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So Many Achievements

Date: Fri, 05 Sep 2008 23:49:51 -0000 To: Subject: So Many Achievements From: RB_MAURYA@ecectronic... Baba "A'ma'r chot' mane prabhu eso..." (PS 2821) Purport: O' Baba, O' Prabhu, O' Divine Entity, I am not a great sadhaka, my mind is not expanded-- so by Your mercy please grace me by coming in my little mind, in my dry heart. Baba, You are vast. You are the Controller of this entire universe. Baba, everything resides within Your mind. In addition, You possess all the occult powers. You are omnipotent. In contrast, I am meagre and small. I am just a little speck of dust in this infinite cosmos. Even then please grace me by coming and sitting in my house-- in my heart. Baba, I am small and my mind is small. I am shackled by the astapasha*, the eight bondages, and the sadripus*, the six enemies. I am sunk in the darkness of avidya maya. Baba, even then I think of You as my own, as mine. Always I hold You in my heart. Baba, with Your divine compassion please colour me in Your colour. Baba, shower me in Your divine grace, and fill my heart with devotion, and make me Yours. Baba, please smile in a sweet, attractive, and intimate way. Come to me in my dreams and become my own. Baba, by Your sweet will flood my entire existence with Your divine love. Baba, You are very great and I am very ordinary. I do not have any sterling qualities nor do I have the strength of being virtuous, nor do I possess glittering brilliant knowledge. I have not done any proper work in my life; I have not had high sadhana or experienced samadhi. I have not accomplished anything great. Baba, by Your grace I only have the love of the lotus-- love for You. By Your infinite compassion I cry for You day and night. I long for You and surrender my everything at Your lotus feet. I depend only You completely. This is the only quality that I have-- by Your grace. Baba, please float in the fragrance of that sweet lotus; please come in my heart and become my own. O' Baba, no one is mine, except You. Please reside eternally in my heart... ASTERISK NOTES (*): *As't'a'pa'sha: Baba says, "As't'apa'sha means the eight fetters. Anyone bound by fetters will lose his capacity of movement. In the creation we find the movement of human beings is from the crude to the subtle. That is, human beings have to move towards the subtle, but by their leaning towards the eight fetters such as lajja', bhaya, and ghrn'a', they get absorbed in crude things only and their progress towards the subtle is stopped. Bhaya (fear), lajja' (shame), ghrn'a' (hatred), shaunka' (doubt), kula (high descent), shiila (complex of culture), ma'na (vanity) and jugupsa' (backbiting) are the eight fetters." (AMEP) *Sa'dripu: Baba says, "S'at' means 'six' and ripu means 'enemies'. These six faculties in human beings are termed as enemies, as they absorb the mind in crudeness and stop its march towards the subtle. The supreme rank for unit consciousness is subtle, and anything which holds it back from reaching the supreme rank, is its enemy. These six faculties are, therefore, termed as six enemies. Ka'ma (longing for earthly objects), krodha (anger), lobha (avarice), moha (blind attachment), mada (vanity) and ma'tsarya (envy) are the six enemies." (AMEP)
Namaskar, Every once in a while it is important to take "a look back" in order to best evaluate one's present circumstances. This applies both to individual life as well as collective life. Using that simple formula, let us take a quick glance over our shoulder and have a peek at the state of our organisation, AMPS. Presently, with their narrow perspective, some in AMPS may be moaning and groaning and lamenting that today is the worst situation ever; really there are any number of complaints and defects one might raise etc. But if we "take a look back" and survey the scene over the past 18 years with a careful eye and balanced mind, then with that broad outlook it quickly becomes evident that so many great things have been accomplished in our AMPS since 1990. So many advances have been made. Using the dual measuring rods of ideology and unity, we can easily say that the present situation in AMPS is quite positive-- very, very good.
