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Who Can Follow Dadaji's "Great" Examples #2

From: Shantatma.93@add-ont-
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2013 23:22
Subject: Who Can Follow Dadaji's "Great" Examples #2


~ Part 2 ~

(Note: This the second letter in this series. A link to the first letter has been appended below. - Eds)

"Dada Shivananda [a.k.a. Ac Samanvayananda Svt] left Baba and the AMPS organisation, and in a challenging display created his own separate organization, "Prema Marga". That time, Dadaji established his own office in the foothills of the Himalayas at Dehradun."

"Let us not forget that in those days, Baba was in jail. It was during those difficult times in Ananda Marga when maximum support was needed that Dada Samanvayanandji left and created his own organization to compete against Ananda Marga. The need of the hour was to stand firmly by Guru and raise the flag of Ananda Marga. Those days, so many margiis and acaryas withstood the onslaught and backlash of the negative forces, i.e. Mrs Indhira Gandhi's exploitative machine. Margiis and wts were forced into hiding, imprisoned, tortured, and humiliated. All the while Guru was in jail. No true Ananda Margii could ever think to leave in such a moment - never."

"Yet, in that critical moment, when Baba was in jail and workers margiis were also suffering, Dada Samanvayanandji left to enjoy his own self-created guru-ship, and establish his own separate organization: Prema Marga. So while dedicated Ananda Margiis stood by Guru, Dada Samanvayanandji fled to establish his own so-called glory. This is not the quality of a disciple, but rather a case of betrayal. Or what should we call it."


When Guru was in jail then true Ananda Margiis bravely took a strong stand and faced a lot of trouble and suffering in various ways. We all have deep respect for them.

But what respect should one have for Dada Samanvayanandji when he betrayed Baba and left Him during that very crucial time when Baba was in jail. Then years and years after Baba was released, Dada Samanvayanandji painted his own black face with white oil paint and appeared before margiis around the mid of 1984 as a great saint, as if nobody knew about his hypocrisy and betrayal to Baba.

"In this calculated manner, Dadaji did not return to Ananda Marga in 1977 when Baba graciously pardoned and welcomed everyone. Nor, did Dada Samanavayananda return when Baba Himself was released from jail in August 1978. Weeks turned into months, and months turned into years."

"Ananda Marga was growing by leaps and bounds. Baba performed the grandest dharma samiiksa in the history of humanity. Ananda Marga was fast spreading all around the globe. The organization was growing in size exponentially. Still Dada Samanvayananda was nowhere to be seen. Dadaji was still leading the life as "guru" in his ashram. Time and again, Dadaji's friends like Aksarananda had pleaded with him to return, but to no avail."

"It was not until around 1984 or so, that Dada Samanvayananda showed up..."

"All in all, Dadaji was away from Ananda Marga for 11 years. When he was needed most to help in difficult times, he was entirely absent - just enjoying the high life as a self-appointed guru."

"Even worse, after that time, Dada Samanvayanandji never expressed repentance or remorse for what happened in those days."

When the good days of Ananda Marga came, Dadaji returned back because his fake guruship of Prema Marga was not as beneficial / enticing as posing as a great avadhuta in Ananda Marga and befooling margiis to enhance his prestige. Such was the extent of his hypocrisy.

Then after '90, Dadaji jumped into a very high post. Who will appreciate his hypocritical behavior. I don't think that any true margii and worker will appreciate Dadaji's manner.

As a brother we certainly love him, but he is not an example to follow.

In his later years, one ruling group made Dada Samanvayanandji their priest; and Dada Samanvayanandji moved all around the globe giving his sermons like the Pope of Rome. And he praised himself along with his so-called illustrious past. So he was shameless up to the very end. Never did he express an ounce of repentance for his betrayal and wrongdoing.



About hypocritical people Baba's guideline is very strong. Please read below.

Baba says "Hypocrites must not be tolerated." (1)

Baba says "Hypocrites are those who betray. Don't forgive till his nature is reformed. Immediate forgiveness is a special weakness of mind. It results in worse harm to society." (2)

"Sincerity is reflected in actions, not in words only. One who displays sincerity in words but not in actions is a hypocrite. You should not tolerate hypocrites." (3)

Everybody in this universe can forget Dada's back-stabbing to Marga Guru. But true margiis and Wt's cannot.

Not forgetting means, not following Dada Samanvayananda's negative example. No matter the circumstances one must stand with Guru and not drift away seeking glory elsewhere. Yet that is what Dadaji did. He left Baba and he left Ananda Marga.

As a brother we love him, yet as an acarya and disciple, his example is nothing but a black stain. None should fall into a similar demise. That is the learning we should take from his life on this earth: What not to do.


