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Who is Animal - Who is Human

Date: Thu, 04 Jul 2009 22:45:43 -0000 To: AM-GLOBAL From: "Jawaharlal Thakur" Subject: Who is Animal - Who is Human Baba "Tumi kato liila' kare ja'o, ke bujhibe kii bha'vana'y..." (P.S. 3164) Purport: Baba, there are varieties of liilas which You go on playing. Who can understand the mystery behind all these. As You like, You do. You are dancing in the flow of Your liila and that same flow makes everyone else dance also. Everything is happening according to Your desire. Baba, You are ever-present since eternity; and You will remain up to infinity. All the while emanating with Your unbroken flow. Through Your ota and prota yoga, You remain with everyone-- always. You are ever-effulgent in every nook and corner-- in all the directions. Will this unit mind ever be able to understand Your glory with its own strength? Baba Your grace is the ultimate shelter. And You have graced me and made me understand all this. And as You told, accordingly I will go on fully utilising all the strength and capacity which You have blessed me with. This is the path on which You have guided me-- and I will go on following this by Your grace. Baba, my final desire can only be quenched when I receive a wee-bit of Your grace & assurance that no matter what I will never forget Your lotus feet...
Namaskar, In our Ananda Marga, Baba makes a stark differentiation between animals and humans: Animals are guided by 4 basic instincts (food, sex, sleep, and fear) whereas humans are mind oriented beings who use logic and reasoning in determining how to act. Those beings in human form who live a life based on sensual pleasure - not rationality - are mere animals in human structure. That is also Baba's strict mandate. Thus who is human and who is animal is not based on body type alone. Having a human face is not the defining point. Those in human form - goaded by the 4 basic propensities - are also animals. Baba says, "You know, there are brutes in human structure, and there are brutes in animal structure." (AV-23) Whereas those in human form who are goaded by mind and living a life based on ideology are real human beings. We all must be vigilant. Each and every moment in life must be a time for us to quickly reflect whether we are being guided by animalistic desires or following our human dharma. This type of honesty and awareness is needed to keep us moving on the proper path, otherwise we will run into trouble. Unfortunately, there are no shortages of examples in our Marga where people have fallen from sadhana and into the mire of worldly lust. However tragic it may be - it is a common occurrence.
#1: MATERIALISM IS A HAVEN FOR ANIMALITY wants...sensual allurements...fear of the future...sleeping...intoxication...fear of losing money...immediate satisfaction...prostitution...infatuation... so many ways materialism promotes the call of animal vices. In fact, that is all materialism does: Goads one toward animality. That is why at present we are living in the age of kali yuga, where many or even most in human form are living life as an animal. It is quite common. Because anyone whose actions lack rationality and are instead guided by primal instincts are indeed animals. That means the CEO who owns three airplanes and cheats on his wife is an animal in human form - so is the factory worker who has no ideal in life and just sleeps and eats to pass his days. Indeed anyone and everyone who is goaded by their motor and sensory organs are just pashus (animals). And they will certainly be reborn as such in their next life. To live human life means to be guided by our rational minds and have our 10 indriyas (motor and sensory organs) in check. As Ananda Margiis, we need to be extremely careful because we are surrounded by this cesspool of materialism. It is seeping everywhere and if we are not careful it will suck us in as well. Have we not all seen people disappear from the path of AM? Why is that? The main reason is because they feel prey to crude desires. Then there are a few who are in AM in name only, by their actions it is evident they are living life close to that of an animal. Of course most in our Marga are bravely marching forward. Even then it demands vigilance. Are we skipping sadhana? Not doing kiirtan? Falling prey to worldly or crude desires? How active are we really in leading a moral and spiritual life? These are questions we must constantly ask ourselves if we hope to live up to our human ideal.
One reason why following human dharma is difficult is that it is not a known pathway for us. It can even be uncomfortable or a struggle at first. The mind wanders in sadhana, we feel too lazy to do asanas, and are tempted by crude desires like the four basic propensities, the sadripus (six enemies), and the astapashas (eight fetters). In contrast, moving towards the path of animality is quite easy. Because we have all come from animal life and those types of behaviour are well known to us. Baba says, "The empirical knowledge of previous animal life that leads human beings to material enjoyments." (SS-3) Because we are well acquainted with those baser propensities after having passed countless lives on the path of saincara (i.e. the first half of the cycle of brahmacakra), it is very easy for us to fall into those old habits and vices as a way of life. Sensual lust, desire for food, sleeping extra hours, being dominated by fear. It does not take any talent, courage, or mental stamina to live a life based on animalistic instincts. Thus we always have to see our conduct - our behaviour in day-to-day life and ensure that we are not falling prey to past animalistic desires. If so, we should check those tendencies immediately by singing kiirtan and asking Baba for help.
