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Cause of Terrorism

To: AM-GLOBAL From: "Phoenix Chapman" Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2008 23:17:42 -0700 Subject: Cause of Terrorism Baba "Tumi bha'lor bha'lo saba'r mukh ceye..." - P.S. 3392 Purport: Baba, among all the beauties You are the most beautiful. Baba, You look after and care for everyone. You have lovingly brought the divine effulgence-- taking trouble to cross the cimmerian darkness to reach here. Baba, smiling blissfully in the rhythm and tune and showering Your divine love, You go on fighting against innumerable obstacles in order to save the devotees. Baba, You saturate everyone's heart with Your divine love. Baba, everyone is Your very close and intimate relation; no one is alien for You. Everyone is most dear to You; everyone is the jewel of Your eyes. Baba, by Your grace, You go on thinking and caring about one and all. Baba, keeping everyone along with You, You go on moving forward on Your divine path. Baba You are ever-present with everyone. You saturate everything and everyone with Your divine love and grace. Whether it be on those sadhakas who are calling out to You while undergoing penance on the dark amavasya night of the nil moon, or on those suppressed people undergoing untold suffering that was never spoken about. You fill everyone's heart with the soothing balm. Baba, You have graciously lifted & lovingly placed those downtrodden people-- who were lying in the dust-- on Your divine lap. Baba You are most beautiful and You grace everyone immensely. Baba, Your glory cannot be explained...
Namaskar, The million dollar question, in the minds of many people around the globe, is: How to put at end to terrorism. From Saudi Arabia to France, and from Afghanistan to Washington DC, the burning question is, 'What makes these terrorists tick?', 'How to end the war on terror?'. And certainly the answer or solution is quite straight forward. It is not at all difficult. Baba has made it plain as day. Yet it remains elusive to those "most adamantly involved" in seemingly wanting to end the war on terror-- such as the Bushes and Cheneys of the world. Here then we should address the matter at the very root. Why do people become 'terrorists', and how do we put an end to their terrorist activities. And indeed everyone should write in with their thoughts and ideas on this burning topic which, at this point in time, so wholly consumes our planet.
Many think that terrorism is a matter of faith. They think that in order to be a terrorist one must be of the Islamic religion. However, this just is not so. Certainly, the Muslim faith has its faults & defects and surely we all know that Islam is the home to some of the world's most sought after terrorists, even then it has to be recognised that in and of itself, the Muslim faith is not the root cause of today's terrorism. Islam is not the source of people's terrorist leanings.
To understand the situation better, we have to recognise that terrorism exists on many levels and to varying degrees. At this point in time, on the most global & destructive level, team Bin Laden exerts its terror on the most well-known monuments and edifices around the world. But that is not the only plane in which terrorism exists. For example, in Los Angeles, NYC, or any major American city, there are gangs comprised predominantly of black Americans or Hispanics that create terror on the streets-- senselessly harming, robbing, and killing others and making otherwise good neighborhoods totally unsafe. Similarly, in India, there are numerous villagers and townspeople who at any moment may wantonly burn a loaded passenger train down to the ground or ruin any number of public properties, thereby threatening the welfare of innocent people. Another case in point is in France, where angry youths, who are French-born but of Algerian or Moroccan descent, engage in car burning and other gross acts of vandalism on a nightly basis. And certainly we have all heard the horrific tales of what senseless destruction and hostile attacks go on in South Africa, Honduras, Iran, Turkey, Israel, and so many other countries around the globe. By this wide-angle view, it becomes quite clear that terrorism and its subsidiary categories of extreme vandalism, heated rebellion, and even non-cooperation, are not confined to the Muslim world alone.
