (AFPS-9) So the first cause is the concentration of wealth of economic disparity, which is an inherent characteristic of capitalism. Due to extreme exploitation within the capitalist system, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. And it is this inherent defect that is the main cause of the current economic depression. The common people are losing their jobs, suffering from pay cuts, losing their purchasing capacity, watching employment get outsourced overseas etc. And for all these reasons common Americans are unable to purchase the things they need. So they are totally overwhelmed by the current situation. They are becoming poorer everyday while the rich elite pile more wealth into their own pockets. Nobody in their right mind wants to forfeit the loans on their house; everybody wants to be able to afford to go to the doctor; all want to see their children go to university; everybody wants to be able to buy the food and clothes and the things they need. But due to years and years of corporate greed and capitalist exploitation, all these problems are the living reality for 99% of the population; and the common people are exploited to the bone. Hence there is an extreme disparity of wealth: The very rich capitalist elite versus everyone else who has no money, which is one of the reasons behind an economic depression. And that, in turn, leads to the second cause of an economic depression, blockages in the rolling of money.
In extreme capitalism, the rich accumulate mounds and mounds of money that they can never ever use in their lifetime; the money just sits there because already those wealthy people have everything they need or desire. Now they only have the greedy desire to accumulate more wealth. And on the other side of the spectrum, the common people have no money to buy the things that they do need. That causes the money to stop rolling, leading to a depression. So these two reasons, economic disparity and the stagnation of money, are the real underlying reasons behind the present depression which has recently hit the US. Baba has clearly marked these factors and that is what is happening. The top 1/4% of the US population controls around 99% of the wealth. Hence the common people have no money to spend. Such extreme exploitation leads to huge economic disparities which perpetuates the stagnation of capital such that money is unable to roll. Wealthy CEO's have 600 million dollar bank accounts, or even billion dollar bank accounts, and the common people cannot get clothers for their children or even put bread on the table. Even within the same company, there is huge disparities. General workers might may $7 per hour while top executives earn $16,000 per hour. Yet both are workers in the same company. Such is the outrageous dichotomy which exists. But those top politicians, elite capitalists, and economic advisors are either blind or unwilling to openly admit the truth about these fundamental pitfalls of capitalism, probably because they want to salvage the capitalist system so they can continue in their greedy ways. And without that, without tearing down capitalism's exploitative methods, the US depression can never be solved. But again, those greedy vaeshyas do not want to face the facts of the situation. That is why we hear them saying again and again, that the crisis is due to the people being unable to afford their home mortgages. This is the false myth they are propagating but it is not the root cause of today's economic crisis.
The only way out of the current economic depression is through a Proutistic solution. Baba says, "Depression is not a natural phenomenon. Pause is a natural phenomenon. In a Proutistic structure pause may occur but depression will not occur. To save society from depression, the approach of PROUT is to increase purchasing power by increasing production, reduce disparities in the value of wealth, and increase the circulation of money; that is, by keeping money rolling. Empty slogans will not do." ('Economic Dynamics') Only when the common people have their minimum requirements met-- when all can afford to have a home etc-- then they will have money to spend on other items. Then money will roll and producers will make products and those items will be purchased by the people. But capitalism does not honor this: Instead the wealthy try to squeeze the life-force out of the common people until finally there is not even one penny in anyone's pocket. And that leads to an economic meltdown or depression. Whereas Prout does not follow a policy of the hoarding of wealth, but rather shares profits amongst all. In that way, never can 1% of the population control all the wealth. And never will an economic depression result. Baba says, "In a Proutistic structure pause may occur but depression will not occur." ('Economic Dynamics')
In this time of crisis, it is our responsibility and duty to propagate Prout and raise the consciousness of the people. Then we will get the solution. No solution can be found within the capitalistic framework. All well-wishers of humnaity must rally together and spread the ideals and word of Prout. Then certainly, our human family will grow and prosper. Baba says, "Only PROUT can save the world from depression." (PNS-13) Namaskar, Jiivan Mukta
Baba says, "There are two main causes for economic depressions – first, the concentration of wealth, and secondly, blockages in the rolling of money. If capital is concentrated in the hands of a few individuals or the state, most people will be exploited by a handful of exploiters. As a result of this process of severe exploitation, a serious explosion takes place. This explosion is known as a depression in the economic world. The concentration of wealth, and particularly the concentration of the value of wealth, is the fundamental cause of a depression." (AFPS-9) Baba says, "Secondly, a depression may occur when money that is in the possession of individual or state capitalists stops rolling. Money remains inert or unutilized because those capitalists think that if the money is allowed to roll freely then their profits will decrease, even though it will bring relief to the common people. The very psychology of capitalists is to make profit from the rolling of money. When they discover that the investment of money does not bring profit up to their expectations, then they stop rolling money. This keeps money immobile or inert; consequently, there is no investment, no production, no income and hence no purchasing power. The situation becomes so dangerous that there are few buyers to buy commodities." (AFPS-9) Baba says, "Economic depressions are actually the net result of suppression, repression and oppression – that is, exploitation. When exploitation reaches the culminating point, the mobility and the speed of the society become virtually nil. In such a stage, that is, in this culminating point, a natural explosion takes place." (PNS-13)
*************************************** Marry or Not Marry
Baba says, "In AM every individual has complete freedom in matters of marriage... those who are engaged in the fulfillment of an ideal...or those who have to spend the greater part of their day in some mental occupation should not marry, because they will not find it possible to fulfill their family commitments properly. The marriage of such people is harmful to the society in many cases." (GHC, '91 Edn, p.19) Note: In our Marga there is a dogma that either one should become a wt or get married. Yet in the practical sense everyone knows that just wearing the saffron dress does not mean dedication. There are many wts who are exclusively "dedicated" only for their own stomach-- or for power, post, and their groupist agenda. The number of wts who are really dedicated to the ideology is quite low. But in true sense those few are the proper wts. In contrast, on other side there are many margiis who are completely focused on ideology and dedicated to our holy AM adarsha. And in some of those cases, after getting married they are unable to properly look after their personal family responsibilities. In result their children end up not liking or even blaming Ananda Marga for their family problems. About such cases, Baba has given the clear mandate that it would have been best if such ideologically-minded margiis would have remained single, and not married.

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