We are living in a difficult period and living animal life while in human form is quite common. Because of materialism and the inherent nature of our past lives, falling prey to animal vrttis is very easy. Ours though is human life. Ours is the path of ideology. That is the way we are to proceed. Baba says, "Human life, unlike animal life, is an ideological flow. Where there is no ideological flow, in that case, even if the physical structure is just like a man, he is not a man, but is an animal." (SS-12) Thus we must be vigilant to live life according to yama and niyama, our days must be filled with the practices of 16 Points, and our mind must be colored in His color. We are to fill each and every second of life with the high ideal of AM. Failing that, one will just be bound to animal life. Baba says, "The main difference between an animal and a man is that animal life is to eat, drink, sleep, and die. There is no goal, no ideological destiny. But in the case of human beings, they have got the ideological desideratum, they have got the goal of life." (SS-12) By adhering to His tenets and keeping Baba as the polestar will ensure that we are living up to our human ideal.
Even then it is not easy - we need constant care and inspiration. One of the best ways to keep on the proper path is to think that "Baba is watching me." If we think this before each and every action, then invariably we will make the right choice in life. With His blessing and loving guidance we will live not just a life of a human, but life divine. Baba says, "...You are the spiritual soldiers, you are the worshippers of Life Divine, hence I call upon you to adorn this crimson dawn deluged with glorious light..." (A'nanda Va'nii #26)
The degree to which we are guided by ideology is the degree to which we are human and moving towards the divine. And the degree to which we are chasing after crude desires is the degree to which we are dominated by animalistic tendencies and moving towards utter degradation. That is why Baba warns us to always evaluate our direction in life, lest we risk being reborn as animals, or worse. It all depends on our quality of mind and our actions in this life. Baba says, "A human being in this life may well be reborn as an animal, plant or even a rock in the next life." (AFPS-8) Baba says, "The mind of a person following animal dharma will become degraded – and that person, after death, will be reborn as an animal." (AV-4) This is not just some empty threat. That is the way the Cosmic Operative Principle functions. Those living animal life will be reborn as such. Period. We should not fall prey to this horrible outcome.
Baba says, "Human life is rare and is very precious.” Even the devata's if they want to do something good or great, will have to come in human frame to work." (SS-21) We have been blessed with human life, we should use it in the proper way and move towards Him, never falling prey to animalistic propensities. Baba says, "Parama Purus'a is the ultimate goal of existence, and only to attain Him have human beings come onto this earth." (AV-31) Namaskar, Jawaharlal
*************************************** Mystery Unfolded About Acoustic Roots
Baba says, "What is a biija mantra (acoustic root)? Every action and every existence are characterised by certain particular sounds. While you sit in one place, you exist, and because of your existence various waves get buffeted and altered. Light waves, for example, are either reflected or refracted, after which they go back into the air. The existential acoustic root is a prerequisite for all the functions of existence. Through existence, through action, you are always engaged in some type of work." "Every action has a sound of its own which may or may not be audible to the human ear. Suppose someone is walking on tiptoe: the sound produced is so soft that it is inaudible; but some sound is produced nevertheless. Some people make a lot of noise when they walk. Some people smile silently, whereas other people laugh loudly. In Sam'skrta, smiling silently is called 'smita', and laughing loudly is called 'ha'sya'. Though it seems that smiling is a silent action, it does produce a sound. While smiling, one's mouth and lips move slightly, causing a little stir in the air which creates a very faint sound." "Ether is the subtlest factor in this quinquelemental world. It, too, having existence, produces a certain sound. Mental thoughts create a vibration in your mind (a sound) which in turn vibrates the nerve cells and nerve fibres." "That minute sound of every action is called 'acoustic root' in English and 'biija mantra' in Sam'skrta." (Jan 11, '79)

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