First, as we all know, ideology is ideology-- it is straight and clean. Baba says, "A'darsha or ideology in the genuine sense is that which we look up to for guidance and inspiration to move in the proper direction." (PNS-15) So basically speaking, we can say that ideology-- i.e. AM ideology-- is a wholly positive force that always leads one to the Supreme Goal. Without any doubt, true unity occurs with the advent of Taraka Brahma. Under His divine leadership and guidance, the society can jointly move in a perfectly smooth and wholesome direction. Baba says, "Mahasambhuti...comes to the world to educate the people, to create a Cosmic vibration in the world...Mahasambhuti is born to guide the people." (Disc MHB, p.37) Hence so long as the world is guided by His teachings, by the teachings of Mahasambhuti, then that is true unity. Because everyone is rallying around a grand set of ideals-- AM ideology. And in out Marga since day 1 all margiis and many workers have been wholly united in trying to follow Him. And still it is like that-- everyone is ever-ready to adhere to Baba's divine guidelines. Except for a few power hungry leaders who have been at the helm since on an off since 1990. Instead of trying to follow Baba they are stuck up in their own selfish agenda. And this is not an isolated circumstance. Throughout the ages there have been various crooked and demonic leaders like Hitler who have tried to impose there groupist or racist polices on the rest of the globe-- thereby causing suffocation all around. In the course of history, such exploitative forces like the Catholic church and despotic monarchs have also formed a cheap, unholy unity such as in the 'Dark Ages' etc, when the church would not let the common people breathe freely. So when crude rulers guided by their selfishness gain full control over the society it has horrific results. In contrast when the leaders are negative but are unable to achieve full control then that is comparatively better for the common people. In that case the leaders are no doubt heinous but because they are unable maintain their own cohesiveness, such crooked leaders are unable to carry out their devilish agendas and nasty plots etc.
It is just like if there is a band of thieves who have the harmful agenda to blow-up a train in order to rob the people. If those thieves are together in their heinous thinking, then there is the very strong chance that they will successfully carry out their evil plan. But if there is struggle and strife within that band of thieves, and if they are arguing amongst themselves and losing trust in one another, then without a sense of cohesiveness they will never be able to execute their heinous plot. So unified control is needed t do something very harmful. Thus if a negative party comes into power and if their control is broken, then that in itself is a big victory.
Now let us circle back to our original topic-- the current state of affairs in AMPS. Since 1990 our AMPS organisation has undergone a number of metamorphoses. There have been multiple "leaderships" who have been guided by their selfish agendas etc, yet throughout that entire time the margiis have remained united in their deep desire to follow Baba. So during that relatively short sixteen-year period, so many things have happened. There has been a negative leadership that established a heinous form of total control an forcibly imposed their negative agendas as well as other negative leaderships that could not get all the reins in their hand-- they could not achieve maximum control of the Marga. That is why when we look around today, we can see so many bright spots and plus points-- wherein our ideology was saved and disaster has been averted. Because although groupism is rampant nowadays amongst the leaders, there is a schism amongst them all due to their selfishness-- and of course all the while all margiis are steadfast in their desire to follow Baba. Let us take a closer peek so we can understand what this all means.
Up until 1990 our boat of AMPS was steered by the Master Oarsman-- our Divine Saduru Baba. And up till that time ideology reigned supreme and everything was moving in an overwhelmingly positive direction. Everybody remembers this well. Then came the single most negative and disastrous period in the history of our AMPS. Because from 1990-1994, a dastardly leadership came into power and they got stooges to rally around them. The margiis remained strong in adhering to Baba's mandates but the crooked administration pushed hard with their own negative agenda. In that circumstance, with their malevolent leadership and their unholy unity, so many deep-seeded and harmful things were done. In short, that crude leadership did the worst thing possible: They systematically began dismantling Baba's divine ideology and side by side started enforcing their own dogmas. Indeed who can forget those awful and dark days under Sarvatmananda's wicked campaign. Of course Rudrananda is pursuing his own way. But in those years Sarvatmananda ruled over AMPS with an iron-fist, after gaining the support of all the Central Workers. Either they supported him out of their selfish agenda to get some post or they supported him out of fear. Reason be what it may, but they supported him. And in that circumstance-- with the crude power of their fake unity-- so many dastardly plans got carried out. That is why it was the worst era imaginable. Every margii can recall how suffocating and hellish that environment was.
