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Communal Award Is the Best Tool...

Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2008 22:42:11 To: From: "Thomas Alcott" Alcott@Associates... Subject: Communal Award Is the Best Tool... Baba "Nijer katha' balate gele yug je cale ja'y..." -P.S. 2610 Purport: Baba, my whole life is getting wasted by propagating my own greatness. Since ages I have been involved in this foolish thing. Please tell me Your tales & by listening to them my whole heart and whole being will be satiated. In order to listen to that gospel, since many lives & since a ges I am awake. Baba, Please grace me with that very smile so that by getting a flash of that my life will become successful. O' Baba, You have graced me and changed my heart; I will no longer waste my time in self-glorification and bragging of my unit 'I', little ego. Because now my mind is running constantly towards You. Baba, I wasted my life in self-propaganda. Now please make me listen to Your glory, Your sweet gospel...
Namaskar, Politicians seek power-- that is their nature. We see this in the greater society and in our Marga as well. And one of the chief ways they come into power is to pit one portion of the society against another. And the easiest way to do this is by inciting communal feeling, by creating a communal award. In each and every land, church, nation, government, and region, we have seen this tactic at work. Even it has entered into our AMPS, which is supposed to be the embodiment of neo-humanism. So this communal award is pervasive everywhere-- why? Because it is the slickest and easiest tool for leaders to achieve their selfish ends.
For example, with regards to the current US invasion and political interests in Iraq, it is plain as day that to manifest their selfish agenda, President Bush & Co have resorted to a communal award. Others may not view it that way, but for those familiar with Baba's teachings the case is quite clear.
In AM, we know well about the ill effects of the communal award as Baba has clearly pointed out how this very "reward" led to the division of India. For centuries, Muslims and Hindus were peacefully co-existing and then, with the insertion of the communal award, in an instant India was not only bifurcated but trifurcated. All this Baba distinctly outlines in His discourse, 'Dangers of Communalism'. Baba says, "As a result of the communal award, the country was trifurcated into Pakistan, India and Bangladesh...Factually, as per the Government of India plan at that time, India was trifurcated. Bengal was bifurcated. The Punjab was bifurcated. Assam was bifurcated. Sind and North West Frontier Province went out of India. This was the result of the communal award. The foolish leaders, the stupid leaders, supported the communal award. They had not learnt the lessons of history. " (PNS-18) That is indeed a tragic part of our human history-- even then, perhaps even worse, is that still today neither our Marga nor the greater society has been able to free itself from the trappings of such communal awards. We see its negative imprint in nearly every colony, island, and organisation.
Just as a brief reminder, the communal award is giving seats of power to rule a particular, land, region, or country based on one's group association-- whether it be Hindu & Muslim, White and Black, Shia and Sunni, or B, EC & H etc. On the outside, some rookies may think that this is a fair way to rule a country, or that it is a fair way give scholarships, or provide jobs etc. After all, why not let all the groups be represented. This is their shallow understanding. In reality, the inner truth is that by inserting a communal award, by giving power based on factional representation, then that means the creation of separate groups-- in which case divisions form, rivalries sprout, distrust mounts, hatred grows, fighting breaks out, hatred further multiplies, and the end result is invariably the ugly spilling of blood in such a deep-rooted, systemic fashion that people even forget what they are fighting about. Just there is an overflowing fury of ill will. It happens every time. So if anyone ever wishes to destroy a nation, people, or organisation, then they need only insert a communal award. That will ensure division, racial riots, chaos, mayhem-- and utter destruction. It is happening everywhere from Iraq to our very own AMPS.
Knowing all of this, President Bush incited this very plan of communalism in Iraq, just as B, H, and EC leaders are doing the same in our Marga. In the name of 'freeing the people', 'establishing democracy', and 'liberating Iraqis', the US government deftly inserted a communal award in order to destroy the country-- giving the US access for their military presence and oil interests in the Middle East. Here is but one of the many accounts of what has transpired since the US led invasion of Iraq. "Some of the worst Shia-Sunni sectarian strife ever has occurred in the Iraq War, which has built up steadily following the 2003 American invasion of that country. While thousands have been killed by American and allied military collateral damage,this has become overshadowed by the cycle of Sunni-Shia revenge killing -- Sunni often using suicide bombing, Shia favoring death squads." "According to one estimate, as of early 2008, 1,121 Muslim suicide bombers have blown themselves up in Iraq. Sunni suicide bombers have targeted not only thousands of civilians, but mosques, shrines, wedding and funeral processions, markets, hospitals, offices, streets." Thus with the insertion of the communal award-- by inciting divisive group feeling in Iraq between Shias and Sunnis-- the US has gotten success. Because then it looks like the US needs to be there in order to restore peace. When in fact, it was the US that turned the place into chaos in the first place. Because only then did Shias and Sunnis become more volatile about who would rule the country.
