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Negative Support

Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2006 23:39:59 From: Sudarshan To: Subject: Negative Support BABA "Sakal jiivane us'n'ata' tumi, tumi maha'vishver pra'n'a..." (PS 1236) Purport: O' Baba, You are the warmth, hub, and nucleus of this great universe. Devoid of You, nothing can exist. Baba, You are the heart-felt throbbing sensation of everyone's existence. You are the inner-most nucleus of everything. Baba, in the human body You are the cakra, and in the song You are the melody and the tune. You are the jewel of the lotus. Baba, You are the essence of everything. In the flower You are the pollen, in the heart You are the most precious thing-- the loving feeling. Baba, You are the quintessence. With the sweet fragrance of the katakii flower, You saturate and envelop everything in this entire universe with Your grace and love. O' Parama Purusa, Your grace is unfathomable. Under Your lotus feet even the fire of the lower-most lokas are getting vibrated. Baba, all the jiivas are revolving around You; You are the cosmic hub and all the unit beings are rotating around You. O' the Nucleus of the universe, Your greatness cannot be measured. Due to Your grace alone everything exists. Baba, You are the shelter and loving Caretaker of one and all...
Namaskar, Our AMPS is in such a tumultuous state: Ever since 1990 one or another factional group is temporarily "emerging as victor", or seemingly so. As bad as H and B groups and their sub-factions are, currently one other upstart-- known as EC (Effecting Change)-- is stretching its neck and trying to pull ahead. So we should all take a closer look at how they are moving.
Everybody is well aware that politics has its own peculiar way of working. Votes and support are garnered in various ways. One such phenomenon is known as negative support or 'the negative vote'. Surely we have all seen it. This type of vote occurs when the people are totally fed up with one particular party or candidate. Then in a show of disgust and disdain for that party the people cast their vote for anyone opposing that party in the next election. In the past, this happened in India in 1977 when the people became totally infuriated with Indira Gandhi's torturous regime. Then in an overwhelming display, the opposition got huge support from the people-- all in the form of negative votes. And it happened in US presidential politics after Nixon's Watergate scandal. In the wake of that republican party blunder when the people were in a rage against Nixon's cronies, the democrats got so many negative votes. By that way they could win the next election, even with their dummy candidate. And this type of negative vote scenario has happened in so many elections across this globe. Where people knowingly or unknowingly give unbarred support to the opposing party just because they are totally fed up with the current rulers.
Under such circumstances, it can look like the opposing party is really quite popular and well supported. But that is not at all the case. Rather the vote(s) they got are just an outcome of the people's fury with the other party. The people become totally against the current demonic leader and in that situation they think, 'Let anyone else come forward-- whether they are bad or good I don't care'. Such was the case when Mrs. Indira Gandhi was ushered out of power as well as when Nixon's Republican party got voted out of office. In both those circumstance totally incompetent oppositional leaders got big victories by collecting a bundle of negative votes-- i.e. votes against the ruling party. And today in our AM we are seeing this in the case of people's extreme dissatisfaction with Rudrananda's gang and the coming of the EC-- Effecting Change clique. Now margiis and field workers are totally suffocated by Rudrananda's nasty tactics; so in reaction they are willing to lend their support anywhere. Hence the birth of the EC (Effecting Change) group.
Altogether when such negative support happens, the voters do not at all concern themselves with the merits or demerits of the new party-- just they are fully focused on venting their fury against the old party. That is the way it works. Some intelligent supporters recognise what they are doing and rationalise that, 'Yes, I am giving a negative vote for the other party'. And some shudra type of people just blindly offer their support against the ruling party and they really believe that the new party will bring positive change. Now with the EC, they are getting negative support in both these ways.
As we all know, Rudrananda has created such chaos recently in our AM. He called the fake emergency; manipulates PP every day; threatens margiis who seek justice; executes punishment postings, and carries out so many other heinous activities. And actually, this Rudrananda was a trouble-maker all along. What better proof than this: Baba Himself refused to allow Rudrananda to attend reporting etc. Baba totally barred Rudrananda from all important meetings etc and kept him at arm's distance. So this is Baba's stand against such a conniving fellow. Anyway, after the demise of B group, Rudrananda gripped and clawed his way to the fore and now we have all seen and experienced first-hand what hell he is creating. And Sarvatmananda's poisonous faction is no option at all. So with choices few and far between, in their anti-Rudrananda statement various margiis and field workers have just lent their temporary support to EC. But again this is all just negative support-- nothing more.
