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Underlying Reasons Behind Mess At DMS

Date: Sat, 21 Jan 2012 20:01:34 -0000
From: NJK Deva
Subject: Underlying Reasons Behind Mess At DMS



In the wake of the recent goings-on in Ananda Nagar, some have been led to conclude that a single DMS was held. With a balanced mind we should determine how far this is accurate. We should also understand the forces at play behind the mess at this January 2012 DMS.

Please consider the following and share your thoughts.


1. Late in the game, i.e. at the end of 2011, the Tiljala Administration (a.k.a. B group) petitioned for a court injunction to hold their winter DMS in December - as opposed to having to wait until January. Tiljala got a favourable review by the courts and were granted the December time slot. By this way they were able to hold DMS on Dec 29, 30 & 31. And as we all know that is what happened.


1a. Indeed this court drama started in one court, went to another court, and then returned back to the original court. During the December month itself of 2011, B group approached the District Administrative Court of Purulia, then Ranchi made a plea with the High court of Kolkata and finally the case was referred back to the District Administrative Court of Purulia. This was the see-saw battle going on in the courts during the month of December 2011. Ultimately B group got what they wanted, yet through it all the mass of margii were confused and in the dark over who was controlling what at Ananda Nagar and why.


2. Prior to Dec 2011/12, the Tiljala Administration was generally holding their winter DMS in January. But they repeatedly complained that if they could hold DMS in late December then their attendance would be stellar.

3. So little by little B group made plans and appealed to gain access of the Ananda Nagar pandal for December.

4. Needless to say, the Ranchi side was not happy about this. For years they were the ones who held their winter DMS on Dec 30, 31 & Jan 1. But this winter they lost those dates and were forced to hold their DMS in January. And that is what they did.

5. Clearly then there were two DMS, no one can conclude that a single DMS was held. Furthermore, who can deny that the events leading up to DMS and DMS itself was pur chaos. And more proof is given below.


6. The question is why this all this occur? And the reason is quite clear. Far more margiis attend Ranchi DMS programs than the Kolkata DMS programs. Year after year that has been the case. So Kolkata group planned that if they could somehow snatch away the Ranchi DMS dates - late in the year after margiis had already made their travel plans - then they (Kolkata) would be able to steer those margiis to their own DMS. That was their only and entire motivation.

7. More of this history is as follows. B group used to justify and complain that their winter DMS was exponentially smaller than the Ranchi DMS because Ranchi had their December dates into the new year. B group put forth the claim that if they had those dates than people naturally would appreciate and attend their DMS.

But, what they failed to examine was why the attendance at the Ranchi summer DMS far more than the B group summer DMS. After all, during summer the dates are not fixed - rather they are always changing. Yet in this program too, Tiljala camp had far less people at their DMS. This itself proves that dates alone do not determine the attendance at DMS. So B group's logic the dates were the main issue for their small winter DMS attendance does not hold water.

The truth is that mass of margiis of Delhi sector prefer the Ranchi group and their DMS program. People basically think that Ranchi is the main structure or the original organisation. Ranchi - not Kolkata - is viewed as the legal administration by the courts and govt. How far this last statement is logical or really true in this present condition is debatable. But what is clear is that Ranchi has consistently drawn higher numbers.


8. By changing the dates for this recent DMS, the Kolkata camp had everything to gain, and virtually nothing to lose. Because in years past their typical numbers at DMS were paltry. They could not do any worse by changing the dates.

9. In stark contrast, the Ranchi side had everything to lose by this date change. They were consistently attracting large numbers to their DMS programs and people were habituated to arrive for their program on Dec 30. But now that date was no longer theirs. And indeed they lost big. That was the price they paid by not being more vigilant in handling this ordeal with the courts.

10. Ranchi's only option then was to adopt more forceful policies. So to prevent the loss of all their regular attendees, they tried hard to keep maximum margiis in the Prout Bhavan and the Kiirtan Mandap, since B group had rights to the Pandal on Dec 30 & 31. So Ranchi was busy in damage control, i.e. trying to lose the least number of margiis.

11. In stark contrast, B group had the pandal and was doing everything possible to increase their numbers and take full advantage of the situation. Since the mass of margiis sleep in the pandal, it was very convenient for those margiis to remain there for DMS. Secondly, B group discarded the system of needing a gate pass to attend. By this way they thought that the maximum people would come in their contact and they could take measures to keep them in their group camp.


