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Reflection on our Late PP Dada

Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2008 23:51:14 To: Subject: Reflection on our Late PP Dada From: CJ Phillips Baba "D'eke ja'i sa'r'a' na' pa'i, e ki kat'hin hrdaya..." (P.S. 3184) Purport: Baba, I go on calling You, but I never get any response. Your heart is tough. You do not care about my longing; that is why You never respond. Sometimes You come close and sometimes You go on smiling, keeping Yourself distant. What type of drama or divine play is this. With the melody and rhythm of the dance, You go on floating like a tidal wave in the ocean. In all the ups and downs of Your various vibrations I always feel Your sweetness. Baba, in all the ages You are; You remain all the time; You never get lost. You are also present in those memories which have already faded away. There also You are. You are ever-present in the nucleus of everything, manifested or not manifested. Everything is saturated with Your love, Your grace. Baba, You love me and You want to listen to my call again and again, that is why You do not respond. This is one way of Your loving expression. Baba, I surrender everything unto You...
Namaskar, With the passing of PP Dada, we should take a moment to reflect upon his conduct as PP. What did he do right; what did he do wrong. And how did this affect the organisation. This will help us better understand the dynamics of the PP post as well as how the new PP should behave.
In our Caryacarya, Baba has given the provision about Purodha Pramukha. Among all the social posts in the organization, Purodha Pramukha is the most powerful social post. For example: (A) All the organizational executive decisions must reach to Purodha Pramukha for his discretionary and final judgment. (B) PP's post is for whole life long. (C) In the Purodha Board, PP's single vote has decisive meaning. (D) Each of the judiciary decisions also must reach to Purodha Pramukha for his final approval. (E) So many more rights he has. In a single word it can be said that the Purodha Pramukha post is the highest social post in our Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha. But of course, as everyone is aware Baba being the Guru is the spiritual head of Ananda Marga.
Baba warns in his various discourses that nobody should go against the dictates of dharma. Because, (A) "Svadharme nidhanam' shreya paradharmah bhaya'vahah" Following one's own dharma and dying, is better than following animal dharma. Because treading on animal dharma is horrifying. It invites one's own annihilation. (B) It is also said, "Dharma raks'ati raks'itah." Dharma saves those who follow dharma. And those who go against dharma, they invite their ruination. This above Baba's teaching gives this feeling, that whosoever may be, if going against the guideline of dharma. They invite their degeneration. In case of our late PP Dada, we have no right to overlook the situation because it has affected one and all. Inside, as well as outside Ananda Marga.
So we should see that, what happened to PP? Why he die he lose his social power and status amidst the current group conflict? What wrong did he do. The point being that the new PP should not commit such mistake(s) and invite their own degeneration as has happened with our late PP Dada. The sense is that the Purodha Pramukha post has very strong power. But our latest our PP was powerless. How did this happen? What is the cause behind this? What happened to PP Dada, that brought this unfortunate situation? Despite having all sorts of organizational power, he became like one sheep. Under his nose, the whole organization fell apart. And he helplessly witnessed it all. So here, the critical point is: How did such a powerful post became useless, meaningless. And that post just got exploited. The answer is simple. PP Dada did not follow Baba's dictate of dharma. Although all the senior Margis are aware about this, but it is our collective duty to not allow this to happen to the next PP. So it needs reminding how Dada Shraddhanandji lost his authority and how he became powerless. What was the hidden reason. It is obvious that these following points which are Baba's dictates. But Dada Shraddhanand disobeyed and in result, we see what happened. The PP post had no dynamism or power. It is the same as when the life force is gone from the structure. Then superficially looking all the organs and limbs are present. But it is treated as a dead body. Unfortunately, that situation PP Dada created for his own-- by not obeying Baba's divine guideline. Please also know that this is not just about the situation of recent months, but rather the history that since '91, when Dada Shraddhanandji became PP & he was strong and healthy and travelling all around the globe, even then PP Dada Shraddhananda was not following basic aspects of bhagavat dharma which are mandatory for each and every Ananda Margii.
Since 1991, these dharmic points noted below wer not followed by PP Dada: (1) PP Dada did not attend any Paincajanya. (2) PP Dada never attended any collective kiirtan program. (3) PP never attended any dharmacakra program. (4) PP never sang Prabhat Samgiita. Instead he created his own silly Tuk Bandi, or haphazard collection of words. (5) PP was an ordinary human being. Even then, foolishly he treated himself as a God incarnate as if he did not need not to do collective Guru puja sitting on same level according to Caryacarya because, according to the rules which Baba has given, Parama Purusa is one and we are all His disciples. Even PP. Nobody is in between God and human beings. The age-old dogma propagated by Islam, Christianity and dogmatic Hinduism is that there is a medium between disciples and God. That very dogma has been rooted out and thrown awayin the garbage bin of AM. But PP still involved himself in that dogma. Because he always sat on the dais, and did not come down to the same level to do guru puja according to the commands of Caryacarya. How painful it is that in Caryacarya part I Baba has clearly written, that (a) to follow dharmacakra, (b) do Guru puja sitting in same level, and (c) to follow paincajanya are fundamental duties of Ananda Margiis. But PP Dada thought himself to be above all this. And that led to his downfall.
