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The Net of Capitalism... (Part 2)

Date: Mon, 09 Feb 2009 21:08:30 -0700 (PDT) From: Pradiip Bauer Subject: The Net of Capitalism... To: Baba "Utta'l moh-jaladhi ghire rekhechilo more prabhu eto din..." (P.S. 2366) Purport: Baba, as I am just a very ordinary human being, I got caught up in the noose of pashas (bondages) and ripus (internal enemies). The worldly lust was too strong; I was surrounded by the high tide & upsurging ocean of mundane attachments. Baba, in this way I was kept in the dark like this for so long, O' Prabhu. Baba, my condition was miserable; I was lonely & isolated. In my heart there was no one whom I felt close to in this world; I had no one to call my own. The musical instrument of my mind was just engaged in chanting my own greatness and glory. In this way my time was getting wasted-- engaged in my own self-aggrandizement. Baba, You did immense grace on me. On one auspicious dawn You came close to me with silent footsteps. With the showering of Your ahetuki krpa', You made the bud of my mind blossom in countless spectrums of colours and forms. My life became meaningful by Your grace. Baba, for ages and ages I was not aware about You. But by Your grace, You made me realise and recognise you. Baba, in the past I was not aware how sweet You are. But with that divine, sonorous, and attractive sound, and with the melody and rhythm of the songs, You became the most intimate one of my heart. Baba, jinanis think that You can be attained by logic and reasoning. And karmiis think that You can be held on the strength of actional faculty. But by Your grace, You made me understand that neither external strength nor logic & reasoning have the capacity to get You. Baba, You can only be held by love. O' my Dearmost Baba, everyone has infinite desires. Knowingly and unknowingly everyone wants You-- because they cannot be satisfied by worldly gains alone. Baba, in everyone's heart, You always gently swing back and forth like the hope of the creeper plant. And at the end of a their grand journey, that very eternal & infinite longing culminates and becomes one with You...
Namaskar, In our Marga there is not anyone who needs reminding about the avaricious and exploitative ways of those blood sucking capitalists. Because in countless discourses Baba has exposed the extreme negativity of those vaeshyan vampires. Here of course we are talking about those top-most corporate heads who steer the whole boat of capitalism and make life like hell for the common people by their greedy ways-- specifically by their psychic exploitation of the unsuspecting masses.
In contrast Baba espouses the teaching of Prout and in particular the cooperative system. Because while in the capitalist structure the over-accumulation of wealth is the greedy endpoint wherein the top dogs hoard all the money, instead of that in the cooperative approach the fair-minded earnings of collective are rationally divided between all participants. Baba says, "The total profit of such co-operatives should be distributed amongst the workers and members of the co-operative according to their individual capital investment in the cooperative and to the service they render to the production and management of the co-operative." (PNS-14, p.46) Thus as Baba describes above, in the cooperative system the profits are shared based on the merit system; and in that way all participants earn a fair portion based on their investment and work ethic. This is but one of the revolutionary qualities of the God-oriented cooperative model.
In a nutshell it can be said that capitalists spit on our Proutistic approach of cooperatives because those capitalist money-makers are driven by their extreme selfish desire to pocket huge amounts of money-- all the while stepping on the faces and backsides of those doing the work.
