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Searching for Prout Heroes

Date: Thur, 09 Jul 2009 07:22:38 -0000 To: Subject: Searching for Prout Heroes From: Jeremy Gorman Baba "Eso ka'jal ra'ter a'ndha're hiya' a'lokit kare..." (PS 1926) Purport: Baba, please come in my heart which is as dark as the black night and make it effulgent. Please light my lamp and arouse my devotion with Your divine love. Please awaken the humanity which is in deep slumber. Baba, please grace one and all. Baba, except You, no one can wipe away this cimmerian darkness. Without You, humanity will not awaken. For the welfare and enlightenment of the entire universe, please come in everyone's dhya'na. Baba, please come in the crudest sphere of everyone's mind and make it divinely effulgent. Baba, I long for You in my mind which is as dark and dreary as a dungeon. Baba, I have been desperately and ceaselessly searching You since the dawn of my life. Your charming & loving smile is like an ocean of nectar from the divine world. This divine smile will wipe away all the staticity. Baba, please shower Your causeless grace and remove the cimmerian darkness and fill it with Your divine effulgence...
Namaskar, There is an ongoing tendency within our Marga to try and seek out Prout heroes in the general society. This is only natural, as people like to have heroes. And when things are not going well in the Marga then some tend to look without to find heroes. And that has been happening with some of our Margii Proutists. They are searching the general society in hopes of finding the pioneers of Prout-- when in truth such pioneers can only come from within our Marga. That is not to say that no one in the society is worthy enough to make a contribution. They are. Good works are going on and they will be true supporters of Prout. They will be sympathizers. But ultimately they cannot be Prout leaders as they themselves will need to be guided by those whose lives are in accordance with Sixteen Points and the spiritual ideals of AM. Because Prout itself is embedded in those principles. So the below is a discussion and descriptive analysis of why and how one must be an Ananda Margii-- a dedicated disciple of Baba-- in order to be qualified to become a leader of our Prout movement. All should write in with their thoughts and opinions.
As we all know Baba's beautiful Prout philosophy is really something quite spectacular & grand-- never before has such a philosophy been given. Because Baba's unique Prout guidelines offer all the answers for ridding the society of all its problems as well as for developing the world in a dharmic way. And side by side-- at the same time-- Prout is firmly grounded in a pure spiritual ideal. So Prout is a completely unique combination: social and spiritual. And as Baba directs us, this latter aspect of Prout of being based in God-hood or divine ideation is absolutely essential.
In His very own words Baba guides us that Prout, being the ultimate socio-economic system, is deeply embedded in the sublime spiritual concept of cosmic brotherhood. Baba says "All living creatures in this manifest universe are the children of the same Cosmic Entity. They are the progeny of the same Supreme Progenitor. Naturally they are bound in a thread of fraternal relations...A socio-economic theory is of no use without this [cosmic] fraternal feeling." (PNS-6, p. 27) So when Prout itself is rooted in that subterranean spiritual flow whereby we are all one, then by this way we can understand that part and parcel of being an ideal Proutist is having one's mind imbibed in cosmic ideation and universal human fraternity. Because only by having a heart dipped in the divine nectar of Cosmic feeling can one experience the joys and pains of others and view all as their close family relation. Only with a soft, subtle spiritual mind can one guide the humanity in the various spheres of life and establish the high ideals of Prout within our human society. So spirituality-- seeing all as kith and kin-- is an essential attribute of being an ideal Proutist. And these following points lead in the same direction.
