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Not All, But Surely Some Are Confused

From: "Gagan" To: AM-GLOBAL Subject: Not All, But Surely Some Are Confused Date: Sun, 10 May 2009 23:56:01 -0000 Baba "Para'n' bhare varan'a kari, eso a'ji a'ma'r ghare..." P.S. 438 Purport: Baba, please come in my mental abode, on my Guru Cakra. O my dearmost, I want to receive You with my heart content. After receiving You, I will go on gazing toward You with my full heart satisfaction. --Until my eyes get satiated. Baba, I will hold both Your lotus feet, and always keep You in my heart. I have arranged a reception basket filled with flowers and fruits. And it has been saturated with my heart-felt love. In the corner of my mind, with heart full of sweetness, I want to have You up to eternity. Baba, today You please sit in the lotus of my heart. I am calling You with the practice of shravan, manan, and niddidhyasan. Please come. Baba, with a longing which has been hidden in the depths of my heart, since a long time, I am waiting for You. Please grant success, by Your coming. Please come and fulfill my desire, which was rising in the deep corner of my mind since ages. Today, when You will come, then that desire will be quenched. Baba, please grace me by coming...
Namaskar, These days in our Marga, a few people may feel that there was no other way than for certain groups or factions to separate. Specifically, some people think that it was totally appropriate for EC to branch off on their own, given the circumstances. A few followers may feel that the conditions inside AMPS were not good - i.e. there were too many injustices going on - and therefore those teams like EC which separated were justified in doing so. These may be common sentiments whirling in the mind of some people. By this way EC leaders may be capitalising on the situation and garnering sympathy from a few naive people. We have to take a closer look and see if separating from the organisation really was the right course of action. Was that really what was best for our Marga. Plus we should clearly analyse what was the impetus behind their separation.
We should take a look and see how the formation of a separate group began to occur. In AM culture, there is a common ethic as given by Baba: First one should follow, and then one has the right to raise an objection, or oppose. For example, let's say an order was given that dharmacakra must now be held on Saturdays. Then in our Marga, we should first abide by that order and then - if we feel it is improper or against Baba's teachings - we should oppose that order through the correct organisational channels. This is the way Baba wants things done in our organisational culture. After all, AMPS is not divine - it is not immune to defects. AMPS is comprised of human beings. Mistakes are bound to happen. For the sake of cohesiveness and unity, first one should follow an order and then after there will be scope for redress.
However, since 1990, the ruling faction has always taken a different approach. Such rulers have been quick to give orders but then never give scope for discussion or redress. What they say goes - period, end of story. Whether it be Sarvatmananda or Rudrananda, or any other so-called Ananda, those at the helm feel that "I have the power - all must follow my order - no one has any right to oppose." This is the stifling environment that the various group leaders created in AMPS since 1990. And in that way they have harshly imposed countless nasty edicts on field workers and general margiis. And if anyone does try and raise an objection, then those leaders humiliate, victimise, torture, and destroy that person. Such so-called leaders are shocked that anyone had the audacity to object to their order. This is the very negative manner that things have been going in AMPS: No one has the right to oppose any order. Still today this is going on.
In that unhealthy environment, some people began to cluster together one by one and two by two. Groups like EC were not formed overnight; they formed slowly. After years of exploitation and after much talk among disgruntled workers, over time EC people began to form their group. The H brigade gave them no voice and banned them from DMS - so EC became somewhat homeless and they were looking for a way to proceed. What they should have done at that point was educate the mass of margiis about the injustices going on in AMPS and raise the banner of Baba's teachings. They should have exposed the unideological activities like punishment postings, curtailment of margii rights, distortion of AM books, ruination of BP system, dogmas of Fake Ananda Vaniis and Mahaprayan etc. They should have outrightly opposed all these things and given ideological teachings to margiis. By this way EC could have gotten a lot of support and ultimately success. It might have taken a little bit of time, but it would have saved our Marga from further division and put us back on the right track - i.e. on the path of AM ideology. Unfortunately, EC did not do like this. Rather they simply said, "We are being treated unfairly so we are going to form our own separate group." And that is what they have done. The question then is why? Why did they do like this? Although EC leaders may say they did this to create unity etc, but their inner motive was not so noble. Their main intention was to get the post. And separating from the main flow was the easiest way to get the post. Earlier EC leaders were trying to get the power while inside AMPS - but they could not get it. Then when life became unbearable for them inside then they simply thought: "Let's escape, create our own faction, and give ourselves high posts." And that is exactly what they did... ...but that is not in the best interest of our Marga. Of course the EC leaders may never openly admit that this was their approach. They will always hide behind their pseudo-ideological facade of "unity" etc. But the reality is that they wanted the power and they still do. Such EC leaders are basically stuck in their ways and will probably never change. This letter is not for them. Rather this letter is for all those good margiis and simple followers of EC. Our brothers and sisters should understand the dynamics behind the creation of EC. Good margiis want to follow Baba and not any group. But in the current clash, some of these people may have been swayed into the EC camp - naively thinking that EC is for unity. When in fact EC is not for unity but rather for the post. That is why they are fighting. So this letters is for those few good margiis who may have somehow ended up in the EC camp. Now at least, everyone should understand what is going on and that EC is not for unity or any other noble ideal. They want power.