The EC clique, led by Citkrsnananda & Co., is not unaware what is going on. They know that their only hope is to collect negative support in this anti-Rudrananda climate. So in their tricky manner they are just trying to exaggerate the situation by telling the people, 'We are with you; we are not in favour of Rudrananda'. That is their duplicitous plan. But Baba warns us to be alert about such type of cunning EC opportunists. Baba says, "A person discovers that the sentimental strategy which he previously used to misguide innumerable people, is about to be detected. ("The people are forming a bad opinion about my real nature.") So he decides to exploit another sentiment just to save his own prestige, and that too very quickly, because any more delay means further loss of prestige. This act of shifting to a new sentiment -- maybe from communalism to nationalism or from nationalism to communism -- this metamorphosis of sentiment is called "metamorphosed sentimental strategy." (NH-LOI) And this is exactly what Citkrsnananda is doing. There was a day when he and his EC opportunists were totally united with B group. Then when Sarvatmanandji's name became like mud then Citkrsnananda played his chime and joined the rally in support of Rudrananda. And under Rudrananda, Citkrsnananda had the big role of Central Finance Secretary and in general he was Rudrananda's right hand man. And now that Rudrananda's crooked dealings have become unearthed, the Citkrsnananda's EC bandits are eagerly waving their own flag and publicly denouncing Rudrananda. All in hopes of getting the top chair. Here againg Baba describes the ways of these duplicitous EC characters. Baba says, "These people are indeed expert at changing their sentimental strategies. Suppose a party (maybe social, political, economic, or whatever its complexion) is being divided into several factions, and each faction is utilizing a different sentiment from the other. Those who are clever enough will select the majority party and identify themselves with that group, for their political ambitions will be fulfilled thereby. What they usually do in these circumstances is to waste no time in issuing their statements -- in effusive language -- in favour of the majority group, denouncing the other factions." (NH-LOI)
Some naive people-- a few margiis etc-- may be thinking that the EC leaders have really changed deep inside their heart. And that is why they have suddenly began opposing Rudrananda. But again and again Baba warns us that it is not like that. Such EC members are opportunists and they are only speaking out now since it suits their selfish agenda of getting more power. Baba says, "There may be some people who will consider this change of sentimental strategy to be a natural process of evolution, but in fact it is not evolution but a metamorphosis of strategy. Evolution does not take place so quickly nor so easily." (NH-LOI) Here again Baba warns us not to get befooled by the tricks of such EC leaders. Baba says, "By inculcating various sentiments, they misguide not only thousands, but millions, of people to the path of malevolence, just for some petty social status or other temptation. Common people never think deeply about this; they have not been taught how to think deeply about it; they do not ponder over it even now. Until today this aspect of knowledge has been generally unknown to the world. That is why common people, not fully understanding these cunning people, are inclined to give them undue importance." (NH-LOI) So these EC leaders are the lowest of the low-- cowardly and hypocritical types who try to mislead the general people. Their smell is as heinous as those crooked H and B group leaders.
By Baba's grace true neo-humanists will emerge from our Marga and lead AM and the entire universe along the path of welfare. This is Baba's expressed guarantee. Baba says, "Thus only neohumanism can save the universe, only neohumanism can save human existence. So now, we are to sing the songs of neohumanism....Let all the hearts of the entire created universe, dance in ecstasy. This is the goal of the day. We are for all." (PNS 9) Namaskar, Sudarshan
Since EC leaders are now externally opposing Rudrananda, it has become convenient for them to get some guidelines from B group now and again. This they do in the dark of the night when no one is watching. As all are aware the EC clique is led by Citkrsnananda, Tiirthananda, Paramatmananda, and they get the support of many ACB cronies from NY and Suva sectors like Vishvadeva (NY-ACB) and other self-serving opportunists.
********************************************* Chemical Fertilisers Dangerous
Baba says, "The best manure for green vegetables is rotten vegetables. Cow dung manure may also serve the same purpose. In the case of gourd, oil cakes and mustard cakes mixed equally with soil will increase is noticeable that whenever chemical fertilisers are used intensively, the land becomes infertile and useless after some time. This is because chemical fertilisers destroy the vital energy of the land so that it becomes lifeless, just like cement." (PNS-16, p.39)

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