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Re: Why Shravanii Purnima #2

Date: Th, 26 Jul 2012 09:22:18 -0000
From: "Shiva"
Subject: Re: Why Shravanii Purnima #2



~ PART 2 ~

(Note: The first letter in this series was posted under the title,
"The Birth of Ananda Marga." A link to this first posting is included below. - Eds)

"Shra'van'ii Puurn'ima is coming soon: Thursday (Aug 2). This letter shares some of the highlights of this special occasion and festival of Ananda Marga.

In AM, everyone is aware that Baba started giving initiations in 1939: That began one auspicious and glorious era. So this coming festival dates is a special occasion because on that very day the Lord Himself initiated the first sadhaka unto the path of Ananda Marga. Baba Himself proclaims that Shra'van'ii Pu'rn'ima' night was the first occasion upon which He initiated anyone on the path according to the Ananda Marga sadhana system.



Regarding Shra'van'ii Pu'rn'ima', one important fact remains that Baba performed the first initiation in the cemetery. So this reveals and foreshadows how in each and every Ananda Margii's life the cemetery has immense practical value. Those suffering from the dogma that the cemetery is only for avadhutas or kapalikas should gain the proper understanding. Our AM meditation is tantra sadhana and that has relevance and importance for each and every Ananda Margii. That is the special significance why the first disciple Kalicharanji was initiated in the cemetery.

Now read the below transcript where Baba proclaims that doing sadhana in the cemetery is beneficial for all - everyone initiated in the the tantric cult of Ananda Marga sadhana - i.e. every Ananda Margii.



This recording is from when Baba came to the Philippines. Following is the transcription of a conversation which took place on 24 April 1969 at 9:00pm when Baba was on His field walk along with some local margiis and acaryas.

(This audio file has been uploaded to the AM-GLOBAL blogsite, along the upper left side. You may listen to it or download it.)

Baba: "What is the distance of that American cemetery from this place where we are at present now."

Margii: "The way I look at it Baba, it is a little bit..."

Baba: "How many miles or kilometers?"

Margii: "Almost the same, almost the same, with the only exception that the road there is dusty now because under repair. But I think tomorrow brother P will take You to the cemetery."

Baba: "I like the entire world."

Margii: "Ah, no particular place."

Baba: "No."

Margii: "But all."

Baba: "But all..."

Baba: "The cemetery is very encouraging for spiritual aspirants, for sadhakas."

Margii: "That is true - that is what we think. Whenever we go there we get inspired only to meditate and do nothing more."

Baba: "And many of the sadhakas were initiated there?"

Margii: "Yes, Baba. Especially at the beginning. And this brother...where he left us..."

Baba: "He went there [to the cemetery]? He was there [at the cemetery]?"

Margii: Yes, Baba.


So once again the day of Shra'van'ii Pu'rn'ima' is coming: Each and every margii should try to visit the cemetery at least once in a year, or on a more regular basis such as on amavasya. But doing sadhana there on this Shra'van'ii Pu'rn'ima' is very good because human life is very short. So we should utilise it for higher pursuits. That will be real remembrance of Shra'van'ii Pu'rn'ima'.

Here following is Baba's divine blessing:

Baba says, "By dint of sadhana, one is to arouse and exalt that sleeping divinity. ...But for this, one requires divine help and I know further that one is getting divine help, and I know still further, that it is for infinite time and infinite space, one is getting this divine help, and you are all sadhakas, you will certainly attain the Supreme Stance and enjoy that divine blessedness. You are sure to enjoy it my sons and daughters." (Ananda Vacanamrtam - 23, p. 76)



"Toma'y kabhu ka'che pa'i na'i, gun' shuniya'chi lok mukhe..." (PS 2934)


Baba, O' Parama Purusa, You are the most charming One. O' my dearmost, I long for You day and night. Baba, I do Your sadhana and spiritual practices always, but I do not ever get You close. Baba, I try hard to see You in dhyana but I do not get You. I do not have that first-hand experience of You in sadhana. Just I have heard people talk about Your glories. Baba, the devotees say that You are gracious and that You shower Your divine love. Baba, I have heard so much about Your greatness and glory, but I myself do not have any practical realisation or direct experience of You and Your sweetness. Baba, I do not have any personal realisation of You. O' my dearmost, why don't You come to me; why are You not listening to my call; why don't You call my name and tell me that 'I love You'. O' Lord, in my practices I long for You and call You with my mantra but neither do You listen to my call nor do You come close. Baba, You do not respond at all to my calling of Your name, my chanting in kiirtan, or my longing for You in sadhana. Baba, please grace me by coming close.

Baba, You are the Polestar in the dark night. You give inspiration to those who lose the path. If anyone does not know what to do and what not to do, then by Your grace You show them the pathway to move ahead. You show them how to get You. Baba, for the hopeless heart, You are full of hope. You graciously reassure those who have lost all hope. You shower Your grace on those who have been abandoned by everyone in the society. Nobody cares about them and they live a life of gloom.  Baba, on all such people You shower Your grace and bless them with Your varabhaya mudra. Baba, You shower Your effulgence in the helpless citta; Baba, I do not have any practical realisation of You; I am not a realised soul. Even then my heart feels trust and love for You - and I feel that You are my Saviour. Baba, my heart longs to surrender at Your alter. O' my dearmost when anyone's citta - mental sphere - is full of gloom and despair, You give them hope, light, and inspiration. You also graciously show them the path. By that way, they feel their life is not worthless. Baba, because of Your infinite compassion I surrender my everything at Your alter - even though I do not have any practical realisation of You in my life. Just I have heard so much about You from others.

Baba, You are infinite. You are beyond all perception. You are beyond language, and beyond the ideation of song. Baba You remain ever-present in the eternal memory. O' my dearmost, Your greatness cannot be expressed in words. All poems and prose fail to express Your grandeur. O' Parama Purusa, Your glory cannot be sung and You are always established in the world of divinity. Baba, You go on dancing in the flow of the rhythm. Baba, You are expressing Your grandeur of sweetness in all the directions. Baba, Your greatness is emanating everywhere. Baba, wherever one looks they can see
You present in Your most charming and sweet form. [1]

O' Baba, please come and manifest Yourself so I can see You sitting eternally in my heart. Baba, make my entire existence effulgent in Your effulgence...


[1] "Bha'sa'r atiite bha'ver giitite...": The whole idea of this stanza is expressed in this below excerpt from one of Baba's divine discourses.

Baba says, "His radiance is beyond the power of your sensual comprehension. You cannot conceive of His radiance...It is not an easy task to apprehend his extreme radiance. For this, vigorous sa'dhana' is indispensable. Imagine how wonderfully radiant He must be, before whom the moon, the stars, the lightning, the fire - all become pale. If you cannot see even the sun with your bare eyes, imagine what a tremendous amount of sa'dhana' is necessary to see Him."

"It is with His radiance that every object is radiant. None of the objects has any radiance of its own. The moon is bright with the sun's brightness, and the sun is bright with His. The sun is not jyotisvarupa (characteristically self-effulgent), it is He alone who is jyotisvarupa. In His radiance there is depth but no severity, there is sweetness but no harshness. Observe His calm brilliance in the firmament of your heart. Shunning all inferiority complexes, move on the path of sa'dhana'. The only purpose of your being a human being is to do sa'dhana'. The life of one who does not do it passes in vain like a tree struck by lightning." (Anadna Marga Ideology and Way of Life-5)

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