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Escapist Approach

From: "Aaron Tenning" To: Subject: Escapist Approach Date: Thu, 24 Dec 2009 08:14:41 -0700 (PDT) Baba "A'ka'she a'loke bhese ja'y tava mahima'ri katha'..." (PS 3287) Puport: Baba, You are the most magnificent One. The tale of Your glory and grandeur is floating and permeating throughout each and every molecule of the vast, blue sky and in the effulgence-- everywhere. Baba, Your story, the story of the ever-present, Ancient One, is glittering in all the realms: in both bhuloka and duloka-- in the physical and spiritual worlds. Baba, You are so gracious. O' Ancient, Divine One, You are eternally, ever-new. Baba, by Your grace You are always, intrinsically with everyone-- just like their vital force, just like their pra'na. Baba, You always remain present in my feeling, ideation, and intuition. For that reason this eternal longing of my heart is for You and You alone. Baba, by Your grace with the flow of effulgence You color my mind and You are sitting in the depths of my ideation playing Your divine flute in the deep core of my heart. Baba You are so compassionate: You do not neglect or overlook anyone. You graciously goad everyone towards divinity, You show everyone the path which leads to immortality. Baba, please shower Your causeless grace; I surrender at Your lotus feet...
Note: This letter is also related with the recent phenomenon of those regsitering AMPS in their own name. Although the below letter addresses a different kind of breaking away, the overall result leads to further divisiveness, just like when certain people register AMPS in their own name in their locale. Initially some glamourous Wts did broke away and if was looked upon as benign or even admirable, as if they were great moralists. Now however that defective approach has escalated where so many are either breaking away or creating their own AMPS. So what was once rare has become the norm until one day every margii will be their own AMPS. That is the very negative outcome of such a defective trend. We go from on global AMPS, to an AMPS in each country, to an AMPS in each region, to an AMPS in each city -> town -> village -> individual. This type of disintegration is not good. Be sure to review the letter posted earlier this week: Namaskar, Now the point is regularly raised about maintaining unity, not breaking away from AM to perform one's own projects, and the need of following Baba. Because in certain select locations some workers have separated themselves entirely and are just keeping aloof from the organisation-- thus ignoring Baba's directive about unity. Here following is further response to this all-important issue.
When cowards leave AMPS and create their own MU on the excuse that Baba's organisation became corrupt etc. Then how can they ensure that their own thing will survive and remain free from defect. And when theirs does get corrupt, then again they will leave. And then what?-- create another one. All this is cowardice and escapist mentality: To leave when problem comes. The point being that those cowards disturb the unity by breaking away and just start doing things according to their own look. And furthermore if they think corruption just somehow snuck into Baba's organisation and for that they want to leave it by the wayside, then where is the guarantee that their own project or group will not get corrupt.
Side by a few are raising the point that when the organisation is corrupt in so many ways then 'if we oppose any corner then our position will be miserable. It will just be like lying face-down in one neglected state. And that is not good'. In that way some are thinking. But, the answer is that it is good to speak up and oppose those wrongdoings. Because following one's own dharma and living in a difficult position is far, far better than following the negative stance of adharma. As we all know Baba directs us 'Not to encourage division-- no matter what'. Baba says, "The unity of A'nanda Ma'rgiis should not be allowed to be jeopardised for any reason. Unity should be maintained even at the risk of your life." (CC, part II, 'Society' chapter, point #13) Given this, it is such a grotesque and sinful thing to support any type of break away ordeal. And it is worse yet if one directly involves in dividing. Around town one may brag 'Just like Sarvatmanandji broke away and divided everything, now a similar blunder has occurred again, and I too am going to do march down the road of factionalism and division.' So this is nothing but insanity. Best is to follow Baba and lead the life of a neglected person. And even, if death is going to come then that is fine. Because following dharma is the top-most.
Those who are proper sadhakas and strong devotees, they like to follow Baba and not anything else. They do not care for their own comforts or their own name and fame. Because true disciples follow Guru's guideline. Thus when Baba says that unity is the most important thing then that is the main point to do. So if the organisation is corrupt then the main work is to strongly oppose those unjust things with whatever capacity one has. And then lead the 'neglected life'. And let whatever tortures come into one's own life. That will be glorious and far, far better than leading a depraved existence of a sinful person who is involved in dividing the organisation, or creating their own organisation or pedaling their own project. That is why Baba has given the highest teaching: That at the cost of your life You should not allow the seeds of disunity to sprout. Hence those who leave AMPS to form their own clique or separate project are the lowest of the low. They are the bottom of the barrel. Nothing good can be said about such persons.
