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Formula For Solving the Problems

To: Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2008 23:43:38 -0800 From: "Hank Tomasson" Subject: Formula For Solving the Problems Baba PS Intro: This song describes the feeling of one higher stage of devotional realization. "Prabhu, toma'y kii kahibo a'ro..." P.S. 447 Purport: Baba, oh Prabhu, how can I express the feeling of my heart to You. I do not have any words to describe the feeling, the grace which you have showered on me. Always I am drenched with Your ahetuki krpa'. Since I got You in my life, my life became meaningful. I do not have any other type of longing. By Your grace, my mind is running always towards You. You made my life blissful, in all the ways. It is just like, it is full of nectar. The cimmerian darkness from my life it just went far distant. There is no trace of that. This happened since the divine effulgence descended in my life by Your grace. Now according to Your tune and melody, I am dancing. My day and night and entire life became just like one bouquet of songs. Even a wee bit of dilemma and confusion is no more existing in my life. What more can I express. This is all because of Your karuna' on me. My whole existence, my body, mind, and prana is shivering with the spiritual vibrations which You have generated by Your sweet touch. Baba, I have gotten You. You have graced me immensely. I fully surrender at Your lotus feet...
Namaskar, These days in this email era, letters are flying all about. So we should have a way to measure what is what: To see which has value and which not. Because now with the rampant spread of groupism in the upper echelon of our Marga, so many different types of mails are getting distributed-- Some big, some small, some useful, and some useless etc. That is why a standard approach is needed to verify the value of such mails. We should know which ones are supportive to the healthy growth of our Marga and which one go counter to that ideal. In general, we can classify emails about the status of our AMPS into three main categories:
[1] Leftist (criticism only); [2] Rightist (blind support of status quo); and, [3] Middle (i.e. Madhya Ma'rga or balanced approach).
Here below is an easy-to-apply formula to understand which is which. That way we know can neatly recognise which mails are constructive, positive, & productive in nature-- thereby allowing us to discover the right solution, apply the correct answer, and bring our Marga forward.
Or course in each and every facet of life, Baba is our shining example. And in our social life, Baba represents the balanced approach-- Madhya Marga, or the middle path. With His deeply benevolent and penetrating vision, Baba carefully points out the defects and offers a proper solution for each and every problem in the society. This is what Baba has done with regards to communism, capitalism, factionalism, party politics, starvation, natural calamities etc. In each and every circumstance Baba has boldly and courageously pointed out the defect, given the solution, and implemented a plan for advancement. This is His dynamic model-- this is madhya marga. And it is this which we have to follow; otherwise we will never be able to rid groupism from our Marga. So first we have to see if any problems exist or not. If so, then they should be identified and brought to the fore so everyone may be aware. And side-by-side a rational solution based on Baba's teachings should be presented. This is our balanced method. This is Baba's example.
Now that it has come in vogue to write about groupism, so many selfish-minded persons just like to mudsling their opponents. But this has no practical benefit. It is no different than what happens in mundane politics during the time of elections where crude politicians send out dirty propaganda with the sole intention of achieving their own selfish agenda. Just they criticize and criticize without offering any practical solution. Many or all of the groupist mailings by the various groups-- H, B, EC, & NIA-- fall into this category. Where only dirt and criticism is tossed around and no proper solution based on Baba's teachings is put forth. That is why Baba has nothing good to say about such leftists. Baba says, "Those who are leftists in the world...are even more dangerous. The defect&of the leftists is their hyper-activity, based on selfishness. It seems as though they are deliberately seeking out the dark and dirty aspects of life and, like flies, growing fat on the secretions of society's festering sores. It must be remembered that flies do not heal sores - rather they exacerbate them, because the very pus of these sores provides them with their vital juice. So the filthy aspects of society are the only wealth on which these artists and litterateurs subsist." (PNS-10) So in the groupist war, we cannot trust those power-hungry teamsters who write mails only to defame others and get higher posts for themselves. This type of selfish leftist tactic has no value. But that is what we are witnessing day in and day out on various Marga e-forums. Hence we should all be aware lest we waste our valuable time: A balanced approach is needed where solutions are given based on Baba's teachings. That way we can all discuss the path of forward movement and not just bash the current rulers. So none should get duped by the leftist model.
The opposite extreme is what the rightists do-- perhaps more appropriately, what they do not do. Such rightists, whether in the form of political 'yes men' or ACB tools or groupist lackeys, give blind support to the ruling faction. And they try to convince the masses that 'everything is fine; that everything is running smoothly'. This is what happens both inside and outside of AM. President Bush's chief of staff will openly say that everything is moving ahead properly in Iraq and that a just solution is coming soon. Likewise various lackeys of Rudrananda will tell that the organisational leadership is proper even though that very leadership has infused so many dogmas like scriptural distortions, demolition of BP post, expulsion orders, fake Ananda Vaniis, etc. And the same thing Sarvatmananda's team did earlier. They told 'everything is ok' and side by side they were infusing various dogmas to tighten their groupist regime. So always the rightists become the tools of the ruling elite. These rightists refuse to recognise the existence of any problem; they never think that such-and-such situation needs to be fixed. Baba says, "The defect of the rightists is their inaction." (AFPS-10) That is why in our Marga since 1990, none of the ruling groupists-- neither Sarvatmananda nor Rudrananda nor any of their assorted tools-- has ever come forward and stated that the dogmas of groupism should be removed. They have never done anything to wipe out the false dogmas plaguing our Marga. Just they sit back and nod their head and let those problems ferment.
In AM, according to Baba's guideline, our pathway is to follow the practical approach: Use our intellect and mind to point out the problems and give the solution based on AM teachings. This is what Baba wants to see done and this is how we build up a healthy society on this dusty earth: By fixing the problems using AM ideology as the solution. And that is what numerous margiis are doing. They are proclaiming: No more groupist agendas, no more fake Ananda Vaniis, no more expulsion, no more Fake BP Manual, no more Tiirthas, no more Mahaprayan, no more groupist dogmas. Such margiis and field workers see that groupism is a problem and recognise that the elimination of groupist dogmas will bring forth a clean and pure AMPS. So this work is going on by Baba's grace and the good efforts of margiis from all around. And this is the middle path.
At the same time-- some rightist types such as ACB tools etc-- do not like that anyone should ever point out any problem, even if Baba's solutions are given side by side. Such rightists cannot tolerate that. So in hasty fashion they say again and again that this type of criticism is impractical. This is their rightist agenda. They do not like to follow Baba's approach; they want to cover up all the problems and let them ferment. Those ACB and goody-goody types who do like this know who they are; and they should confront their inner evils and adopt an open, neo-humanistic vision by which to view the world. Then they will see that pointing out the problems and giving the AM ideological solution is the way of welfare and benevolence. And that will bring health and wealth to our Marga society.
By Baba's causeless grace, we will solve all the problems in our Marga. By that way the day is not far when the whole humanity will be together under the saffron flag of Ananda Marga. Baba says, "Human society will be established in this supreme idea in the very near future...The humanity of the universe will unite; and we await anxiously for that happy moment." (AV-31, p.111) Namaskar, Hitendra
******************************************** Lust For Beauty Brings Crudification and Degeneration
Baba says, "Those who are vain about their physical beauty, or those who pray to the Supreme to give them more and more physical charm, are reborn as kinnaras. They are also luminous bodies." (YP, p.79) Note 1: Kinnara is one variety of microvita that is under punishment. Such type of unfortunate beings got degenerated and became microvita. So they are suffering and they long to once again get human life. But this will come only after they escape from the noose of the long-term bondage and state of punishment etc.

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