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Question of Longevity

From: "Satyaki"
Date: 15 Jun 2012 19:56:21 -0000
Subject: Question of Longevity


"A'mi toma'y bha'loba'si, ja'na'i kii kare..." (PS 3837)


Baba, by Your grace I love You. For me, You are everything; I love You so much. You know my eyes ceaselessly shower tears of love for You. Baba, please tell me how I can express this feeling of my heart: I love You. O' my Dearmost, the love of my heart resonates in Your heart. By that way You understand. Beyond that I do not have any words to express my feeling of love towards You. [1]

Baba, You are so gracious. When the new dawn comes, then in that crimson sunrise, I can see You emanating Your divine effulgence. Baba, You are so beautiful; You shower Your effulgence everywhere. In the form of innumerable flowers and also in the fragrance of niipa blossom, You grace everyone by pouring Your divine sweetness. Baba, in the eastern crimson horizon through the sweet, gentle breeze, You tenderly call me and graciously embrace me in Your bosom. 

Baba, in the auspicious and charming moment of the colourful evening sunset, with Your infinite love You always radiate Your sweet smile. That very time You reassuringly tell me again and again that, 'Now is the time for you to take rest, tomorrow I will come calling for you'. These are the sweet words You whisper to me in that tender moment. Baba You are so gracious; You are always with me. Baba, Your charming tales and love stories always float throughout this entire universe and also in my mind, in my heart.

Baba, You are my everything; I love You so much...


[1] First Stanza: The first stanza reflects the idea that the love between bhakta and Parama Purusa is bi-lateral, and not one-sided.

Baba says, "Human beings love Parama Purus'a and He loves human beings: this love is always mutual, not unilateral." (Subhasita Samgraha - 11, 'What is the Way')

Baba says love (prema) is not unilateral or one-sided. When the devotee loves Parama Purusa, then already Parama Purusa is loving the bhakta. Love for the Supreme is always mutual or bi-lateral and never exists in isolation. The inner equation is that because Parama Purusa loves the devotee so much, that is why the devotee also loves Parama Purusa. Divine love or prema is always mutual - not unilateral.

In so many discourses Baba has revealed this fact about the inner secret of love between devotee and Parama Purusa. Here we should remember that prema means divine love - not attachment (ks'ama) for worldly things etc. And it is specifically in this devotional relation between bhakta and Parama Purusa where love is always mutual and never one sided.

Baba says, "Your meeting with God is not a unilateral affair, it is a mutual thing." (Ananda Vacanamrtam - 23,


Here is a key teaching about human human health and longevity and how it relates with our Marga.

Baba says. "Some people like Vivekananda did not live long; but the cause of their early death was excessive labour. Extreme physical labour definitely reduces one's longevity. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu lived [less than
fifty] years; he could perhaps have lived longer, but due to excessive labour, he could not survive. He undertook long tours throughout India on foot. Shankaracharya did not live long, either, because he also toured India on foot; he walked from Cape Comorin to the Himalayas. This extreme physical labour took a toll upon his health; otherwise he could perhaps have lived longer." (Ananda Vacanamrtam - 33)
In His above teaching Baba guides us that those wts and margiis expending a lot of energy in arduous social work should be extremely vigilant about following a balanced lifestyle. To maintain their health they should be fastidious about taking proper food at the proper time, doing asanas and sadhana regularly, and keeping a strict routine based on the dharmic guidelines of 16 Points.

Unfortunately many margiis and wts are not able to follow this - for whatever reason. The result being that we are losing a number of our very hard-working activists, i.e many margiis and wts etc. Therefore, it is our bounden duty to be more aware about propagating this above idea. Because good people should live longer - that will be better for everyone.

Satyaki Deva

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