Here below Baba uses the analogy of a pitcher of water to delineate who is a proper disciple.

  "The worst category [of disciples] are likened to pitchers placed inversely in a tub of water. Such pitchers contain water as long as they are kept in the tub, but as soon as they are taken out, all the water pours out. These disciples acquire spiritual knowledge when they are in close contact with the preceptor, but as soon as they are apart from the preceptor they forget all his teachings."

   "The best category of disciples are like pitchers positioned right side up. When such pitchers are put in a tub of water, there is water both inside them and all around them; and even when they are removed from the tub, they remain full to the brim with water. These disciples carefully preserve in the jewel caskets of their hearts whatever they learn from their preceptor." (4)

So Baba is very specific. The lowest grade of disciples immediately forget all they have learned from the Preceptor the moment they are separated from the Preceptor. They are like the pitch that is upside-down in the tub. Once of of the tub - once away from the preceptor - they forget everything.

In contrast, the best disciples always remember Sadguru's teachings always. They are like an upright pitcher - filled to the brim with Guru's guidelines. Nothing gets lost - ever. Always they keep His teachings near and dear to them. Such a disciple can never think to run off in the hour of need and create their own ashram.

All should consider which category Dada Samanvayananda falls in.


In the general society, people's quality, qualifications and attributions are measured on the grounds of superficial measures, but we do not follow such an approach in Ananda Marga.

(a) In present-day Indian Politics, brutality and hypocrisy is the criteria for gaining a high post. In the past it was not like that. There was hypocrisy but now criminal behaviour is the top-most qualification. This is a dogma.

(b) In general religious Indian psychology, the saffron robe has a lot of meaning. It gives deep respect. There is a religious teaching that "Don't see the merit and demerit of the person who is wearing saffron dress. One must think that person is great. Whoever is using that dress is God's representative. Don't see their character and behaviour." But all Margis know that this is one dogma.

(c) In the general Indian society, age is also one of the factors. White hair, white beard, wrinkled skin is one qualification. Even if that person is a hypocrite. This is also dogma.

(d) And in general capitalist society, money is the criteria to measure someone. In town, if you ask "who is most important", the answer will be that person who is the richest. Money is the main qualification. And this is also dogma.


In Ananda Marga all these above characteristics have no value, as they are all superficial parameters that have nothing to do with the person's behaviour and conduct. It is on this standard - i.e. conduct - that every sadhaka should evalauate Dada Shivananda / Samanvayananda. Indeed, history itself will evaluate Dadaji in this way.

"Actions and not logic establish one’s superiority." (5)

"Conduct is the principal factor in dharma.” Be a sadácárii, a person of good conduct, and you will surely attain Paramátman." (6)

"Your ideal is represented by your conduct. Your learning, your social or economic status have nothing to do with your ideal." (7)


Here is one highly objectionable point that is completely related with this topic. As we all know Baba has graciously given Ananda Sutram as the seed teaching of Ananda Marga philosophy. Those sutras are eternal truths that perfectly outline His divine teachings and ideology. They are extraordinary and wholly unique. They come directly from Cosmic Mind and they cannot be imitated by anyone else. For any true disciple it is unthinkable to write a book of sutras that would in any way parallel, challenge, or undermine Ananda Sutram.

Yet that is exactly what Dada Samanvayanandji has done. He wrote his own separate book of sutras - titled Ananda Shatakam - which is distinct from Sadguru's teaching.

And in his book - Ananda Shatakam - Samanvayanandji is proclaiming that if his sutras are followed then one will achieve liberation.

Ac. Samanvayanandji wrote in his book Ananda Shatakam on p.131 last para "Bhagavat....Paraman Padinca..."

Then Dadaji explained: "Those who not only read but follow the instruction noted herein (of Ananda Shatakam) with interest and care, they will surely overcome the delusion of this world and cross the stormy ocean of living in this world." (p.131, Ananda Shatakam)

Thus Dadaji guaranteed liberation by following his personal teaching. Such is his audacity: To guarantee liberation and write a text that challenges the authority of Ananda Sutram.


Actually, Dada Samanvayanandji's approach is nothing but an offshoot of Hindu dogma - the Hanuman Chalisa. The Hanuman Chalisa was written to impose and inject a fear complex into the general public. The aim was to force people to worship the god monkey, Hanuman.

To this end, the poet Tulsidaas wrote "Hanuman Chalisa'". The edict was made that by reciting the Hanuman Chalisa daily, one will attain liberation. And if anyone does not recite the Hanuman Chalisa they will suffer. If the dogmatic poet of the Hindu religion would not have injected the fear complex then surely nobody would have appreciated to worship the monkey.

