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Gauge Your Devotion

Date: Sat 10 Sep 2011 21:54:49
From: V.J.K. Deva
Subject: Gauge Your Devotion



In His historic March 1984 DMC discourse in Varanasi, published in Subhasita Samgraha part 17 Hindi edition, Baba has given a very clear cut equation that every sadhaka should know.


Baba clearly and succinctly outlines three stages of devotion.

1. "I exist and God also exists."

In this first stage of devotion, people think of themselves first. They feel, "I am present and my Lord is also present." The key point being that they consider their own existence first.

With the regular practice of sadhana and doing social service, the mind comes in closer proximity to Parama Purusa. By this way love and affection is generated for the Supreme, by His grace. Then one thinks more about Parama Purusa and less about oneself.

It is just like how a mother thinks more about her infant than about her own self. This happens when there is a strong bond of love - otherwise not. Otherwise that type "love" is just theoretical.

With sadhana, the feeling of devotion arises spontaneously within. With such feelings, Parama Purusa comes closer - otherwise not. At that stage, people think very often of Parama Purusa in a very natural way, without any logical imposition.

The central idea of this feeling is exemplified by the second stage of devotion.

2. "God exists and I also exist."

In the final stage, when a sadhaka is in deep meditation or samadhi, then that sadhaka forgets about himself entirely. The I-feeling is totally lost; one is oblivious of their own existence. Then only the thought of Parama Purusa remains. That is the highest state of devotion.

3. "Only God exists."'

In the above three levels of devotion, the presence of God (i.e. Baba) is the essential component.


As we know, bhakti means service to Baba.

Bhaktir bhagavata seva

God's presence is essential. So when God / Baba has died (i.e. Mahaprayan) then seva is not possible.

If one imposes the idea of Mahaprayan, the great departure, then devotion is itself impossible. This is not at all difficult to understand.

We should all aim to understand this important aspect of devotional life and read the discourse, "What is Bhakti."


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