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Baba: Cemetery Sadhana "Very Encouraging"

This recording is from when Baba came to the Philippines. Following is the transcription of a conversation which took place on 24 April 1969 at 9:00pm when Baba was on His field walk along with some local margiis and acaryas.
Baba: "What is the distance of that American cemetery from this place where we are at present now." Margii: "The way I look at it Baba, it is a little bit..." Baba: "How many miles or kilometers?" Margii: "Almost the same, almost the same, with the only exception that the road there is dusty now because under repair. But I think tomorrow brother P will take You to the cemetery." Baba: "I like the entire world." Margii: "Ah, no particular place." Baba: "No." Margii: "But all." Baba: "But all..." Baba: "The cemetery is very encouraging for spiritual aspirants, for sadhakas." Margii: "That is true - that is what we think. Whenever we go there we get inspired only to meditate and do nothing more." Baba: "And many of the sadhakas were initiated there?" Margii: "Yes, Baba. Especially at the beginning. And this brother...where he left us..." Baba: "He went there [to the cemetery]? He was there [at the cemetery]?" Margii: Yes, Baba.

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