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Like Cat & Dog Fight for More Bread

Date: Mon, 06 Apr 2009 14:17:55 -0000 Subject: Like Cat & Dog Fight for More Bread To: From: Satiish K Bhatia" Baba
Namaskar, The following is some news and thoughts about the way things are going right now in the organisation. Please write in with your thoughts and experiences too.
Actually the fight between Nigama'nanda and Rudra'nanda is not like a fight per se. We can't call it a fight. For some time we were all thinking that it was a fight, but the situation is slightly more complex than that. A few of us reached the conclusion that it is not just a fight. Actually all the three groups (H, B, & EC) are running like some type of coalition government, or coalition board. These separate parties have come together and are running a government, each with the own interest. They want power but do not want to destroy that thing which they hope to capture. Same then is the case of the Ranchi administration. It is also coalition of many small groups: Rudra'nanada, Nigama'nanada, Svarupa'nanada +Sujiitjii, Vimala'nanada, etc. These groups are based on caste and language sentiment. In Ranchi - or amongst this coalition - Rudra'nanada and Nigama'nanada are the two most powerful group leaders. They quarrel with each other the way cats and dogs do in order to get more share of the bread. That means Rudra'nanda and Nigama'nanda quarrel to support their cadres, to secure good fields and posts for their supporters, to get more POWER. But they are not will to go so far as to actually fight and kick each other out. They are not ready to separate and divide the organisation again. Because they feel that fighting and splitting will make them weaker. Then they will be susceptible to attack, if not get destroyed entirely by their enemies in the B and EC camp. So the Ranchi team is *fighting* with EC and Kolkata, but *quarreling* amongst in their courtyard for more bread (i.e. post and power). No one should think that Nigama'nanda has not lost all his power. Still he has some supporters and strength, that is why Rudra'nanda is using him as a tool to fend off the other groups. If Nigama'nanda had really lost his power then he would not be in position to form this coalition type of quarreling spat with Rudra'nanda.
There is certainly a leadership crisis in the organisation. This is also one cause of groupism. After their separation, Sarvatma'nanada is not the almighty force in B group. There is no factional leadership within their group either. They are just a coalition of many small groups. Just like Ranchi has their various sects, within the Kolkata side the same thing is going on, such as amongst the Didis there is Didi Pragya' (Prajiina'), who is the sect leader of Orriya' didis. And like that their are various vying subgroups within the B team. We can say that 3rd front / EC can be labeled as "leaders". Because within EC, there i not structure and no one follows anyone else; no one cooperates or forms a sect. That is why we can say it is a "leaders" group, or collection of individuals, each with their own dreams and desires.
Rudra'nanda has brought all his disciples in Central and he is always planing one or another puppet game. He picks his favorites who do his work for him. One of the main things behind the tension in the Ranchi house is that Rudra'nanda is upset with Nigma'nanda because Nigama'nanda basically destroyed Rudaranandji's sweet dream of becoming PP. Nigama'nanda opposed - and that tilted things in a different direction. So Rudra'nanda is not at all ready to forgive. That is why their situation is like cats and dogs fighting over the bread (i.e. post and power).
All in all there is lots of confusion in Ranchi house. Dadas are fighting to each other for the power and they exploiting all junior acaryas. That is perhaps the worst thing of all. Junior acaryas are completely suppressed,and frustrated. They do not know what to do. And the same situation is happening in Kolkata team. There also the junior workers are treated like dirt; they are just pawns in the groupist struggle for power. Regarding EC, since they have no structure or base, the situation is a little different.
The division has terribly affected WWD. WWD is divided in two parts or more. Within just the Ranchi house, Didi Ananda Abhisambhuddha (CWWD) group is the supporter of Rudra'nanda and Didi Ananda Dyoatana group is supporter of Nigmanandaji. Didi's are fighting each other for their leaders. So WWD is horribly affected much more by this division. WWD is like one battlefield. Nigama'nanda is torturing all those didis who are followers of Rudra'nanda. And Rudra'nanda is doing the same thing to those didis who follow Nigama'nanda. Such is the pitiful life of our didis. And this kind of condition is happening in such a country where women are worshiped as goddesses and divine mothers. Before didi's were divided between Bangal and Non-Bengal. But, now some didis are followers of Tiirthananda group, some Sarvatmananda group, and some are being pushed and pulled between Nigamananda and Rudrananda. In Ranchii didis can speak but nobody will listen whereas in bangal didis do not even have the right to speak. And in the Tiirthananda group Didi are extraordinarily free. There is no need of any discipline - and that creates a whole new set of problems.
All the groups are vying for supremacy and within each group there is struggle for power as well. In that case - within their own coalitions - they are fighting like cats and dogs over the piece of bread (i.e. post and power). By His grace we will recover from all this nonsense soon - do sadhana - and help lead the society out of the depression and into a new era of Prout. It is a big step to make, but by Baba's grace anything is possible. He can make the river return from the ocean to the mountain top and He can bless rational margiis and wts to save our organisation from these groupist mongers. Namaskar, Satiish

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