Human psychology is that people like to believe or pray that some divine being in human form is their god - not some monkey. So it is the power of the fear complex of that poetry that misguided / forced Hindu people to chant every day the Hanuman chalisa hymn, means the monkey god eulogy.

Following is the stanza of that dogmatic monkey god hymm: 'Jo satbar...mahasukha hoi'. The meaning is that those who repeat those Hanuman Chalisas (eulogy of Hanuman monkey god) will get liberation and be free from all worldly problems, like money, matter, ghost etc.

So with fear Hindu dogmatic people are repeating this.

In the same way our Dada Samanvayanandji tried to impose his book Ananda Shatakam on margiis by creating a fear complex. It is obvious to all that Dada Samanvayananda did the same dogmatic technique as the dogmatic Hindu poet did.


Certainly, those living in India know very well about the monkey god Hanuman but for overseas readers let me please tell something more. The god Hanuman belongs to the ape family. He has a long tail and his face is like a monkey. It is not even a human being; Hanuman is one monkey. That is why one name of the monkey is Hanuman. And Chalisa' means eulogy. Every Hindu dogmatic person is well aware of these things but for the benefit of overseas margiis it is meaningful to explain the matter in full.

However, the main point is that this dogma of the monkey god is deeply rooted in all fundamental Hindus' mind. And every day they must repeat it minimum one time - especially when they feel fear of ghost. The dogma is that by repeating the monkey god name, ghosts will not come and monkey god worshippers will ultimately reach the goal of liberation and all desires will be fulfilled. And those who disrespect this will themselves burn in hell fire. Because of this dogmatic belief, Hindu people are afraid and they are repeating the Hanuman Chalisa with deep reverence.

So Dada Samanvayanandji unfortunately also suffered from the attachment to Hindu dogma. Clearly Dada carried this dogma on his head - otherwise what was the need for him to write his own separate book of sutras, that goes totally contrary. Dadaji imposed one falsehood that if any margii will believe,respects, and chants his sloka then surely they will get liberation, as if there is no need of astaunga yoga sadhana. Only his Ananda Shatakam will work as the divine ship to across the ocean of maya.

Such is the audacity of Samanvayananda Dada.


Here I close this letter with Baba's guideline: Ananda Marga acaryas must lead by their conduct. That alone is what qualifies them as an acarya. So those whose conduct is not good are not...

"Those who have the responsibility to show the path to others should be of superlative character with the most refined conduct. They and their followers must move constantly towards all-round development and shreya [ultimate spiritual attainment]. Persons who teach such well-regulated behaviour to others by their own conduct are called ácáryas." (8)

"An ácárya or ácáryá should always instruct by his or her exemplary actions and words."  (9)

in Him,



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  1. your essay seems to be based on falsehoods. I was there in 1977 when Dada Shivananda set up Prema Samaj. He was not in competition with Ananda Marga. He taught the same meditation lessons and Baba was the Guru, not Shivananda. Dada Shivananada never once presented himself as guru to me or anyone that I know of.
    You might like to take up some math as well, 1977 to 1984 is seven years.

  2. Baba

    Dear Anonymous,

    Namaskar. Now I know why you did not place your name - you are so ignorant...

    You cannot comprehend that leaving Guru Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji when He was in trouble and in jail - to run away at that time and start one's own organistion is itself being a traitor to Guru. How can you not understand this. This simple equation you cannot grasp. That is shocking.

    Suppose you are sick and all your family members deserted you and years later when you won lottery then they all came back. Will you appreciate this.

    Open your eyes so you can see what is right and wrong.

    Look at the action of Samanvayananda Dada / Shivananda - he was a traitor

    Before opening your mouth think whether what you are going say (type) is rational or foolish...

  3. Your reply does not in any way pertain to the points I made. just more of the same, name calling.
    "Before opening your mouth think whether what you are going say (type) is rational or foolish." you should do the same.
    to equate the hindu dogma of parrot like recitation of some sloka , with an encouragement to read, understand and follow (ie pratice) sadhana is surely ignorant and self serving faulty logic. please present here for all to read this Ananda Shatakam.
    Is it something of Samanvayanada's own creation, is he presenting his own system of sadhana or is it, as so many books by A.M. dadas and didis, a commentary, a practical guide to, an explanation of, a compilation of, a synoposis of Baba's words and instructions?

    You have it stuck in your mind that Shivanadaji was a traitor. I know nothing will change that. But do notice that Baba did welcome him back into ananda marga. It is truely shocking that you cannot understand this, that Baba welcomed him back into ananda marga.