As we know, in AM, conduct is the main measuring rod. And Baba says, "Your ideal is represented by Your conduct". (AV #13) Although PP Dada was the designated social head of AM, he could not follow so many basic, fundamental required duties of Ananda Margiis.
(6) How painful it is that PP Dada enjoyed receiving "Parama Pita Baba ki Jai" slogan. He never participated. All Margiis & WTs feel blessed by raising "Parama Pita Baba ki Jai" slogan. But since 1990 nobody saw PP Dada once even raise this slogan Parama Pita Baba ki Jai. When the slogan is raised, then PP would fold his hands and smile as if he were Baba. That is why many senior Dadas were commenting that PP Dada lost his sense of right and wrong. There are innumerable aspects how PP Dada wazs not following 16 points, so he lost his senses and simple problems became chronic. And step by step he just became the tool or punching bag of various group leaders. So it is clear then that, so many dharmic points PP Dada did not follow. And due to this, chaos occurred on inside our AM, mostly done in the name of PP.
This all happened because of PP Dada's inner spiritual weakness-- due to his dislike for following Baba's guidelines and 16 points. As a result of which, he could not be a proper leader for AM and maintain the spirit of unity among one and all. Had PP Dada followed Baba, these things would never have happened. Rather, these problems would have been solved. So PP Dada Shraddhananda's going aginst Baba's dharmic mandates is the main cause-- nothing else. Keeping this view in mind strict vigilance is needed in the selection of a new PP.
Baba says, "...Through clashes and conflicts one must move towards the Supreme Desideratum...Keep moving onward, singing the song of the forward march." (AV #65) Namaskar, Cinmay
Instead of following dharma and learning Prabhat Samgiita, the idea was put in our late PP Dada's mind that he should compose his own songs. That was Sarvatmananda's plan in order to deify the post of PP. And our late PP Dada fell into this trap. The following is one Shraddha Shuman song of our late PP DadaShraddhanandji. It is one of the thousands upon thousands of songs which PP Dada composed and published using AMPS funds. Rather than promoting Baba's divine songs of Prabhat Samgiita, huge money and effort went into promoting these silly compositions by PP Dada. By reading the below, it will be clear why many say that that the late PP Dada's songs are "Tuk Bandi" i.e. foolish rhymes. The words in Bojpuri language appear first. Each line is followed by the English translation.
(1) TV ke aviska'r se, ketana suvidha ho gaili ba' With the invention of TV, it became very comfortable (2) Ghar hi vaithal log, sa'ri ghatana'ke jani ja't ba' Sitting in the house, people get all the news (3) Duniya'n men ketana' liila, krida ho rahal ba' So many games and sports are going on in the world (4) sabh log unhaninn ke Dekhi rahal ba', a' suni rahal ba' Everyone is watching those games and listening also (5) Katahin natak katahin mahabharat, katahin ramayan ke dekat ba' Some people are watching drama, some serials, some mahabharat plays, some Ramayana (6) ketana manohar drshy ba', dekhe men acaraj lagat ba' I feel surprised while seeing this on television, how beautiful it is. (...This is the end of PP Dada's song about "watching television".)
****************************************** Health Guideline: Impotency is on the Rise
These days around the globe in so-called advanced countries impotency is on the rise. In western countries, impotency is not very uncommon. Proof of this is that adoption agencies are earning a lot of money; they bring children from very poor areas like Africa, parts of Asia, free of cost and sell them to Euro-American countries for thousands of dollars. But the main problem is that impotency & infertility are on the rise. Here Baba gives the causes as well as the solutions. Baba says, "If excessive waste of semen occurs due to the bad habit of masturbation during adolescence or youth, or due to lack of restraint in married life, the seminal fluid becomes thin and the symptoms of seminal weakness appear. This is also a kind of sexual debility, and it is called seminal infertility." "A serious lack of sexual restraint will make the nerves of the pelvis and genitals weak or damaged...This is called genital impotency." "As I have already said, impotency and infertility, in most cases if not all, are diseases of over-indulgence; so one should keep control over their thoughts and actions. The male should stay away from feminine company as long as the disease is not fully cured." (YT, p. 55-6) Note 1: Those suffer from this should take it very, very seriously. And others must understand so that they can help educate and serve the suffering masses. I have seen so many people who do not know these beautiful rules of Baba and they invite danger. Note 2: Because of this the population growth is decreasing in various countries.

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