Just being an ordinary do-gooder or the like can never qualify one as being a real vanguard of our Proutist movement. Rather to be a Proutist and hence a pioneer of the society, one must be fully ensconced in the deep spiritual values of yogic morality. Baba says, "Those not established in yama & niyama should not get the opportunity to assume leadership of anyone." (CC-2, 'Society' chapter, Pt# 26d) And when Baba alone has given the only flawless teachings on yama and niyama and provided the sadhana which stands upon such teachings, then one can see the deep connection between following AM spiritual practices and becoming an ideal Proutist. The two are inextricably interlinked. Because Baba pointedly warns us without being an ardent spiritual practitioner then one can succumb to lowly desires at any moment. Means being a worldly moralist will not suffice. Baba says, "It cannot be said with any certainty that the moralist who has resisted the temptation of a bribe of two rupees would also be able to resist the temptation of an offer of two hundred thousand rupees." (GHC, p.1) So the basic "normal morality" of general members of the society and common social reformists is not enough. Their minds are not infused with the requisite strength and pointedness of spirituality so they can & will fall prey to allurement at any step of the way. So they can never guide the society in the social realm; they can never be considered as an ideal Proutist. Rather such luke-warm moralists are a liability-- an accident waiting to happen. And by looking around we can see innumerable examples where seemingly good people-- i.e. "moralists"-- got themselves totally entangled in various crude things from sexual crimes to theft to debauchery etc. And not only that but those marching in the streets crying for justice are themselves caught up in unjust and disreputable dealings-- making an absolute mess wherever they go. That is why it is commonly known that only with spirituality can one become morally strong such that they are ready to lead the society ahead according to the ideals of Prout. Baba says, "The aim of such morality is attainment of such a state of oneness with Brahma where no desire is left for theft, and all tendencies of falsehood disappear." (GHC, p.2) So only with spirituality can the one become proper and fit enough to guide others in the social realm. Only Ananda Margiis can lead our Proutist Universal movement.
So if someone is just anxious for social change or if someone has a dream to lead others or if someone has a cause in mind-- none of these attributes alone can qualify them as an ideal Proutist. No matter how charming their resume looks; no matter how good-looking they are; and no matter how they can fill a room with their talk. None of these characteristics are enough to bear bear any fruit. At least not enough to be a leader of Prout. Sympathizer-- Yes; Supporter-- Yes; but, Leader-- No. Because according to Baba, in order to be an ideal Proutist a spiritual mind is needed-- one must be an Ananda Margii. This is His guideline. Unfortunately currently some of our so-called Prout leaders lack the vivek (conscience) to understand this very fact. So day and night they move about labeling this or that so-called social sparkplug as being a Proutist-- capable of guiding all the margiis and Prout optees put together. But such type of imbalanced thinking is of no use. Rather to say so is only to smudge coal on the face of the speaker. So if anyone makes such a proclamation that any non-margii is an ideal Proutist then we should immediately conclude that the speaker or writer themselves has no idea what they are talking about. Thus our search for Prout heroes should begin and end inside the Marga, and at the same time we should invite every citizen of the globe to help manifest our Prout principles.
Here below Baba warns us what will happen if non-margii types get hold of our Prout movement or if non-spiritualists try to guide the society. Baba says, "Whatever be behind the pursuit of petty matter of the gratification of individualistic aspirations, it does not imbibe the essential factor of conversion of many into one Cosmic Entity. Called upon to unite the many, one has got to love that bit of average humanness or sentient bearing that lies hidden in them as the indivisible super-human entity. This spontaneous love does not flourish in the one who is not fervently zealous or the one who is not infused with the fire of indivisible, unbarred, unstinted oneness of Macrocosmic concord. It is absolutely meaningless for a person to attempt at any constructive work, in whom there is a flagrant lack of the thought of the Great. If one has not learnt to recognize, with sincerity and unsectarianism, the omnipresent, omniscient God as their sole objective, there is no denying the fact that they will eventually be compelled to recede behind the scene, after having dealt the severest damage to their own self and the society." (HS-1 ,'87, p. 51) Namaskar, Jitendra
**************************************** Health Guideline: Knowing the Root Cause
Baba says, "Due to weakness of the digestive fluids, the blood gets contaminated by acids, or if one is suffering from constipation, then different organs of the body also become weak. In such a condition, due to weakness of the lungs, the nervous system controlling the lungs also suffers from debility and finally the bronchial tubes as well become weak. That is the time when asthma becomes fully manifest." (YT, p.62) 1. In the above quote Baba is revealing the fact that the root cause of asthma is poor and improper digestion. 2. Unfortunately nowadays the only commonly available pathy is allopathy. But allopathic knowledge is so shallow that such doctors do not know about the real cause; hence they treat the patient in a very superficial way. With asthma they only address it as it presents itself on the bronchial tubes. By this way asthma never gets cured from the root-- i.e. from the manipura cakra. 3. So health conscious people should choose the pathy very carefully. We have to evaluate to what degree allopathic science is trustworthy, suitable, and helpful.

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