Capitalist psychic exploitation is going on at such an outrageous pace and the main devious underlying factor is that they have molded the minds of the common public. That means they have brainwashed the common public-- i.e. their employees are ready to respond to their every beckon and call. What those top company bloodsuckers want to do they get done with the willing help of their exploited employees. Thus from the very outset, the whole situation is lopsided. Of course Ananda Margiis are acutely aware of the exploitative measures taken by those company leaders. But, sadly enough, the common public is totally duped & brainwashed. They get spoon-fed the idea that the company is their well-wisher and friend-- that the company is their family. So at first the capitalist merely purchased their employees by giving them a paltry amount of money. But now those capitalist executives inject brainwashing strategies in order to get employees to do their work. For example during holiday and weekends, the company organises various types of "fun" gatherings like picnics and seminars etc whereby the employees pass even their leisure time under the "protective care" of the company. They even take family vacations with their company bosses. The whole point being that they get led to believe that the company is actually their family. And once this idea gets set in the mind, then those employees will walk to the ends of the earth to get the job done for their beloved company. So what an irky situation. Because company execs have taken over the life of their employees and driving them to work to their death whereby they get so stressed out that their minds are totally frozen & diseased. Yet simultaneously the crippled employees are duped into thinking that their lot will be improved by making the company more successful. This is another aspect of the brainwashing going on. And in this way those capitalist exploiters exponentially advance their income and increase profits for every paltry employee they hire. Because they pay the employees 1x amount and from that employee's work those capitalist make 10x, 50x, 100x or more. And when you multiply that by each and every employee, then it is quite evident how much huge money is going into the bank accounts of those company leaders. All done by psychically exploiting their work-force. Actually the employees are so brainwashed that they are not shocked or dismayed by this. Rather they glorify their companies and pay tribute to and worship the Donald Trump's and Bill Gates's of the world. Because those capitalist bloodsuckers appease their employees by feeding junk into their brain. So see how it is all working.
Altogether the situation is just like one master who had a dog. And the master after taking a huge voracious meal where he is fed like a king and then if he eats one morsel more then he will burp or even vomit then in that state he feeds those leftover scraps to the dog and in turn the dog is forever grateful. Such is the situation nowadays with those employees in the general society. They are being exploited to the bone. They end up eating, sleeping, & dreaming about their work. Even Saturdays and Sundays they get called in to their job and thousands of overtime hours never get clocked and like that they work to the bone. And they are so brainwashed the company is their benefactor that when they get a measly "bonus" they become thrilled as if that is really something great. When in fact from their efforts already their employers have made huge bone that is piled to the sky and then as an afterthought they half-heartedly toss a few copper coins in the direction of their employees and by that tactic again they get the renewed vigor, commitment and faith of their employees. All because the employees have become psychically crippled by their bosses. This is the way the situation is going on these days. All because the general public is unaware and in their ignorance they revere those capitalists and are ready to do anything for them. All this is going on in those so-called advanced capitalist countries.
However in the Proutistic model life is entirely different. Baba says, "PROUT supports the implementation of the co-operative system. Its inner spirit is one of coordinated co-operation, for only that can ensure the healthy, integrated progress of humanity. The co-operative system is essential to establish complete and everlasting unity amongst the human race. People should work to enjoy sweeter fruits by establishing the co-operative system." (PNS-14, p. 40) Namaskar, Pradiip NOTE 1: Here below Baba is furthermore telling about the special benefits of Proutistic cooperatives. Baba says, "Through the co-operative system human society will progress with accelerating speed." (PE) Baba says, "Co-operatives will greatly assist in psychic and spiritual advancement." (PE) NOTE 2: In the above quotes the reference PE is given and that means the book-- "Proutist Economics", which is a collection of several of Baba's discourses on Prout. NOTE 3: Others should also write-in detailing what they have seen with regards to the psychic exploitation of the masses by those capitalists. What strategies do they do to befool and brainwash their employees.
*************************************** What is Dharmashastra
Baba says: "Dharmashastra is to establish the human beings in the stable, exalted position of spiritual ideation; it must be practical, rational, infallible, and universal. It must be based on deep eternal truth. It must be aptavakya. A scripture is a guiding entity. The Subhasita Samgraha series of books are the scripture of Ananda Marga ideology." (APH-4, 'Our Spiritual Treatise') Note: By Baba's above guideline we can understand that only the divine, eternal, and spiritual teachings of Sadguru are dharmashastra-- nothing else. Unfortunately some Dadas mistakenly think that when they stand up and talk after collective meditation then that is also dharmashastra. But by Baba's above guideline it is evident that this is just their misnomer or dogma. A Dada's talk can never be called dharmashastra. All that can be said is that if what those Dadas talk about is based on Baba's teachings then we can say it falls within the realm of svadhyaya. And if what those Dadas are talking about after collective meditation is just their personal tales about how they were riding on a bus or other silly or sweet stories about their travel, then that is just their own gossip. In which case that really should be shared during meal time-- not directly after collective sadhana.

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