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Baba's Darshan of Niilkantha Divas

From: "A. Roy" To: Subject: Baba's Darshan of Niilkantha Divas Date: Fri, Feb 12 2010 06:39:07 +0530 Baba PS Intro: In this following song the devotee is lying at Baba's lotus feet, ensconced in a'nanda. And in that deeply devotional atmosphere, the sadhaka is desperately calling to all the jiivas to also come close to Baba, the Parama Purusa incarnate, and have His darshan and get His blessing. "Ba'n'sga'rii bahiye ja'y, saha's nayane ca'y Goloker hari a'ji gokule liila' raca'y..." (P.S. 3658) Purport: Today, the Hari of the divine world has manifested His liila in the land of devotees. With His sweet grace He is moving all around playing His divine flute-- showering His charming smile and gracious eyes upon all. With reddish lips, He is beckoning each and everyone. He is telling: 'Come close, come to Me-- quickly, as soon as possible, come running, so we can be together up to eternity'. Today that Hari of the divine world is showering bliss on everyone. We are so graced. Everyone is His kith and kin; all are His own; nobody is alien. No one is far; everyone is close. All are His most intimate ones. By His grace everyone gets Him in their thinking, japa, and meditation. Everyone resides in His mind; everyone has a place in His heart. By His causeless grace, now the river of devotion is flowing at high current. His divine rasa is dancing, overflowing, & splashing in ecstasy. With His fathomless grace the garland of waves is swaying to and fro. All are ensconced in His bliss. For crushing the dus't'a (demonic people) and for saving & nurturing the virtuous & dharmic people and for destroying the nefarious and deadly demons, He comes again and again on this earth with the rumble, twang, and beating of His kettle drum. There is no one else on this earth who has such infinite and countless qualities. That Hari of the divine world is the abode of all heavenly attributions. Come one, come all. The Lord of the universe has come today with gracious splendour, and He is showering His divine liila upon all devotees. He is most loving and ever-gracious...
Namaskar, We all know that the festival of Niilkantha Divas stands as one great occasion in our AM society. That of course marks the day-- Feb 12, 1973-- when in the divine liila of Parama Purusa, Baba Himself swallowed the poison dealt to Him by those sinful forces during His incarceration. Upon initial reflection, one might sincerely think this day of Niilkantha is a time to grieve or be sorrowful and to solemnly recall the past-- since after all this was the time when a dreadful attack was done against our Sadguru. In this way some were thinking those days. To clear the matter to one and all, in His divine way Baba Himself has guided us that Niilkantha Divas is a day of great joy and tremendous dharmic spirit that holds long-term & far-reaching ideological significance. Hence, Baba has declared this day as a full-fledged festival in AM-- full of merriment and righteous action.
By Baba's fathomless grace I was present at that very morning general darshan on 12 Feb 1979 in Patna when Baba Himself has given the full descriptive analysis about the inner meaning of Niilkantha Divas as well as how it should be celebrated. By Baba's grace I could note down the various scenes and expressions of that blissful day in my diary. And all of that-- my entire journal entry from that very occasion-- is presented down below in this email.
Perhaps of greatest import regarding this day is that Baba has declared Niilkantha Divas as a day to oppose any and all injustices and sinful acts-- wherever one may be. Baba wants that Niilkantha be an extra special occasion where we whole-heartedly raise our voice and take a staunch stand against all sorts of misdeeds committed by those terrible sinners of the present. According to Baba, it is a time when we are to express our sentient anger (sattvika krodha) and forcibly create the necessary circumstantial pressure to make those unrighteous and wicked people give up their nasty activities and mend their unjust ways. It is a time bring negative elements onto the path of welfare. This is one of the special aspects of Niilkantha Divas. And here following is more about this entire occasion of this great and holy AM festival.
Niila Kantha is a Samskrta term. "Niila" means blue; "Kantha" means throat. This is the literal meaning of Niila Kantha: Blue throat. And 'divas', as we all know means day. So the entire meaning of Niila Kantha Divas is "blue throat day". As this was the day when Baba Himself allowed His throat to 'turn blue' by swallowing the deadly poison that those papiis gave Him when He was in jail.
