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Still Not Admitting

Date: 15 Jun 2009 08:47:21 -0000 From: "G Bhaskaran Reddy" To: Subject: Still Not Admitting Baba "A'ja par'e mane godhu'li lagane tumi esechile mor ghare..." - P.S. 3866 Purport: Baba, even today that memory is still fresh in my mind when on that sweet golden evening, You came in my home. The atmosphere was charged with Your presence. There were clouds & the chirping of birds. That time a colorful procession of white patches of clouds were smiling in the sky, creating a reception of happiness. And a cluster of birds were floating-- flying in the sky. How I can forget that sweet memory of Your divine presence close to me. Your sweet charming attractive presence touched the core of my heart that day. In that ideation, I remain ensconced in that divine flow. Baba how in a very sweet and beautiful way You came close to me and made me Yours. It is Your grace. That memory is still fresh in my mind. I am longing for the day when that will happen again...
Namaskar, In life, we know that a significant factor for making progress is a proper scripture. One which guides people how to act, how to think, & how to move ahead etc. And in our Marga, we have such a perfect scripture. Unfortunately though since 1990 certain group leaders have been injecting various negative elements into our holy AM scripture. The repercussions of which are obviously quite harmful. To prevent such things from happening in future and to correct those wrongs which have been already committed, I write to bring these issues to the awareness of all. Here following then are some examples. If you open Ananda Vacanamrtam (AV), Subhasita Samgraha (SS) or so many other books which were printed after 1990, then you will see that in many of the books on the publisher's page it is written "Translated from the original Bengali". When in fact there are innumerable discourses in those books which were given in Hindi and English. Because even when Baba spoke in Hindi or English, then even in those instances they were manipulating the situation by writing "translated from the original Bengali". Thus in many, many places it is wrongly marked as being translated from the original Bengali when it came in printed form in the Ananda Vacanamrtam and Subhasita Samgraha books. And still to this day, those publishers have not come forward to admit their wrong and outrightly say that the statement is false. After years of margiis protesting, they did quietly remove that statements about "translated from the original Bengali", from the books, but they never openly admitted their mistake. And still there are thousands of copies of these books floating around stating, "Translated from the original Bengali", yet the mass of margiis - and certainly the general public - may not be aware that this statement is totally incorrect.
Here is further proof about this matter. On different world tours Baba visited Philippines (Maharlika), Taiwan, Switzerland, Germany, Jamaica, Venezuela, Iceland and etc. And in those places Baba delivered HIS discourses in English. And those discourses are printed in Subhasita Samgraha, Ananda Vacanamrtam and different book series. Unfortunately some groupist Dadas painted those books as being "Translated from the original Bengali". If you open the book and check the inside cover or title page then you will find it. Thus you can easily confirm by yourself. For example if you open the English version of Subhasita Samgraha part 12 published 21 Oct 1992, there you will see on the Publisher's page, "Translated from the original Bengali". But what false propaganda this is because so many of the discourses from this book were given in Europe. Such as in Fiesch Switzerland, where obviously, Baba spoke in English. And one discourse from the book SS part 12 is titled "The Noumenal Cause and the Personal God". That very discourse was given by Baba in Timmern, Germany and that very discourse appears on the CD 'Baba in Fiesch'. By listening to that anyone can easily see that Baba delivered that discourse in crtystal clear perfect English. But in the Publisher's page of that book it says, "Translated from the original Bengali".
Tragically then this type of serious distortion has occurred with not one, but with so many books. The following books contain discourses delivered by Baba in Patna, Bombay, Bangalore, Madras, etc. Senior Margiis and Wts are aware that in these places Baba either spoke in Hindi or in English, not Bengali. But on the Publisher's page wrong, misleading information has been given because there it is printed, "Translated from the original Bengali". Here are but a few of such books: Ananda Vacanamrtam part 7, Ananda Vacanamrtam part 8, Subhasita Samgraha part 3 (1992), Subhasita Samgraha part 11 (1992), Subhasita Samgraha part 18 (1992), and many more books.
So labeling Baba's books as "Translated from the original Bengali" is one of the serious violations of moral ethics and distortions of fact. It also gives the proof that wherever opportunity presented itself, distortions were made in favour of the ruling group. Means in this particular case on the inside the front cover B group put "From the Original Bengali". Because they want to propagate the idea that Baba is Bengali, and that Bengali culture is highest. So when they were in power they did all this nonsense. In particular on this point of distortion Sarvatmanandji has a very deep and devious conspiracy. And the above is but one example how Bengali Fundamentalists altered Baba's AM scripture. Of course H group has done many other wrongs such as manipulating BP elections, victimising margiis and doing other negative acts in order to maintain their power. Overall then the distortion of Baba's scripture is an ongoing problem that can cause serious harm to the society for many reasons and on many accounts. One of which is that when future generation margiis read these books they will be confused and they will have the wrong impression that Baba knew only 1 language: Bangla. And that is why Baba "spoke only Bangla" when He visited so many places around the world. Simple sadhakas and the unknowing public will think like this. All because Sarvatmananda was engaged in injecting the dogma that irrespective of Baba's any discourse, whether it be in English or in any other language, everything must be treated as "originally from Bengali". This indeed is the very negative plan of Dada Sarvatmanandji.
