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This New Year Va'nii Our Unit has Chosen

Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2008 23:38:29 -0000 To: From: Ram Sahay Kulshresth Subject: This New Year Va'nii Our Unit has Chosen Baba "A'mi toma'y bhule kiser chale ka'l ka't'a'lum dhara'r buke..." (PS 2140) Purport: Baba, remaining forgetful about You, under the spell of some or other lame excuse I wasted my time in the bosom of the earth. I became completely captivated by one magical display. And because of that, I did not hear the call of my supreme well-wisher: Parama Purusa. O' Baba, when those dark days descended in my life, then nobody was there to give me hope; I was shelterless. Baba, then I started asking You to please come and save me. In that very terrible situation, I started calling to You, 'Baba, please come, and save me! O' Prabhu, save me from this ghastly danger'. Earlier, when the proper opportune moment was there, then I was intoxicated in the magical display of maya. In those days I was in a deep slumber; I was not able to understand. So I did not call You until the situation became disastrous. Baba, even then, now I know in my heart that, 'O Parama Purusa, You belong to everyone'. Baba, please attract me & make me Your own. Please remain with me always, in my pleasure and my pain-- all the time. Baba, I wasted the long span of my life by indulging in negative deeds and remaining oblivious of You. Remaining distant, I wasted my life. But now in the end, You have lovingly lifted me from the dust and gently placed me on Your divine lap. Baba, You are so gracious. You are Love Personified...
Namaskar, As we usher in this Happy New Year of 2009, here is one of Baba's original Ananda Vaniis for us to review and consider as it is quite applicable to our current situation. This is the Vanii which we selected, read, and discussed in our unit. Similarly, every other unit can choose the Vanii that they feel is most appropriate to this New Year's Day of 2009, and not fall into the ditch of dogma like Fake Ananda Vaniis.
Baba says, "With the progress of science, the globe has become smaller to the human eye. No place on the earth is now inaccessible, and this is why it is the most opportune moment for building a universal human society. Set yourselves to task without any further delay. Remember, a human society based on ideology must be built with the help of all the moralists and progressive people of the universe. This is the only way for the survival of human civilization. The task will inevitably be fraught with obstacles, and by combatting them you will have to be victorious." (A'nanda Va'nii #51)
In essence, Baba's above va'nii can be boiled down to three major aspects: 1. Due to science the world has become smaller so now is the best time to build up a singular human society. 2. The human society should be based upon ideology. 3. In this endeavor, there will be many difficulties and obstacles so one will have to struggle and fight to achieve victory. Baba's message is indeed most inspiring, unfortunately, in this present era most are interpreting this in their own dogmatic way.
Perhaps the only point that everyone agrees upon is the first-half of point #1. Whether capitalist or communist, H group or B group, Muslim or Hindu, Christian or Jew, everyone realises that due to the advancement of science this earth is far smaller and more accessible than it once was. This idea everyone understands. After this however, they all diverge. Because the second half of that same point states that now is the best time to build a healthy human society. In that case, the capitalists think the whole globe should function according to the dictates of a free-market economy; Muslims think that everyone should be brought into their fold and taught the Koran; H group thinks that everyone should recognise their leadership as the best; B group thinks that their Kolkata faction should be ruling over one and all; the Christians want to spread the Gospel of Christianity to all parts of the earth; and like that all have their own idea about how to build up a singular humanity based on their own selfish agenda. But that is not what the Vanii says.
The second point of Baba's Va'nii is that a universal society should be made based on ideology. About this point, no one agrees. Outside of AM, they all have their pseudo-philosophies and it is those notions that they are shouting about. The capitalists, the communists, the republicans, the democrats, the Hindus, the Muslims, etc, all have their battle cry that is limited to their own selfish strategy. And within AM, the various groups have their own vague notion about what AM ideology is, and they squeeze their own agenda into their pin-hole view of what ideology is. Of course in truth, when Baba says, "...a human society based on ideology must be built...", then He is referring to a universal human society standing on the pillars of bhagavata dharma that recognises the rights of all and sees everyone as the divine children of Parama Purusa. But no group in AM thinks like this. The B brigade thinks that ideology means the Bangalisation of AM where their group is ruling the roost and wherein the Amra Bengali Samaj is looked upon as the best, above the rest of humanity. H group thinks that ideology means keeping their own group in power at any and all cost. They think it means having everyone follow the AMPS structure while they themselves give dogmatic orders and sit at the helm. EC feels that it is their view that should get the next crack at ruling the Marga and they are willing to do whatever is needed to make this a reality, either by merging with B group or giving false promises to margiis. And NIA feels that the whole globe should be rally around the idea of opposing those in India. So this stand as yet another factional episode. Thus each group has their own faulty outlook as they twist and skew the term ideology to mesh with their group interests. And indeed, all the teams can give quite a flowery talk, but the base of their perspective is totally flawed, i.e. littered with groupist notions.