In each and every human being there is a desire to express. People want to share their smiles and joys with those around them and communicate the various ideas that blossom in the seed vessels of their mind. People have an inherent desire to share their finer qualities with those around them in a nice manner. In essence, everyone wants to live on this earth in a benevolent way. Baba says, "By nature human beings are peace-loving, not war-loving." (PNS-17) Thus people are genuinely good and wish to share their human quality with others. So then what is the problem? Why is that terrorism exists-- in one form or another-- on every continent and in every country around the globe? It happens when people's basic human rights are taken away. When people feel repressed, constricted, fed-up, and suffocated by the ruling parties of the day, and when there seemingly is no recourse to be taken, and there is nowhere else to turn, that is when even good humans are led onto the path of terrorism. That is why the blacks and Hispanics in America resort to gang warfare; that is why the Algerians in France do the same; and that is why various people from Muslims to village folk have adopted such radical means. Knowingly or unknowingly, all done to express their anguish about their existential existence and lack of human rights and respect. So it is not just a question of economics per se; rather, it is more a matter of human rights and dignity-- and the lack thereof. First and foremost, that is where terrorism takes root. And if we look around the world today there are any number of cases where this is going on. In some places certain citizens are deprived the right to vote; in other places whole sections of the population are deprived of the right to an education; in some lands some are deprived the right to make a decent living; in some regions needy people are deprived of such basic necessities as food or medical care; and in so many countries, people are unjustly jailed or attacked for voicing their opinion. Around the globe there is a rampant disregard for human rights by the leaders of today. And when any community feels that it has gone too far and there is no other way out, then the easiest and most accessible avenue is to vent their anger and frustration through terrorist activities. By that way they can send a clear-cut message to the world that, 'Me and my people are not pleased with the way things are going on'. Justified or not, this is what the terrorists do. So as long as such conditions exist where people are deprived of their human rights, then we can expect to live side by side with terrorism. Unfortunately, this fact the present day leaders do not understand or do not want to understand. And instead they try to root out terrorism by malicious and forceful means, but that does not work. Rather it only heightens or escalates the terrorist activities.
At the start of this 21st century, the ruling governments only give lip service to upholding and honouring the rights of the people. Either in the form of capitalism, communism, fascism, or military dictatorships, the common people suffer at the hands of such leaders. Baba says, "These systems have created suppression, repression and oppression in the minds of the people." (PNS-17) In such a state, where there is rampant frustration, angst, mistrust, and suffocation, then there is going to be a backlash. That backlash may result in the smashing of a school window, the blasting of a firebomb in a crowded market, or the flying of airplanes into the world's tallest office building. Such tragic outcomes are bound to happen when people's human rights are not recognised. Here again, Baba sends out a message to the ruling parties of today. Baba says, "In all human actions the tender touch of humanity should be present. ...The economic structures in the world today, however, are not based on human rights." (POD #12) Thus in such a void of humane leadership, the seeds of terrorism are sown.
Even then, it should not be considered and concluded that terrorism is a natural and justified response. It is not. And certainly there are some inherently cruel people who jump on the terrorism bandwagon to indulge in violence for violence sake. Yet at the same time terrorism cannot be wholly condemned or eradicated if we fail to understand that underlying cause. If the very causes of terrorism are not addressed then we would be foolish to think we can put an end to terrorism. That is one part of the problem. On the other side of the coin, it should also be understood those who indulge in destructive means like terrorism make it their way of life. That is, they do not just use violence against their oppressors but against anyone-- even their own people etc. For example, the various Islamic terrorist teams do not just fight against the US capitalist machinery but they also engage in terrorist warfare amongst themselves. So even though a rival Islamic tribe may not be infringing on their human rights, but even then at the least bit of provocation the scene will escalate into a full fledge terrorist feud. That is because, resorting to wonton destruction and senseless harm is an easy outlet and it becomes one's habit. In that case, it just expresses anywhere and everywhere. Even if such a simple thing as a baker not making one's bread according to their exact liking, then a mafia man or a terrorist may blow that baker's head off. Such becomes their crude way of dealing and their debased frame of mind. So once started, terrorism breeds more terrorism.
In one way we can look at this entire situation of world-wide terrorism and its cause with the following analogy. In a household where the parents fight and beat one another, then it is readily seen that the children resort to the same measures, either in their childhood or adult lives, or both.