And to establish this dogma that everything came from Bangla, Dada SarvatmanandA did the following things: 1- Margiis should not be allowed to keep Baba's cassettes except a few selected persons. 2- All AMPS books should carry the mark, "Translated from the original Bengali". 3- By this way in due course after 150 years when this present generation is no longer on this globe then future generations will understand that Baba was only aware about Bangla and not any other language. This way Bengali supremacy will be established permanently. Believe or not believe this was the dream of Dada Sarvatmanandji. It is another thing that Baba thought in different way that is why HE did not allow this to continue. So since few years the newly published books are not coming with that mark. But now many other things these groupist and factional leaders are doing. Please see the following: (1) Since 1991 up till now all the discourses and manuscripts of Baba have not been published. i.e. Margiis did not get the printed book form. The main motive of groupist leaders was to delay and keep the opportunity for any type of change or distortion if it is needed in the future. Because distortions can be done easily without awareness of margii and WT general readers. Otherwise, why is it that all Baba's books/ manuscripts have not been printed. When to bring out one book it needs only around 2000 US dollars. (2) In these 19 years several dozen books written by different Dadas have been published. Thus showing that Baba's books did not get priority. (3) At Sarvatmananda's urging, the late Shraddhananda wrote around 10,000 useless rhymes and around 20 parts of his rhymes have been published at the cost of margiis hard earned money. But Baba's manuscripts remain neglected. (4) Many margiis came forward to publish Baba's manuscripts but Sarvatmananda and other groupist leaders did not allow. (5) Printing Baba's books is not a business of deficit. Already a huge number of customers are there in the form of margiis and WTs, who are waiting anxiously to purchase Baba's new books. But with negative motive Baba's manuscripts did not get the shape of printed form. (6) Whatever logic B and H group leaders gives, no sincere margii is getting convinced. (7) Dear Margiis and WTs, everyone has to be alert and not allow Baba's books to be tainted and altered. This is the duty of everyone. History has proved in the past that because of scriptural distortion many religions divided into pieces and died. We should not allow such things to happen in our Marga. (8) In the past few years, B group has assembled a team of well-intentioned margiis to help review, edit, and publish Baba's discourses. But the Tiljala camp has set them up for failure by not allowing these good margiis to review the original cassette of Baba's discourse. Instead these margiis are being forced to translate from the so-called original Bengali to English even when discourses were often first given in English. (9) Even worse is the injustice done to the hundreds of discourses which Baba has delivered in Hindi. The Tiljala camp has basically swept them under the rug giving margiis the false impression that most discourses were delivered in Bengali. But this is just not true. So many of Baba's teachings were given in Hindi but the Tiljala crew never publishes these discourses nor do they allow good margiis and acaryas to have copies of those audio cassettes or sound files. All of the above is clear-cut indication of their "great interest" in bringing Baba's teachings to the society. As Ananda Margiis, we must apply more and more pressure and insist that copies of Baba's divine discourses be released so that we can get those teachings as well as save them for generations to come. The best way to preserve any body of teachings is two fold: Bring those teachings into practice and spread copies of those teachings to all parts of this earth. But the gatekeepers of Baba's archive in Tiljala are not willing to allow either of the above to happen. They are thus threatening the safety and propagation of AM ideology. And to this day, they refuse to admit that they have committed any wrong with regard to the manipulated manner in which they published Baba's discourses. And still many mistakes are happening.
No doubt grave problems are encircling us on the one hand, but even so I feel confident and hopeful our golden reality is not far off. Baba says, "...With the reddish glow of the dawn the collective body, mind and soul will be radiant with joy. And that alone will be the real progress of universal humanity, the firm establishment of unified humanism..." (Ananda Vanii 61) Namaskar, Bhaskaran Note 1: Here in this following guideline Baba is emphasizing the importance of scripture. Baba says, "In the realm of dharma, the only true guide and controller, motivating force and protector of the people, is an excellent and comprehensive ideology which provides definite, clear-cut and bold directions for all aspects of human life--from one's personal daily routine, to one's social activities and collective motivation, to the spiritual inspiration which brings one closer and closer to God. A scripture which does not fulfill these conditions is not worthy of being called a scripture at all. Such a scripture does not contain the light of consciousness according to the definition Shasanat tarayet yastu sah shastrah parikiirttitah ["That which liberates through discipline is called 'scripture'"]." (NSS, Discourse 14)
*************************************** Difference Between Literate & Educated
Those who have studied the books but did not bring those teachings into practice may be termed literate but they are certainly not educated. Baba says, "Educated are those who have learnt much, remembered much and made use of their learning in practical life." (PNS-18, p.38)

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