  4. and to address your comment,"
    Suppose you are sick and all your family members deserted you and years later when you won lottery then they all came back. Will you appreciate this." Actually, if I were sick and being around me would or could cause my family to also become ill, (jailed, tortured,killed) I would surely not want them to be around me. Rather I would encourage them to go, have a happy healthy life. and I would understand the love of those who insisted to stay with me, and at same time not begrudge any who did not.
    And what is really shocking and sadly funny is that there is still so much hate and anger and resentment in the hearts of Margis 30 to 40 years after these events. Surely there is something better to devote ones thoughts and time and energy to.


  5. Anonymous,
    Seeing your overall expression I think you are new reader so you suffer from a lot of myths. You are unable to understand that Dada S's book Ananda Shatakam is essentially garbage. Unfortunately, you are cloudy on many issues:

    * The demons Ravana / Kamsa also become one with Parama Purusa but their lives stand as an example of what NOT to do. Still we talk about them and tell others not to behave like that.

    * Similarly, with regards to Dada S, every disciples should know not to betray Guru.

    * Yes Sadguru Baba forgave him but first Baba had Dada S under punishment. Why? Because Dadaji's behaviour was wrong and nasty. Nobody should ever betray guru. And yes Sadguru graciously forgave Dadaji. Why? Because Baba is the most compassionate one. The credit of being forgiven is not to be applied to Dadaji. He indulged in unholy dealings. Rather with Guru divine countenance and infinite compassion, Baba forgave him. That is Guru's greatness not Dadaji's.

    *Just as one child molester will always defend other child molesters, similarly one traitor will always defend another traitor. You seem to feel comfortable with those who betrayed and come to their defense. What does that make you??? BY your dealings you have already answered that query.

  6. So sad that you must resort to ad hominem attacks and cannot address the substance of an issue. What myths are these that I suffer from? You claim Ananda Shatakam is essentially garbage, but offer no supporting proofs. Your opinion means nothing to me. That is the reason I have requested that it be presented here in its entirety for all to see and evaluate for themselves. And yes Baba forgave him and that is Guru's greatness, and Guru's every word and action is an example for all to follow.

  7. Baba

    Dear Anonymous
    it is unfortunate that you are giving useless logic and you cannot recognise the inherent dogma of Ananda Shatakam that was posted in the above letter where it equates the dogma of Ananda Shatakam with Hanuman Chalisa.

    It seems that you did not even read the letter you are commenting on and that you did not read carefully Ananda Shatakam. That is why your remarks carry no value - just it is a knee-jerk, emotional reply.

    Beware - do not fall on the wrong side of history. Samanvayananda Dada was a traitor to Guru. Just dada wanted to highlight himself and his own so-called greater and he was unable to propagate the greatness of Sadguru and Ananda Marga ideology.

    It is unfortunate that you insist on latching yourself behind he wrong person. You are hereby requested to give up your dogma and surrender to Baba the Parama Purusa.

    For your own understanding, growth, learning, development, and clarity, please re-read the above posting and study the section about Ananda Shatakam and Hanuman Chalisa. That will be very good for you.

    (Hans Schlinger)

  8. Well, I will repeat my request,
    Post this Ananda Shatakam here for all to read, myself included, and to evaluate for themselves if it has any merit. Only then can I compare it to the Hindu dogma being put forward in the post.

  9. BNK

    now I know why there is so much misunderstanding from your side - you are blindly defending a book you have neither read, nor studied, nor have a copy of - your situation is verily laughable. The key line that appears in the book is cited in the above post - if you want more than that I suggest you figure out a way to procure a copy of the very dogmatic publication that you are pitifully defending. Enough of a clue has already been given up above - now go exercise your brain and then maybe you will be able to learn right from wrong instead of blindly and foolishly defending dogma on the public forum and thus embarrassing yourself.

    (Hans Schlinger)

  10. Sorry, I am not embarrassing myself, not feeling any such thing.
    Correct, I have not read the book.
    But with respect, No, I am not defending it, merely asking that the OP or some other actually present basis for claims that it is "garbage" etc. And the easiest way to do that is to present the book itself. You and others have made the claim that it is garbage ... so prove it. Quoting one line, perhaps out of context is not proof. There is enough misdirection and evidence of personal/petty/political/organizational conflict in the OP for anyone to understand that the claims that it is garbage may be personal objections rather than spiritual.

  11. Life is short - and I am sure you are very busy. Before wasting any more of your time, my time, or anyone else's time, go read the book(s) - any of them by Dada S. Anyone with any sense knows that having a discussion with someone about about a particular book when the next party has not read it is really a waste of time. Besides, ample has been given above to make the matter clear...


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