Not that anyone needs any reminding, but to produce a balanced outlook we should momentarily recount some of the heinous misdeeds and dogmatic rules created under Sarvatmananda's feisty rule. - First and foremost by unanimous vote, Sarvatmanandji & Co. implemented the crude dogma of Mahaprayan Divas. To crush margiis' devotional sentiment, Sarvatmananda & Co. falsely formulated their misguided Mahaprayan program to impose the negative feeling that Baba is really gone and finished. By this way those leaders felt they could grab undisputed power. - It was also ruled that Mahaprayan must be attended by all workers and margiis. In that way Sarvatmananda filled the week of so-called Mahapryan with countless reportings and organisational meetings. Those margiis and wts who failed to attend were black-balled, threatened, and ousted. WT's faced serious attack if they did not attend and margiis would be ousted from the Bhukti Pradhana voter lists etc. - On the point of scripture, Sarvatmanandji's dictatorial regime did countless damage. First they made the dogma that "Translated from the original Bengali" should be printed on the title page of all of our AM books-- to establish Bengali superiority. Then step by step so many other things were done on the point of distorting the scripture. - With their false unity, they altered the Bengali and Hindi versions of the AM Revolution discourse and deleted the historic paragraphs about Margii rights. They also did the same damage with the English Electronic Series of Baba's books with ZY Search etc. - All the Subhasita Samgraha books from part 7-12 in Hindi were wrongly translated and printed from the Bengali editions even though those discourses were given in Hindi originally by Baba Himself. In that case nearly every word which Baba spoke was altered. - Margiis Rights were immediately torn down. The ACB became Sarvatmananda's puppet board. The Bhukti Pradhan Elections turned into a farce as Baba's original BP manual was tossed aside and Sarvatmandaji created his own fake BP manual. - Any margii who spoke out about any injustices was immediately ostracised and victimised. Because the margiis were united in their desire to follow Baba and when anyone spoke out against the selfish agenda of Centre then there was hell to pay. - There was no freedom of speech whatsoever. On the first email networks everyone was stricken with fear and nobody would dare write anything about the injustices going on-- no matter how harmful and intolerable they were. - Plus Sarvatmanandji implemented the tiirtha dogma by making the Memorial and Mahasamadhi in Tiljala etc. All done in order to bring margiis to Kolkata so he could get their money and make Bengal into the focal point of AM life. - With his suffocating grip, Sarvatmanandji also imposed the fake rule that there should not be any communication amongst workers outside the chain of command. That means there could be no family feeling in AMPS. As brothers, Dadas were forbidden to write or communicate with one another. Just in cold-blooded terror, workers could only follow the harsh rule of their higher authority. - And indeed these heinous list of dogmas, injustices, and inhumane rules could be listed on and on. Because having gained a fake unity, Sarvatmanandji carried out all sorts of nasty plots and crooked programs.
As we all know, Baba's AM ideology is the saving grace for the humanity. Baba says, "A correct spiritual ideology is the only solution to the problems confronting the world. From this perspective we can call Ananda Marga ideology the philosophers' stone. Just as the philosophers' stone is meant to transform everything into gold, Ananda Marga ideology can, most definitely, find a just and rational solution whenever it is applied to any problem." (POD, #36) So when by his absolute power and outlandish control Sarvatmanandji began distorting and tearing down those very divine pillars of our holy AM ideology, then that was without question the most negative and harmful episode in our AMPS history. Surely Rudrananda also has his distinct ills but he never had that type of unanimous support-- i.e. negative unity-- in order to carry out the wide-scale plots and sub-plots which Sarvatmanandji engineered in a such short period of time. In the past it took centuries and generations to distort Lord Krsna's teachings, but in just a period of months, Sarvatmananda and crew did untold damage to Baba's divine teachings that even Rudrananda could not equal. Because by altering the scriptures, changing Baba's guidelines, distorting Baba's original election manuals, and by all these intolerable attacks on the holy body of AM teachings, the rule of Sarvatmananda had the nasty plan to permanently distort Baba's pristine example and timeless ideology. Who can forget that by garnering support from various corners-- i.e. by threatening one and all-- and by Sarvatmanandji imposing his unchallengeable command, they did all those heinous acts related with ruining Baba's teachings. And nobody could say anything about it without getting beaten, abused, and thrown in the river. So despite the fact in their heart all margiis wanted to implement Baba's divine teachings, Sarvatmananda with his loyal cronies imposed a reign of terror in AMPS, creating hell for one and all.