Similarly, in a political environment where the world leaders do anything and everything in order get their economic goals and political agendas met-- such as invading another country for its oil or imposing suppressive tactics on whole sectors of the population-- then it is a sure thing that similar ploys will be adopted by the people. And such defiant persons will become terrorists. Without making a judgment on the terrorists themselves, there is no question that the very penchant for terrorism stems from the exploitative way in which the world leaders operate. But instead of changing their ways, those repressive leaders adopt harsher tactics against the terrorists which in turn only gives way to the more pervasive occurrence of terrorist activities. This is the nasty cycle. But this is the very fact that the likes of Bush and Cheney do not like to know, or do not wish to admit.
The solution to the problem of global terrorism then is to treat all on this earth as humans. All should be respected and granted their God-given rights. This much recognition is needed. Once done, then surely terrorism will meet its end. To achieve this outcome, those at the helm must extend fundamental rights and cardinal human values to all. That means the following rights must be recognised and guaranteed to all: right of security, right of livelihood, right of indigenous linguistic expression, right to an education, right of cultural legacy, right of spiritual practice, etc. Once these are extended to all then terrorism will be relegated to the pages of history. That means no nation like the US, France, or Britain can go into our out of another country in order to exploit its resources or people. And no capitalist nation may force people from a distant land to come and be their labor force etc. All these types of present day tactics must be banished if we wish to see the end of terrorism. And indeed the people are ready for this peaceful turn of events. In which case those in power must drastically mend their ways or expect to be removed from their chair. That is the inevitable outcome they are inviting. So again, back to the main solution, once all the people are assured their human-ness, then surely terrorism will be a thing of the past.
By Baba's grace the day is soon coming when the collective humanity will rise up and put forth the sermon that the time has come to build a world human society based on cardinal human values. Baba says, "'All human beings belong to one race. Everyone has equal rights. Human beings are brothers and sisters!' These sadvipras will sternly warn the exploiters of society, 'The exploitation of human beings cannot be allowed!' and, 'Religious hypocrisy cannot be tolerated!' Giving a clarion call to the fragmented human society from beneath the saffron flag, the symbol of service and sacrifice, they will proclaim at the top of their voices, 'Human beings of the world, unite!' And they will sing in chorus:"
Sam´gacchadhvam´ sam´vadadhvam´ sam´ vo mana´m´si ja´nata´m, Deva´bha´gam´ yatha´pu´rve sam´ja´na´na´ upa´sate. Sama´nii va a´ku´tih sama´na´ hrdaya´nivah, Sama´namastu vo mano yatha´ vah susaha´sati.
Namaskar, Phanindra
Here Baba neatly outlines the rights that must be granted to all-- and once done we will surely have a world fraternity where devoid of any terrorist activity. Baba says, "The formation of a World Government will require a world constitution. A charter of principles or bill of rights should be included in such a constitution and encompass at least the following four areas. First, complete security should be guaranteed to all the plants and animals on the planet. Secondly, each country must guarantee purchasing power to all its citizens. Thirdly, the constitution should guarantee four fundamental rights - spiritual practice or Dharma; cultural legacy; education; and indigenous linguistic expression. Fourthly, if the practice of any of these rights conflicts with cardinal human values then that practice should be immediately curtailed. That is, cardinal human values must take precedence over all other rights. All the constitutions of the world suffer from numerous defects. The above points may be adopted by the framers of different constitutions to overcome these defects." (AFPS-8, 'Requirements of an Ideal Constitution')
*********************************** - The Solution -
Baba says, "Whenever there is a conflict between the brain and the heart, intelligent people should respond to the call of the heart. The books in A'nanda Ma'rga philosophy are all absolute knowledge. The proper mark of identity of absolute knowledge is that it must be universal, rational and psychological. Certain instances of absolute knowledge are as follows-- the goal of human life is the attainment of Brahma; human beings are the progeny of Parama Purus' dint of sa'dhana' or spiritual practices human beings gradually become divine." (PNS-18, p.10)

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