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Baba Story: Banana, Train, & Surrender

From: "Prakash Deva"
Subject: Baba Story: Banana, Train, & Surrender
Date: Sat, 10 Dec 2011 21:32:08 +0530



Note: The following is the first-hand account of Laksman Singh of Medininagar (Daltonganj), a very senior margii who also served as bhukti pradhan.

With great reverence in my house it was the tradition that the first fruit or yield from our family farm was offered directly to Beloved Baba. This was the rule and our regular manner. Each season I would carefully pack the first yield and when someone was going to see Baba, then I would give that fruit to them so they could take it to Baba.

One year, I planted a banana tree and it grew well and produced fruit. Naturally we decided that the first piece should be offered to Baba.

With this idea in mind, we carefully picked the banana from the tree, washed it, packed it, took ideation and prepared to bring that banana with us as we readied for our journey to see Baba.

My whole family reached our local railway station. We purchased our train tickets, and boarded the train once it arrived. 

The train left the station and it did not take long for the train to reach full speed.

Then one very negative event happened. My wife informed me that the banana which we had carefully prepared for Baba was left behind. The entire reason for the journey was to bring the banana to Baba. But that banana was still at the house - not on the train.

This was an utter shock for me. I became nearly senseless and almost fainted. We were going to see Baba solely for this purpose and now I came to know that we left the banana behind. The whole situation was beyond comprehension. How could such a thing have happened. I was totally bewildered. And now the train is moving at peak speed.

We had no idea what to do. We just surrendered to Baba and started reciting His name. We thought, "Baba, we have no way to bring that banana to You now, only You can do it if You wish."

Suddenly the train came to a grinding halt. I could not believe my eyes. Even more amazingly, when I looked out the train window, I saw that the train had stopped very near to the front of my house.

My wife told me, "Don't delay - quick do something."

In utter amazement, I started calling out to the caretaker of my house. He heard my call. I told him to quickly bring the banana which we had left behind. Within 5 - 7 minutes, the caretaker brought the banana to the train and gave it to us.

We were very deeply satisfied that Baba arranged this.

Then the train started moving again and the journey continued.

But while the train was stopped, security personnel was checking to see if someone had pulled the emergency chain to manually stop the train. But no one had done so. Rather it was determined that the train suddenly stopped due to an engine problem. Well, that was the apparent cause anyway.

But, in my heart, I know that real cause behind the stoppage of the train was the banana and Baba's grace.

That day I realised that if one has complete surrender to Baba then He Personally takes care of the responsibility - regardless of the situation - and fulfills the longing. In contrast, if a person thinks they can manage the situation by themselves then Parama Purusa sits and watches.

When I think back now, I feel His presence and how He is so gracious. That time I had a deep desire to offer Him something and it was quite satisfying that the banana was offered to Baba and that He graciously accepted. We became so happy.

Baba has thousands of devotees who offer all kinds of things - yet He is not in want of anything. Just it was the sincere desire of my heart that from this ordinary disciple He should accept this meagre offering. Such is the greatness of Baba: He accepted my humble offering

Laksman Singh


Still today this tradition of offering first food to Guru is going on in my house. Only now, although Baba is present everywhere but because He is no longer physically present, then the first yield of food that we offer to Baba we distribute among the needy.

According to Baba's system, when the Guru is not physically present then any food offered to Guru should be distributed to needy people, keeping the ideation that it is offered to Guru. That is Baba's mandate when He is not physically present.

Still today that is the tradition in my house.


"Ks'an'iker parash tava sariye saba jar'ata'...
Pura'na-kora'n', darshan o veda upace elo eki devata'..." (P.S. 4714)

Baba, within a flash by Your sweet touch You have removed all the  staticity which has been accumulating age after age. This whole entire  humanity is basking in Your divine effulgence.
The difference between one land and another land or one country and  another country is no more; there is no difference-- that has disappeared.  The ignorance of mine and others is gone. Beyond the myths, puranas, Koran,  Bible, philosophies and Vedas above all these You have come oh my Lord. You  are beyond the reach of these so-called scriptures.

Oh Ajana Pathik You have come. You have made everyone Your own. You have  made everyone understand the eternal truth. That everyone has come from one  source. Everyone is kith and kin of one another. Everyone's heart is  touching one another. And everyone feels the relation of love and closeness  with one another. Baba You are ever-merciful and gracious to one and all... 

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