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Re: Ghosts Exist: Keshavanandji Says

From: "Marc Pele" To: Subject: Re: Ghosts Exist: Keshavanandji Says Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2010 14:39:46 +0000 Baba
Namaskar, Recently one respected Dada wrote in with some concerns about the letter, "Ghosts Exist: Keshavanandji says". Their letter is appended below for your review. But their basic premise is that the fear of a ghost is the same as the fear as snake and that what Dadaji has written in his book is fine. Here following is a point by point reply: 1a) The fear of a snake is a real fear; it is founded; snakes exist in this world and can bite you. 1b) The fear of a ghost is totally false - dogma. That fear is unfounded as ghosts do not exist. So one cannot equate having a fear of snakes with having a fear of ghosts. It is not at all the same thing. Note: There are some who have a general fear of spiders, rats, insects etc, and but that fear is not the same as "ghosts". Insects and rats exists whereas ghosts do not. 2a) Snakes can be controlled; they are a known entity. If one is bitten then they should be taken to the hospital for treatment. 2b) Ghosts cannot be controlled; they are an unknown entity. Ghosts can fly, they can eat you; and there is no standard, logical process to get treatment for treating an attack by a ghost. 3a) Baba does not say that snakes do not exist. He readily states that snakes exist so to write a Baba story about the fear of snakes is not contradictory. 3b) Baba does say that ghosts do not exist. He outrightly denies the existence of ghosts in His teachings so to write a Baba story about the fear of snakes is contradictory. If someone claims that Baba said that ghosts exist, then that is totally wrong. One is propagating something that Baba never told nor supports. It is similar to someone claiming that Baba says that Ananda Margiis should smoke tobacco and drink alcohol. 4a) Snakes only exist in certain limited environments - they do not roam anywhere and everywhere. They do not live in cold regions etc 4b) So-called Ghosts can go anywhere and get you anytime - they are not limited in any way. Their domain has no bounds. 5) At present around the globe - from poor countries to rich countries - people suffer from the mental disease of fear of ghosts. In some places it is very disastrous and other places it is more controlled. In the last one century alone, tens of thousands of innocent people have been brutally tortured and killed after being branded as being captivated by ghosts. The fear of ghosts is especially high in tribal communities such as in Africa etc. Certain populations strongly believe in the existence of ghosts. They are totally submerged in this dogma. And in places like Nigeria (Africa), if any bad thing happens to a family then the local Christian priest will say that it was caused by one of the children who is a ghost. They will then do all kinds of torturous things to that innocent child: put nails in their head, pour boiling water on them, and so many other painful things. All because that poor child has been branded as a ghost. This fear of ghosts leads people to commit so much harm. It has even become a big business in Africa wherein priests are charging huge money to rid families of ghosts. For more about this read: Thus in no way shape or form should we as Ananda Margiis contribute to such atrocities by encouraging this false, dogmatic fear of ghosts. Nor should we present to the public that Baba and AM supports the existence of ghosts. 6) If Dada Keshavananda had written that the so-called ghost is just product of one's own imagination and that Baba has given the medicine to fix this psychic fear, then that would have been fine. But Dadaji writes as if ghosts really exist and that this claim is supported by Ananda Marga and Baba. It should have be stated as follows: If one does sadhana and repeats their mantra then they will be cured of their psychic disease of seeing ghosts via their own imagination. Namaskar, Mahendra
Here is the link to the initial posting on this topic.
Here is Dadaji's letter which was written in reply to the initial posting (i.e. note 1). On 07/23/2010 09:03 PM, Dadaji wrote: > Namaskar > > It is relative on how you perceive the story. > > There is a person, who had problem "capture by ghost" and the margii > help using Baba's technique this free that person from Ghost problem. > For me it does not give indication that ghosts exist. > > Like someone afraid of snake, but there was no snake. There was a rope > coil like snake, and one margii free that person from fear of snake > by telling him that here is no snake but rope. > > Freeing someone "fear for snake - which is rope coiled like snake" > does not mean we also mis-perceive the rope as snake! > > Freeing someone from Ghost fear, does not mean we believed in ghost! > > Namaskar > Dada > > >

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