That is why when we look around today and see things for what they are, we can easily come to the conclusion that things are comparatively better-- indeed many great strides have been made. Because through the determined efforts and hard work of margiis and wt's around the globe, Baba's divine teachings have been saved. Step by step everyone is rejecting all those dogmas which Sarvatmananda imposed and now all Ananda Margiis are calling out that Baba's divine teachings must be preserved, kept in tact, followed, and implemented. And not only that, margiis throughout the globe are engaging in deep study to better understand AM ideology. Of course today we are still hounded by a negative leadership. Rudranandji is a power mongerer and a crooked force. But by Baba's grace, Rudranandji has been unable to form a consensus rule-- that is he has not been able to create total unbridled control of the organisation where everyone is forced to adhere to his command and unholy agenda. He could not do that. Rather there is chaos all around amongst the groupist leaders. And while to some this may look unnerving, but actually it has been quite good. Because with the leadership still being so crooked, with unbridled power they could create hell all around and impose all sorts of crooked rules and suffocating dogmas. But now with the groupist leaders at odds with one another, Rudrananda cannot rule absolutely and there is no iron voice ordering common margiis what to do. In that case everyone is welcome to do as they please. Hence margiis with their devotional heart are doing AM pracar in their units and studying and preserving the teachings of AM. And that is the greatest accomplishment. And invariably as more magiis and field workers follow Baba's divine teachings the day is sure to come soon when true dharmic unity is achieved in AMPS. Because when the ideology has been saved, then true unity is imminent-- it is bound to happen.
So by looking all around and by doing a quick review of the post 1990 history, we can see that things are looking pretty good-- if not excellent. First off, all the negative dogmas which Sarvatmanandji imposed are step by step getting eradicated. And side by side AM ideology has been saved and there is a growing and mounting momentum for ideology to be our measuring rod in all aspect of life. Because little by little more and more of Baba's teaching are getting saturated into people's existence, in which case Ananda Margiis can feel the call of dharma in their heart. In that situation who is going to revert back and allow someone to impose dogmatic preachings-- never. That is why we can say that there have been so many achievements in this present era. The ideology has been saved; dogmas have been eradicated; Margiis right are coming to the forefront; Scriptures are getting preserved; and there is a growing awareness that AMPS must follow AM ideology. All these positive features are shining brightly in this present era. And regarding the growling dog known as Rudrananda who is ruling the scene. With all the chaos amongst the groupist factional leaders, his dream is fading fast and it is only a matter of time before dharmic margiis and wts create that neat, well-knit AMPS society based on the golden teachings of neo-humanism. So fear not, true unity is on the way.
By Baba's divine grace life in AMPS is getting better and better day by day-- soon we will be ensconced in that era of dharma and unshakable unity, true unity. Baba says, "Utilizing the vibrations created for eternal time by Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji through janusparsha and varabhaya mudras, take yourself and the entire universe ahead along the path of all-round welfare. Omn Shanti." (CC-1, 'Concluding Words') Namaskar, Rambabu
Here Baba outlines how important it is to have a great ideology in tact. And by His divine grace we have that. Baba says, "Naturally human beings must keep on moving ceaselessly; but supposing one does not have a goal, then one's movement will be like that of a rudderless ship sailing on stormy sea. If you keep rowing a boat without a fixed goal all your labour will go in vain, your time will be wasted, and you will also run the risk of being caught in a whirlpool. Therefore human beings must always have an a'darsha, an ideology before them." (SS-12) Now there is no question that AM ideology has been saved. By His grace we survived that stormy period where it could have gotten permanently distorted. And now with the growing support and energetic efforts of all margiis and field workers, AM ideology is being hailed as the greatest thing in life. Baba says, "Spiritual aspirants should remember that they will have to become completely dedicated to their ideology or a'darsha." (AMIWL-11) By Baba's divine grace, all are following His ideology more and more in which case true unity based on the grand ideals of AM will surely be achieved. That is His guarantee. That is why again and again we can say, so many achievements have been made and more are soon to come. Parama Pita Baba Ki- Jai!!
****************************************** Relation between Breathing and Thinking Capacity
Lord says, "The process of breathing has a great influence on the human mind and self, or soul. Suppose a person is running: his breathing immediately becomes heavy. In that condition he cannot think properly; the sensory organs such as the tongue, nose, etc., cannot function properly, and as a result one's perception is impaired." "Moreover, the process of breathing, depending upon whether the breath is flowing through the right nostril or the left nostril or both nostrils, influences people in various ways." (NSS, '95 ed., p.25)

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