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Burden of Painful Memory of the Past

Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2009 08:29:13 -0000 From: "Motilal Pandey" Subject: Burden of Painful Memory of the Past To: Baba "Uttal sindhu utkrami tumi, esechilo mor ghare..." PS (1077) Purport: Baba, after crossing the wild tidal wave, You have come into my heart-- You have come to my home. Baba, You are traveler of the solitary path. And even after encountering so many negative situations, You did not get scared with the fear. Nothing could terrify You. According to the basic necessity or protocol I did not have any of the necessary arrangements, so I could not receive You properly. My grief-stricken mind was full of longing for You, and my heavy heart was saturated with the tears. Baba, I have not done anything for You. In vain I was just revolving around only mirages. With the new sun and strong call, by holding my hand You showed me the direction-- You took me onto the right path. Baba, You have come into my heart; it is nothing but Your divine mercy & grace...
Namaskar, An invitation was recently sent out for Mahaprayan and the value of that invitation has been addressed in Note 2 at the bottom of this letter. Our Marga is the path of bliss and as per Baba we are to move on and on-- living from one blissful moment to the next. This is our way-- never looking back. That is why when certain factional heads justify their dogmatic Mahaprayan (MPD) program then they are overtly opposing Baba's maxim. Because Baba says, 'Go on living life knowing that He is always with you', and the dogmatic agents of Mahaprayan say, 'Baba is gone and this sad day should be remembered again and again'. So the two approaches are diametrically opposed to one another. Baba's vision is supremely optimistic and practical; whereas the dogmatic agents of Mahaprayan are sunk in pessimism and drowned their own narrow-minded agenda. Of course, in total there are so many logical replies that prove why Mahaprayan is just one dogma. Here below is the fuller explanation of the aforementioned logical foundation for why MPD is nothing but a dogmatic and harmful enterprise by a few groupists, and therefore it should be discarded entirely from our Marga.
The response that follows is all in reply to certain groupists who say that there is 'no harm in remembering the day of Mahaprayan'. Of course they say this just because they want more people to come to their groupist headquarters and give them money on their fake MPD day. Proof being, that if the main occasion of the dogmatic Mahaprayan program was hosted elsewhere, then these same groupists would not have the slightest inclination to attend such a program-- rather they would oppose it. But since the dogmatic Mahaprayan program is held in their backyard, they champion the occasion and say it does 'no harm'. This is their silly justification. But the reality is that the dogmatic Mahaprayan program does huge harm. And here is how. So this is not a letter about groupism per se - as we all know that the impending split or Rudrananda-Nigamananda is just further proof that theirs was just a black pact. Same with the case of EC. This letter then is an evaluation of a program that is truly against our devotional sentiment - our spiritual livelihood.
In each and every sphere of life people suffer terribly when they remember and relive any negative memory. For instance, a mother in Bengal will never like to relive the exact moment when her little girl got mauled and killed by a speeding train. That maa will not like to think of that bloody scene with her daughter's disjointed body parts strewn all over the place. Similarly, a clerk in NY will not like to think again and again about 911 when all his friends and colleagues were killed in the twin towers attack. That clerk will not like to recall how his frantic and terrified friends jumped out of that burning building from a window 643 feet above the ground. Likewise, no army veteran will like to again and again remember how his platoon was ambushed in some foreign land like Iraq or Afghanistan, whereby he saw with his own eyes how his fellow soldiers were brutally tortured and killed and he himself lost both his legs. These types of horrific memories create a negative and devastating imprint in the mind. No one can live with these things spinning in their mental plate. It is like trying to walk with a huge boulder tied to one's leg. It is impossible to move ahead. So if one recounts such horrific scenes again and again they will just wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat-- totally frozen and incapacitated by such horrible memories and unable to walk into the new dawn. Such persons become like the living dead and suffer their whole life of such psychic ailments etc. That is the terrible harm of this defective approach of recalling painful memories of the past. In the same way, those who get caught up in the dogmatic ceremony of Mahaprayan will also suffer from the negative ideation that Baba is gone and that He is no longer with me. That is the real effect of remembering again and again the crude message of Mahaprayan. That is why those who wish to live the ideal of AM and feel that Baba is always with them, they will never involve themselves in the dogmatic and harmful program of Mahaprayan.