12. This then is a snap-shot of the scene and anyone with a balanced mind will easily conclude that there were 2 DMS programs, not 1. All will understand that this DMS was a mess where unity was nowhere in sight.

After all unity does not come by collecting people in one state, one region or even one place. The 20 or 30 people at a bus stand also do not constitute unity, nor does a movie theatre filled with 500 or 700 attendees. In such cases, every person is there with their own plan and their own program. As we know unity stems from within, following the same spiritual goal and working in coordinated fashion to manifest Baba's teachings on this earth.

Baba says, "Human unity is purely an ideological unity, which means unity in the psychic sphere. Where there is psychic unity, physical unity will also occur. In the realm of unity, unity is always psychic – ideological unity means unity in the subtlest level of the mind. However, psychic or ideological unity may be affected if we encourage the exploitation of one group by another." (PNS-15, Talks on Prout)


In review here are some of the key points to know about the recent DMS scene at Ananda Nagar.

* On January 1, 2012, each of the three rival groups held their own separate Ananda Vanii readings. They each selected their own chosen Vanii and met with their own followers in separate locations. Does this look like the atmosphere of one DMS? Does this not seem like a mess.

* To deter people from attending the B group DMS, H group made it clear that B group attendeess would not be welcome at their January 1-3, 2012 program.

* During December 30/31, H group was vigilant in keeping margiis in their own campus under their own watch and care. They were busy keeping the margiis at the Prout bhavan and kiirttan mandap. Plus they were doing collective programs like bhajan, kiirttan, and organisational meetings wherever their group had control in the jagrti, or Ba'ba' quarter etc.

* Kinshuk's formal DMS speech and the Ranchi group kiirtan were going on simultaneously. With full exuberance Ranchi group used firecrackers and noise-makers to start their kiirtan. Those in the pandal at the B group DMS reported that it was thereby difficult to hear Kinshuk's speech.

* B group's entire aim by getting the December DMS dates was to get more attendees by encroaching on Ranchi's regular DMS dates.

* Ranchi knew they were in danger of losing masses of people to the B group DMS so they employed various techniques of damage control. They engaged margiis in their own areas during the B group DMS and the set down the law then those attending B group DMS would not be allowed to enter the Ranchi DMS.


Instead of resorting to trickery, guile and deceit to maximize their DMS attendance. We should all allow margiis due freedom to attend the program they prefer.

This year people not aware about what was going on until they reached there and even then they have little ability to change or do anything since their travel plans and lodging were set.

Thus we will have to wait until next year to determine the situation. If really all margiis reach on 30 Dec for DMS and then remain for Dec 31 and Jan 1 and then leave, then we say it is one DMS. But if other DMS type programs are going on before or after that, then who can think there is unity.

The mess at the January 2012 DMS proves that it was not one. It may have looked like one for those with vision problems. Such people may also conluded that the khumbha mela is also one, when in fact it is divided up by countless priests.

Those thinking groupism is vanishing away are not aware of reality, rather at this DMS it was very poisonous. In India, they used to forcibly marry boys and girls, and that created lifelong problems for that married couple. We should not replicate such a thing in our Marga. AM cannot become united by the force of the courts. As humans we have a mind and a heat and must study Baba's teachings and unify around His ideology.

"Marmaviin'a'y eki sur a'chi ba'je diva'nishi mor virahii hiya'r ma'jhe..." (P.S. 480)


Baba, day and night, in the viina of my heart, only one tune is resonating in my melancholic heart. O' my dearmost Baba please come. In the deep core of my mind only one tune is swinging: O' Baba, You are not far away, You are not far, You are so close, You are with me.

Baba, when I see You in my karmayajina*, then I see You are remaining there also. Baba, You are with me in all the works. O' Baba, please come, O' Baba please come.

With the full longing of my heart, in whichever direction I look, there is nothing else that I can see except for Your divine form. O' my Lord of Formlessness, with the resonance of the ever-new song, dance, & form, please allow Yourself to be held in my heart.

O' Baba, please come, O' Baba please come...

*Karmayajina: The work done with cosmic ideation is known as karmayajina; that alone is proper action. Thus karmayajina is any action or service done with the sole motive to please Parama Purus'a. In contrast those things done devoid of cosmic feeling, such selfish activities are called kriya'-- and that leads to bondage. So only those works done with spiritual ideation come within the scope of karmayajina.

We Should Take Lesson

Baba says, "If one stays away from objects of attraction, one has no chance of using them and they may thus gradually lose their attraction; while if one is near them one may be attracted towards them more." (AMEP, 98 Edn, p.126)

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