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Story: Onion & Garlic Purified by Guru Mantra

To: AM-GLOBAL Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2009 23:25:08 -0000 From: NJK Majumdar Subject: Story: Onion & Garlic Purified by Guru Mantra Baba "A'lora pathik ese geche tamah na'shiya'..." - P.S. 467 Purport: By His divine grace the almighty Parama Purusa, the Traveler of divine effulgence has come and all the darkness has vanished by His august advent. The lethargy, drowsiness & staticity have gotten destroyed. The walls & gates of the jail have been smashed by His grace. In a flash-- blink of an eye-- He has destroyed the dogma and crudeness which had accumulated since hundreds of years. All the dark clouds of confusion and dilemma have been removed. Now in each and every direction-- wherever one looks-- the effulgence of spiritual bliss is spreading and floating, bring smiles on the faces of one and all. O' my friends, family members, brothers and sisters, please do not remain distant and away. Do not keep yourself separate and alien. Please come close. The Divine Entity has come and spread His love all around. Sing and dance with the happiness of the infinite attraction and inspiration of His divine vibration...
Namaskar, By Baba's grace-- over the years-- I have had innumerable opportunities to travel around with our various Dadas. And while that was usually quite inspiring for me, I also did get a first-hand view how some of our Dadas have taken to "following" 16 Points.
In particular, there is one Dada who I have traveled with on several occasions and he has one very special type of practice. On his longer train & bus journeys he usually fails to bring sufficient food with him so he often purchases food along the way. But fruits alone do not satisfy him so he often buys cooked vegetable dishes while traveling. I have seen him do this when traveling across Utter Pradesh, to and from Delhi, throughout Maharashtra, to and from Kolkata, and in so many places. Always he purchases cooked vegetables (subjii) and flat bread (roti) to satisfy his hunger. And while I certainly do not like to see any Dada go hungry, it also has to be noted that all these cooked vegetable items from the various stalls are laced and filled with onion and garlic. That onion and garlic has been fried and boiled into the dish such that all the food is totally saturated with those ta'masik spices-- and then of course there are also some whole pieces of onion and garlic still floating around the dish. But those are mostly "lifeless" as already all their ta'masik essence has been squeezed out of them and spread throughout the dish. Anyway, please excuse me for saying so, but Dadaji would eat this type of cooked vegetable filled with onion and garlic on so many of his train & bus journeys. This I have personally seen-- as have so many other margiis. Many of us have witnessed this Dada do like this. Even then there is more to tell. Because Dadaji's "special" way of treating the matter was to pick up one of those lifeless pieces of onion or garlic, toss it aside, then say guru mantra, and then eat a mouthful of vegetables-- those very same vegetables that had been cooked & saturated in those onions and garlic for hours and hours. It was and is quite a sight. Unfortunately, such are the eating habits of Dada Citsvarupananda during his lengthy train & bus journeys. Somehow Dadaji thinks that he is escaping all the ta'masik effects of the onion and garlic by taking guru mantra. But, if we use our rational mind, we know that this is not the case. This is not the system: i.e. eating ta'masik things like onion and garlic all day long and then saying guru mantra as if everything is all perfect. I do not think this is how Baba wants that we should follow 16 Points.
While running the organisation, Baba was extremely strict that everyone properly follow 16 points and yama and niyama. He was scolding and pointing out everyone about this. If anyone ate onions, or meat, or garlic, or did any nonsense thing, then He would strongly rebuke and point out that Dada. And this scolding had one marvelous benefit: It taught us the devotional practice that He knows everything and that He is always watching us. And that is the basic essence of second lesson: To live one's life thinking that Baba is with me watching my each and every action. That is the cream of second lesson and by this way one cannot do anything wrong. And if anyone temporarily forgot this fact-- and would indulge in some crude deed-- then Baba would remind them that He sees everything by scolding them in front of all. By this way, everyone-- especially Dadas-- would be careful to follow 16 Points.
But after 1990, many forget this divine fact that Baba is always watching. So for their own convenience they would do what they like. Because there was no reporting or dharma samiiksa to remind them that Baba is watching. Rather they just thought that Baba is gone. Such was their degeneration of mind. And in that way, various Dadas like Citsvarupananda adopted negative practices like eating onions and garlic etc. Because they think that Baba is gone so therefore it is ok. But of course this is not the proper way. Unfortunately, many of our Dadas have adopted this faulty outlook and in that way they skip their fasting, overlook their sadhana lessons, do not go out for kapalik, indulge in sex, etc etc. This is the tragic result. And always it starts small-- with a small infraction-- and they rationalise that wrong action and gradually that negative deed multiplies into a bigger and bigger problem. Until one is totally degenerated-- inside and out. In that case, with some of our Dadas, they only wear the sannyasi dress, but they themselves are not sannyasis.
The only way to avoid this tailspin is to cultivate the devotional practice that Baba is always with me and watching me. Then one will always abide the the rules and regulations of dharma and not fall into the quagmire of sin and degeneration.
Here Baba warns us of the harmful effects of eating ta'masik food. So Dada C and others should give up their negative ways because Baba does not approve of the crude practice of eating onions or meat and then befooling oneself by saying guru mantra. That is not the standard method. So here is Baba's warning about the ill effects of ingesting ta'masik foods: Baba says, "Cells generally grow out of light, air, water and the food we eat. The nature of food and drink has its effect upon the cells, and consequently also influences the human mind. Obviously each and every sa'dhaka, or spiritual aspirant, should be very cautious in selecting food. Suppose a person takes ta'masika, or static, food. The result will be that after a certain period, static cells will grow and exercise a static influence on the aspirant’s mind. Human beings must select sa'ttvika, or sentient, or ra'jasika, or mutative, food according to time, place and person. This will lead to the birth of sentient cells, which in turn will produce a love for spiritual practice and help in attaining psychic equilibrium and equipoise, leading to immense spiritual elevation." (YP, 'Food, Cells, & Mental Development')
By Baba's grace we should always think that He is with us and watching us, then we will always be strict adherents of 16 Points and progress on the spiritual path. Baba says, "The idea, the spirit or the secret to develop devotional cult is to think, while doing anything, while doing any mundane duty or doing any spiritual practice – you should always remember that He is Subject, He is seeing what you are doing. He is hearing what you are thinking. You cannot do anything secretly. He is always with you." "This idea has got one advantage and one disadvantage. The disadvantage is that you cannot even think secretly. All your thoughts are tape-recorded by Him. You cannot think secretly. And the advantage is that you are never alone; He is always with you. You are never helpless, you are never shelterless, you are never weak, you are the strongest personality of the universe, because the Supreme Entity is always with you." (AV-12) Namaskar, Nagendra
*************************************************** Brave Persons
Baba says, "Do not remain worried about your individual problems at all. Be prepared to carry your own burden and be prepared also to carry the burdens of others. Then alone are you brave. Be dagdhabiija. Everyone has his or her own individual problems. Do not try to pass them on to others. On the contrary, bear the burdens of others. No one is your enemy. Be ready to bear the burdens of others." (AV-30, p.4)

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