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Way to serve even after death + 3 more


Way to serve even after death


In the scriptures it is said that, “Yah ágacchati sah gacchati." The meaning is that everything that is born will one day die. Those who have come, will go. That is why in Saḿskrta this world is called mrtyuloka, or ephemeral world.

A tale from the Mahabharata

In the Maha'bharat, there is a famous story about the time that a yaks'a posed a series of special questions to Yudhisthira. One of those queries was: 'What is the most surprising thing in this world?”

In reply Yudhisthira said, “Those who are born will die; but, nobody thinks about their own death. No one considers the fact that their own death will also come. Even when participating in a cremation procession to the burial grounds, people think that death is for others - not for themselves. No one believes that one day they will also meet their death. This is the most surprising thing in the world.”

Those who are born will die. Generally speaking, people are very curious to know about death. How it happens, what way it manifests, and what process goes on.
In Idea and Ideology Baba guides us about this phenomenon.

Ananda Marga philosophy says, "Proper adjustment and parallelism between the psychic and physical bodies causes life, and disassociation under adverse conditions results in death...proper adjustment between the waves of the psychic body and of the physical body is an essentiality...The loss in the parallelism of physical and mental waves causes death." (1)

Two main causes of death 

So death results due to the loss of parallelism between the physical and mental waves. Thus there are two main causes or types of death: physical and psychic.

Sometimes the physical body meets its demise as in the case of an accident or illness. And that initiates the dying process and thus leads to one's mental death, i.e. the mind leaves the body. This all happens because the physical body starts malfunctioning - suddenly or gradually. In this scenario there were no prior problems or tensions in the mental sphere. The person was happy and well. But for whatever reason the physical body became completely degenerated or destroyed. In the absence of a proper physical body, the mind cannot function and it is forced to leave the body. That is death due to a physical cause.

The second type of death occurs when the psychic waves get initially affected. In result they ruin their parallelism with the physical body. This happens when there is extra pressure on the mind due to the excess of any vritti - such as an excess of fear, sadness, happiness, etc. For example, due to a terrible fear of ghosts many people have died. And when people lose large amounts of money in the stock market they may become extremely psychically disturbed and shocked which can cause the body to stop functioning and die. Or if someone wins the 100 million dollar lottery their mind may become overly affected and excited, causing the loss of parallelism thereby inviting their death. So in these instances the reason for death was something psychic.

Thus the cause of death may be either in the physical or mental spheres.

What happens at the time of death

Here following Baba explains the internal science behind the dying process and what actually happens at the time of death.

Ananda Marga philosophy says, "The combined va'yus [or pra'n'a'h] pass out, and with their passing away from the physical structure all the external va'yus, except dhanainjaya, also leave the physical structure. Dhanainjaya causes sleep, and so to cause the deep sleep of death dhanainjaya remains in the body even after all the va'yus have left. When the dead body is burnt or gets totally decayed, dhanainjaya as well leaves the body and remains in the Cosmos to act again according to the will of Prakrti." (2)

Above Baba has explained what happens during the process of death. One va’yu after another leaves the body, including the dhanainjaya va'yu. At this point, the disembodied soul then moves throughout the entire universe - with the help of the rajahgun'a force of the Cosmic Operative Principle - in search of a new body. And this new body is allotted according to the type of reactive momenta attached with the disembodied soul.


When you know that death is certain, and that after your death your body will just be buried or burned, then best is if someone else can use those bodily organs to heal and cure themselves. That is great utility of the body. The various body parts (eyes, heart, liver, kidney, pancreas, and limbs etc) will be very useful for others so one should donate them for the common good. And one should make this decision and give consent while alive so that when you die those organs can be used for the welfare of others after your death. If you do not give permission ahead of time then your body may not be able to be used for organ donation. In each country there are specific ways to give consent in writing. It has to be done ahead of time since you cannot give consent after your death. Remember, there is not the beating of the drum to signify your impending death. One does not know when it will occur. So go ahead and give your consent if you have yet to do so. That is one more way you can serve humanity, even after your death.