All the groups in AMPS are doing the same. By creating division and demanding the allotment of power based on group association, then those groupist politicians are indirectly claiming a piece of the pie for themselves. Whereas if there were no division, then those groupist politicians would not or might not get a top post. So now that they have split everything and formed various groups-- H, B, EC, NIA etc-- then they give the fake recipe for unity by saying that all the groups should get a piece of the action-- all should get representation in seats of power. This is the insertion of the communal award. And this is what has led to hatred, ill will, and killing-- all because certain Dadas want the power. Verily this is what we are seeing in our Marga: Attacks and killing based on group feeling-- none of which every occurred prior to 1990. But since the adoption of the communal award, such violence has become commonplace in our Marga. And to keep the communal award alive, those top Dadas tell that Purodhaships should be handed out on a groupist basis. Thus it is a never ending cycle. Indeed, that inane thinking is not a shade different from what the US government is doing in Iraq: 'For the sake of liberating the Iraqi people we are putting forth our military program'. Similarly the various groupists in AMPS say, 'For the sake of restoring unity we are proposing groupist representation'. But all such proclamations are utter nonsense and hogwash. Both are based on communal awards. In the name of 'liberating a people' or 'creating unity', such pleas and proposals create division and communal feeling intentionally-- so that top politicians can grab the oil or grab the chair, as the case may be. So in the end, they tell that to bring peace we must carry out such and such plan, which is really nothing but glossy words that further entrenches one on the dark path of communalism. President Bush is doing this, the top AMPS groupists are doing this, and so many power hungry leaders throughout the globe are involved in this diseased agenda of inserting a communal award-- as this is the easiest way to satisfy their own lust of power.
Whether it be Iraq, South Africa, Ireland, Kosovo, or our own organisation, the only way to restore peace is to rally around one ideal which accepts all as being human, part of one universal family. Only in this way can a true society by built. Baba says, "As people become more generous and broad-minded, they rise above the feelings of casteism, tribalism, provincialism and nationalism, which evoke narrowness, violence, hatred and meanness. Those who enter the field of social welfare with feelings of “mine” and “yours” actually create divisions in human society. Those who wish to foster the welfare of living beings as a whole have to embrace universalism as the only alternative. If we look upon everything as our own, the question of “mine” and “yours” will dissolve; in universalism there is no opportunity for violence, hatred or narrowness." (POD, #28) So this is where we need to go, both inside and outside our Marga-- we need to move on the path of universalism. Failing that, only more and more divisions and infighting will occur. Let us always remember that true unity is based on universalism, and any false call of unity that is based on linguistic background or groupist representation is that very harmful communal award that breeds poison in the society. As a Marga, as a human family, we must be vigilant to recognise where the communal award is rearing its ugly head and pounce on it in an instant. And in its place we must suffuse the feelings of universality. So when the various groups claim that there should be a sharing of power or allotment of posts based on groupist representation, an alarm should go off in the mind signaling that they are trying to insert a communal award-- all done in the name of unity. So in this present era we should be alert, 24/7.
By Baba's grace let us take His below teaching to heart, lest we face the consequences. Baba says, "Human society is one and indivisible. Keeping this supreme truth ever fixed in one’s vision, one will have to think of promoting human welfare, love for humanity, human solidarity and universal fraternity, and move accordingly. Not for a single moment should one forget it nor even ignore it. Due to lack of intellect or mutual conflicts in the past, a vast number of creatures have become totally extinct from the surface of the earth. Let human beings not meet the same dreadful consequence." (Ananda Vanii #60) Namaskar, Tapan
****************************************** Our Language
Baba says, "All the languages of the world are our language, this always you will remember. All the languages are your language. Of them you may know 2, 4, 10, 20, 200, 500, and all the rest you do not know. That does not mean that the languages which you do not know are not your language. All the languages of the world are the language of humanity. All the languages are the language of Parama Purus'a. For all the languages you should have love-- equal love for all the languages." (Hindi Language, Morning General Darshan 1/1/84, Ananda Nagar)

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