This entire episode is not at all uncommon. In fact, the same thing happened during Indian Independence. Baba says, "The country was trifurcated...under the pressure of his party leaders. They wanted to become ministers....It was based on emotion and mean selfishness. Henceforward, healthy politics disappeared from India. Nehru supported partition because his dream was to become Prime Minister of the land – of either undivided India or divided India." (PNS-18) So the Indian leaders split the country because they saw this as an opportunity to gain a top post. The EC team has done the same thing today in AMPS. They selfishly left because that was the fastest way to get some power or clout.
Here Baba clearly points out what should have been done in such a circumstance. Baba says, "Where did the mistake lie?...All Indians could have fought together unitedly, there being no Hindu, Muslim, Punjabi or Marathi feelings in this economic struggle, and as a result an anti-exploitation sentiment could have been developed in India. This sentiment could have made Indians stronger." (TTP) Instead of dividing India in order to get their post of choice, the Indian independence movement should have rallied everyone around the banner of a common anti-exploitation sentiment. That is Baba's teaching. Baba says, "The anti-exploitation sentiment is the most important factor in building a nation or a group of nations." Likewise, the EC leaders should have raised ideological points (BP rights, no punishment postings, no scriptural distortions, no dogmas like MPD or Fake Vaniis etc) and rallied everyone on the banner of AM ideology. They should have created an anti-exploitation sentiment and raised awareness that Baba's teachings must be followed. But this they did not do. Instead they jumped ship to grab a top post, just like the Indian Independence leaders did in the past. Hence EC made the same mistake. They fell into the same dark abyss. Now of course, history has shown that breaking up India was not at all good and still today there are many Muslims in India. But no one is saying that these Muslims also should create their own state. Because people realise that division is not good - that is not the answer.
So although the conditions in AMPS are not ideal - injustices are rampant. But the answer is not to separate and form another group. None should naively support EC thinking that EC is marching on the proper path. Theirs is not the way toward unity, rather division. The fact remains that none of the groups - H, EC, B, etc - are ideological. They are all in it for the post and power, not ideological unity. Internally, they know that they cannot say this openly. So they all hypocritically say that, "We are the true followers of Ananda Marga - join our faction!" Each of the groups talk like this. Yet in truth, their platform has nothing to do with following AM ideology and implementing Baba's teachings. They only use that statement to attract people and get more power. In that sense, they are no different from the dogmatic religions. All such dogmatic religious preachers proclaim, "Ours is the word of God - all others are heathens!" Yet it cannot be the case that each of the hundreds of religions is preaching the word of God when all their messages are contradictory to one another. Rather they all merely saying that to attract followers and bring in money. Likewise, all the groups like EC, B, and H etc cannot all be the true followers of Baba's teachings. It is an impossibility as all are doing things contrary to one another. The bottom line is that they merely say they are the true followers of Baba in order to attract margiis and build a base of power. By their actions it is clear that none of the groups are really following Baba. Rather their goal is to grab the post and rule over others.
What EC or any faction should have done was to adhere to and preach Baba's ideology without making any political maneuver to get the post. Mass education is needed about Baba's teachings. Then slowly everyone in the Marga will clearly understand what injustices and dogmas are going on and those in power will be forced to either change or step down. And in due course, with that heightened understanding, proper people will be selected to assume those posts. This was the way to achieve lasting success. Of course many, many good margiis understand all this - only a few naive persons have gotten caught in EC's net of lust for post and power under the guise of unity. Again the main emphasis should have been on raising awareness about AM ideology and the injustices going on - not creating a political platform to grab the post. Unfortunately, all the groups, including EC, have taken the latter approach, which is a big mistake. So this entire group fight is just about grabbing the post and power. They try to decorate their stance in such a way that they care about Baba's teaching. But none should get befooled by the hot air of these tall talks. EC talks of unity, but none should be duped and lend their sympathy to EC as if the only way forward was to form yet another group. What EC has done is not the proper pathway. Instead of creating unity, they will breed more hatred, discontent, and division.
By Baba's grace, the advice He has given below to nations perfectly applies to the various factions now in AMPS. We should raise awareness, expose the injustices, propagate Baba's teachings and embrace one and all as being part of the same universal family. That is the only way to end groupism and create a healthy Marga. No one should get duped and naively support EC, thinking that their approach is proper. Baba says, "Today human beings, to whatever country they may belong, should, on the one side, propagate an anti-exploitation sentiment...and form strong nations in their respective countries; and, on the other side, preach the theory of one spiritual inheritance that every living being is the child of the Supreme Entity, and that all the people of all nations belong to the same family." (TTP) Namaskar, Gagan
************************************ You Can't Think Anything New
Baba says, "People cannot think of anything which they have not previously seen or perceived with their sense organs. This is the greatest imperfection of the human mind. One of the main qualitative differences between the unit mind and the Cosmic Mind is this: all the thoughts of the Macrocosm are original, each one is constantly new." (NSS: Disc 16) Note: Any thought that comes in your mind is totally old. In their ignorance people think that they can conceive of new ideas. but by Baba's above teaching it is clear that no human being can think anything new.

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