at His feet,

How you can serve even after your death

Ananda Marga ideology says, "There are also two types of puńya: pratyakśa puńya and apratyakśa puńya – direct and indirect virtue. Pratyakśa puńya, or direct virtue, is acquired when one performs an action such as feeding the hungry or serving the infirm. Indirect virtue is acquired when one’s service has a recurring effect, such as service to the society, planting trees, etc. If banyan trees are planted beside a hot and dusty road they will continue to give shelter to weary travellers for one thousand to two thousand years. Virtue acquired in this way is indirect virtue...everyone can attain indirect virtue. Of course, people can also attain direct virtue if they make the effort. The financially handicapped can render physical service; the physically handicapped can render intellectual service. Everyone can render service in some way or other. This explains puńyam or virtue." (3)

1. Idea and Ideology, Life, Death and Saḿskára
2. Idea and Ideology, Life, Death and Saḿskára
3. Ananda Vacanamrtam - 8, Do Virtuous Deeds Day and Night – 1

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The below sections are entirely different topics, unrelated to the above material.
They stand on their own as points of interest.

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== Section 2: Prabhat Samgiita ==

The night has faded away & the dark days are over

"Nishár avasán holo, purvákáshe raunga elo, taruń aruń d́ák diye bole,
baddha duár kholo,duár kholo, duár kholo..."  (Prabhat Samgiita #4614)


Now, in the eastern horizon the crimson colour is clearly visible. The night has passed away; the darkness has vanished. Now the rising sun is calling and telling everyone, "Unlatch the doors and windows of your house. Open the entranceway, let the light in, awaken the chamber of your soul, and shake off the dogma of groupism." Indeed the blackness has been removed. The bondage of dogma has disappeared from the mind. A divine age has come.

That which was unrecognizable and unknown in the past, due to the cloak of ignorance, has become familiar and known in the presence of effulgence. All the expressions are part of my family feeling. The birds of distant places are spreading their wings and coming near. Those who were far in the past have become close, my own. Now in the advent of this reddish dawn, the staticity has faded away and  each domicile is ready; every heart is welcoming. In days bygone, humans were treating others as distant beings or aliens, but now they can see that all are their own brothers and sisters; whereas yesterday people were thinking that others are foreign - part of some outside faction. But now the realisation has come that, "All are mine."  The depravity of the mental realm has faded away. There remains no distinction, no dullness, no bondage. A bright yuga has arrived.

Today every home has become unlocked and accessible; in that airy dwelling - nothing can impede the refreshing flow of neo-humanism; all have become broad-minded. Humanity is no longer plagued by the rigid outlooks of socio, geo, and religious sentiments. Their vision is expanded - no longer diseased. The rise of a universal fraternity and one cosmic family are entering into their psychic domain. Living beings understand that all are kith and kin. In the past, the intellect was used to exploit others. It was motivated by self, clan, and national interest. Now reason is guided by universal love and neo-humanism. Each and every jiiva, propelled by spiritual nectar, is concerned for the welfare of all. A resplendent epoch has been born.

The grim days of hatred and exploitation have faded away; Baba, by Your grace, the age of neo-humanism has come...

== Section 3: Important Teaching ==

How to overcome religious dogma and deception

Ananda Marga ideology states, "Religion is practiced for the fulfilment of mundane aspirations. This is the reason why a class of clergymen emerged centring around the religion. Ultimately the adherents of these religions become mere tools in the hands of vested interests. With the awakening of nityánitya viveka in human minds and the opening of the door of scientific knowledge, it will not be possible to deceive the people in the name of religion or by holding out the lure of happiness in the next world. The vested interests are quite aware of this fact and hence strive to keep the masses lost in the darkness of ignorance. Like parasites, they manoeuvre themselves to misappropriate, by injecting fear and inferiority complexes, a lion's share of what the ignorant masses earn with their sweat and blood." (1)

1. Ananda Marga Ideology & Way of Life - 7, The Five Kinds of Conscience

== Section 4: Links ==

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