Baba's teachings are all complete and His ideal is that we should move ahead not thinking about the past. Baba says, "You are to look ahead, you are to look forward. If you look back, if you look behind, you are wasting your valuable time. Fools, not wise people, do like this." (Spiritual Discourses) By thinking about the past, one will get caught up in those painful woes. That is why Baba is adamant that we must not do like this. Rather He says that we are to move ahead keeping Him in mind. That is our blissful way. Baba says, "Such sa'dhakas who move towards the Supreme Goal with undaunted speed will never recognize any obstacles on the way. Their only goal is to realize that 'Parama Purus'a is mine. He is my personal treasure. I will live with Him, and I will never give Him up'." (SS-10) Our aim in life is to remember Baba always and go closer and closer to Him-- knowing that He is always with us. That is our devotional way of life and that is why our Marga is the path of bliss. So the negative approach of observing the burdensome, painful, and dogmatic Mahaprayan program year after year goes 100% counter to our ideal. That is why wise sadhakas pay heed to Baba's guideline and let go of the past and instead embrace the grand reality and spiritual ideal that always He is with us-- in our heart. Thinking thus, there is not an iota of scope for any dogmatic Mahaprayan program in our Marga.
Baba says, "He is with you, always He is with you to help you. You are never alone." (AV-34) Namaskar, Motilal
In His neo-humanism discourses, Baba guides us that we are to protect the devotional sentiment very carefully. And what is devotion? The feeling that Baba is with me. Yet we are living in a crudely materialistic world that tries to step on this devotion. And then on the top, there are certain elements in our Marga who try to proclaim that Baba is gone by creating a dogmatic Mahaprayan program. So we must not tolerate such things. They may say, 'what is the harm', they may say, 'it is part of the history', for their selfish interest they may say so many things. But our aim is to cultivate the devotional ideal that 'Baba is always with me'. That is what Baba wants us to do. And the best way to achieve this is through regular spiritual practice and keeping Him in mind always-- and not succumbing to any materialistic outlook or the dogma of Mahaprayan. By Baba's grace we will all be successful in this endeavour-- forever drifting in His bliss.
In their recent Mahaprayan invitation, the hosts sent a quote from AV-12 wherein Baba says that Taraka Brahma is physically born and physically dies. Baba says, "Ta'raka Brahma comes here on a particular date, leaves this earth also on a particular date, takes the birth of His quinquelemental body, the death of His quinquelemental body." So the hosts totally misunderstand and poorly extrapolate from this quote. In no place does Baba say that the physical death should be "mourned" or "celebrated" "or remembered" again and again, year after year. Baba does not say like that, yet this is what the hosts of MPD are doing. And they act as though the above quote justifies their misguided ways. Those with a wee-bit of vivek know that Baba's message is entirely different. Baba is talking very beautifully about the reason behind the advent, not that Oct 21 should become one ongoing day of remembrance. Baba says, "The human heart wants something closer, something more sentimental, something more pleasing. And that’s why just to satisfy, just to give pleasure to His progeny, He comes within the scope of these relative factors. Parama Purus'a becomes Ta'raka Brahma." So the entire value of the quote lies in His comes close to us and our heart embracing His presence. The physical advent is a stepping stone for making that link with Him within. That is what Baba's directive is in this discourse, not that we should go on remember that He is gone, gone, gone. It is a pity that some have not the devotional value to understand this fairly simple idea. Baba resides in our heart always. His advent is about revealing this divine truth. Sincere sadhakas understand.
****************************************** Sadhana Point: Steps For Better Sadhana
Baba says, "Moksa karanasamagryam bhaktireva gariyasii." Meaning: "Bhakti is the best way to moksa or salvation, the approach of bhakti is the best." (AV, part 6) Following is the sequence for better sadhana practice: (a) Half bath or full bath (b) Left nostril open (c) Shasha'unga'sana (hare pose): a few rounds (d) Shavasana (corpse posture): briefly (e) Sing Prabhat Samgiita (f) Sing Kiirtan loudly and dance Lalita Marmika (g) Sastaunga Pranam (h) Bhutashuddhi (i) Asanashuddhi (j) Cittashuddhi (k) Generate longing or devotion for Parama Purusa / Baba; (Note: this is the last phase of cittashuddhi.) (l) Repetition of mantra with meaning, longing & devotion to become one with Parama Purusa / Baba. (Note: This point is applied in first and 6th lesson equally.) (m) Other various lessons (n) Guru Puja (o) Final sastaunga pranam Note 1: Regarding points (e) and (f), only listening to Prabhat Samgiita or kiirtan is not sufficient as that will not bring about the desired result. Rather one should sing Kiirtan & Prabhat Samgiita with their full heart. Because by singing the mind gets more involved in comparison to just listening. Note 2: Generating devotional longing is a highly significant aspect. It is the most important step of our sadhana. If one does everything but this point is lacking then sadhana will be futile or dry. And if the arousal of devotion is done successfully then one can reach one's goal without any delay. I came to know from various acaryas that this point is in acarya diary.

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