Lastly, they all think they are getting success in their dogmatic approach because they are being met with obstacles and difficulties. They think that due to this fight, theirs is the dharma which all should follow. Little however do they realise, that they are far, far from the goal. Because bringing the whole humanity under their little, narrow groupist agenda will never yield any fruit. One can never build a human society in this way. Many have tried in the past, but in the end they could never get success. Human beings want to realise their inherent dharma and live freely under the great sky, and not get stuffed into a tiny box of groupist control. So if at the beginning any group is able to lure some wts and margiis into their camp, it is only a matter of time before it implodes. Because dharma not groupism is what everyone wants. Hence, none should get duped into thinking that because others are opposing their group therefore theirs is the path of dharma. This is a foolish idea.
In so many discourses Baba says the necessary fuel for building up a universal human society based on bhagavad dharma is Sixteen Points, not subscribing to any group. Baba says, "Be firm on sixteen points. Unite all the righteous forces..." (A'nanda Va'nii #44) Baba says, "...In order to march ahead on the road of human welfare, we will have to strengthen ourselves in all the arena of life. The complete seeds of welfare in all the spheres – physical, mental, moral, social and spiritual – are embedded in the Sixteen Points. Hence be firm on the sixteen points." (A'nanda Va'nii #45) So the way to realise Baba's divine teaching of building one universal human society is to follow the practices and ideals given in 16 Points. There is no mention how joining any particular camp will give one the necessary edge to create one human society. Rather the existence of any group will be a thorn in the side of humanity.
Baba's above Va'nii is a great message for today's humanity. We all realise that the earth has become smaller. Jets, spaceships, email, i-Phones, and the various technological advances have made the globe a tiny place. Thus the setting is ripe for creating a universal human society. Now is the time for the propagation of the great ideology by those dedicated to the teachings of Baba. That is the next necessary step. And the way to do this is to be more and more sincere and vigilant in adhering to 16 Points. Then one will have the energy and strength to fight the status quo. The dogmas of Islam, capitalism, groupism, and every other ism must be eradicated. This is the fight which we must undertake. But if 16 points is not the basis of our stand, then instead of wiping out dogma we will be preaching it. That is what has happened to the various groupist leaders of the day. In the past under Baba's leadership they heartily fought against the communists and so many dark forces, but then after 1990, due to their lust for power, they got caught up in groupism and instead of fighting for dharma they became the authors of their dogmatic factional wars, nothing more.
By Baba's grace, in this bright new year of 2009, we will all be extra firm in following Sixteen Points and not allow the various groupist forces to keep hold of our Marga any longer. This it the first step towards building a universal human society under the saffron flag of AM ideology. Then this tiny globe really can become the home of dharma. Baba says, "With the progress of science, the globe has become smaller to the human eye. No place on the earth is now inaccessible, and this is why it is the most opportune moment for building a universal human society. Set yourselves to task without any further delay. Remember, a human society based on ideology must be built with the help of all the moralists and progressive people of the universe. This is the only way for the survival of human civilization. The task will inevitably be fraught with obstacles, and by combatting them you will have to be victorious." (A'nanda Va'nii #51) Namaskar Ram Sahay
We must all be careful not to fall into the ditch of Fake Ananda Vaniis. Baba has given His original and true Vaniis and just to select any quote and label it as a Vanii is just one groupist enterprise, nothing more. Every word Guru has given is mantra, but that does not mean that the we should repeat any word He has spoken as our ista mantra. Rather He has given a system for selecting one's personal ista mantra. Similarly, He has specifically identified a special section of His teachings as Ananda Vaniis, and we must not randomly select other passages and brand them as Ananda Vaniis. Yet that is what various groupists are doing. Hence theirs are nothing but Fake Ananda Vaniis and we should not give any credence to this dogma. Rather we should follow Baba's original system of Ananda Vaniis. Those are sufficient for the humanity, just like we need not invent any new ista mantras.
************************************** Health Guideline
Baba says, "Everyone may perform the practices below if they wish." "Utksepa Mudra: This Mudra should be practised in bed immediately upon waking. While lying on the back, one should flex both the arms and legs, bringing them over the chest, and then return them immediately to the extended position. After doing this three or four times, sit up in bed and drink a glass of cold water without allowing the water to touch the teeth. After this you should expose the navel area to the air, and walk up and down in this way for some time in the open air." (CC-3, 'Different Yoga Practices', Point #1)

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