Overall, losing the post and leading neglected life is nothing-- means that is the highest thing if done as a result of following dharma. Because following dharma and preserving unity is the high point.
"Svadharme nidhanam' shreyah paradharma bhayabahah"
Following 16 points, managing sadhana is difficult thing whereas falling into degenerated life is comparatively easy, but one should not do like this. Best is to follow dharma. In the same spirit, the top point is not to create one's own organisation or allow others to do. Why should one create something on the side just so that they can sit comfortably on some isolated beach-- ignoring Baba's teaching. Then in that case how will Baba's grace be there and how can one be called a true devotee. Following dharma means maintaining unity.
Baba says, "Marching ahead is jiivan dharma (the characteristic wont of life). To march ahead, carrying all, viewing the world humanity as an integral entity, is the principal aspect of jiivan dharma. Resolve courageously to observe this jiivan dharma..." (A'nanda Va'nii, #43) Namaskar, Arjuna NOTE 1: OUR DUTY TO OPPOSE NEGATIVITY If one does not believe in groupism and corrupt leadership then one should oppose it-- and not run off to some far distant corner of the earth and put up one fence and live in one isolated bubble like some shivering coward, all the while posing as being a dharmic one. Surely anyone with eyes can see through that thin facade and realise the truth that such a cowardice approach is outrightly negative. So those with no spine and no strength in the blood become goody-goodies and cowards. That is why Baba says this is not proper. Where there is injustice we should stand firm and fight and not disappear into one far away fantasy garden. Means it does not take any strength or energy to be a goody-goody, coward. And isolating oneself is not the way. BABA says, "The characteristic of good people is to fight against injustice, to firmly adhere to truth and righteousness, to protect the helpless and fight against all evil persons. Those who are merely simple and are of a meek and goody-goody nature are not good people. " (AFPS, pt 5, pg 28) NOTE 2: OTHERS ARE DOING Around the globe there are numerous groups and religions that are heavily involved in managing one or another projects. Some are Christian organisations, some are Hindu groups, plus there are various do-gooder societies, Islamic factions etc. Indeed there is no shortage of such types of things. So this target is not at all unique or for that matter effective. Still the humanity is crying on this trouble torn earth. So projects alone are not the antidote. Rather more unique and more needed is the call of unity. That is the need of the day and that is the speciality of Ananda Marga. Baba has told that unity is the main thing. And that is what is to be done. NOTE 3: It is commonly known and well-documented how Mahatma Gandhi declared that he will sharply protest & not allow for India to be divided. Indeed Gandhi declared that it would be done over "dead his body". Yet when it happened he kept mum. Baba harshly condemns this-- the chief point being that Baba does not appreciate division. Not in the country, not in AMPS, and not in the humanity. Rather unity is the main thing. For more about this reference Baba' discourse 'Dangers of Communalism'. NOTE 4: So it is highly condemnable when any such worker in GT or any of the sectors turns their back on the organisation and instead just selfishly attends to their own local MU-- as if that is the be-all and end-all. As if they are one angelic personality-- high above the rest. But all that is just their own menagerie and not to be supported. Indeed they are failing to fulfill a single iota of Baba's mission. Moreover they are creating harm by setting this deeply negative and nasty trend. Because in fact breaking the unity is one nasty black mark. NOTE 5: Some selfish people by seeing others, then they lean in that negative direction. Just like one melon-- by just seeing another melon it changes its colour. NOTE 6: So some may get tempted to fall into that viscous position, but doing so is entirely negative.
*************************************** - The Solution -
Baba says, "Whenever there is a conflict between the brain and the heart, intelligent people should respond to the call of the heart. The books in A'nanda Ma'rga philosophy are all absolute knowledge. The proper mark of identity of absolute knowledge is that it must be universal, rational and psychological. Certain instances of absolute knowledge are as follows --the goal of human life is the attainment of Brahma; human beings are the progeny of Parama Purus' dint of sa'dhana' or spiritual practices human beings gradually become divine." (PNS-18, p.10)

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