FIRST-HAND ACCOUNT OF BABA'S DARSHAN THAT DAY (Directly from my diary notes of that occasion)
Here now begins my first-hand account of what transpired at that morning general darshan of the first celebration of Niilkantha Divas after Baba was released from jail. As all may recall Baba Himself came out from the Jail towards the end of 1978. So Baba's below darshan took place on Monday, 12 February 1979 in Patna, six years to the day of that poisoning incident.
As Baba majestically appears on the scene at that morning General Darshan the Margiis vigorously raise the slogan, 'Niilkantha Baba Kii-- Jai!!'. Hearing this Baba lovingly jokes with the margiis and says, 'Enemies wanted to kill Me but by your well-wishing I was saved'. Then, in a very sweet and caring way, Baba states that up till now margiis have been observing a fast on this day and treating Niilkanth Divas as a solemn occasion. But why should margiis fast on this day, He says. Rather, instead of fasting, Baba says that we should follow sentient anger-- sattvika krodha, not tamasik krodha (static anger), aka revenge. Baba then explains that sadhus do sattvik krodha; and Baba begs the question, what is sattvika krodha? Baba explains: Sattvika krodha is a day of sentient anger where righteous people oppose all wrongdoings and injustices. On this day of Niilkantha Divas, Baba declares that it is the duty of dharmikas to put forth a challenge to all sinful and wicked forces. To bring about the needed momentum and force those sinners to change their ways and rectify themselves. It is a day when righteous people in one voice strongly stand up against injustices. After Baba raises the dharmic point about sattvika krodha He raises another aspect of this festival of Niilkantha Divas. Baba says: You know that on this day sinners gave Me poison. And what should you do? According to your capacity and strength, you should serve the best and tastiest food possible to one needy person-- lovingly feed them up to their heart's content. Baba continues: In return for the poison which we received, you should offer nectar (a'mrta). Baba clarifies: According to your capacity serve the highest calibre and best food possible to at minimum one person. Margiis can serve food to more persons than that, but at least one needy person-- margii or non-margii-- you should serve. And our wholetimers should do the same. In the case of avadhutas or wholetimers who do not have money, they will have to beg and get the necessary money in order to serve food to at least one needy individual. This is Baba's dharmic directive for this day. ...Then there is a short lull. Margiis then respectfully request Baba that He should say something. Baba sweetly replies, 'Oh I have to say something'. (margiis laugh) Then in a jolly and joyful way Baba says, 'Let Ramananda say something'. In a reverential way Ramanandji politely requests Baba to speak instead. Baba indicates that Ramanandji should speak first. Ramanandji begins, 'Actually you know on 12th February 1973 on this very day Baba was poisoned in Bankipur Central Jail. This conspiracy was hatched up by the CBI, those who since the very beginning are trying to finish Baba from this world. So on this very day in 1973 He was poisoned in the Jail. Actually I was the first visitor to visit His cell. When I saw Him lying on the bed then He was not in position to move; He was not in position to speak and I came to know...' And for the next minute or two Ramanandji continues to explain how he understood and got confirmation from doctors that Baba had indeed been poisoned. Then Ramanandji tells, "We just tried that there should be an inquiry into this incident that who is behind..." Baba interjects, "Judicial proof." Ramanandji continues, "Who is the person behind this nefarious work. So we wanted judicial inquiry-- judicial proof. Then [because] the Indira government... never gave us the opportunity to express ourself to place the fact before the public that what are the things. She suppressed this point. She did not institute inquiry. Then Baba was compelled to go on fast from 1 April 1973 and He continued His fast up to 1 Aug 1979." Then many people politely say, "1978". Then in a very decent and humble way, Ramananda corrects himself and says, "1978-- sorry". Ramanandji continues, "So 5 years, 4 months, and 1 day He continued His fast. So these things, actually..." Then Revered Baba graciously offers what He told the leader of India regarding the poisoning incident. Baba says: 'I wrote a letter to the President of India that I know who are the black hands working from behind the curtain'. This was Baba's dharmic message to the corrupt leaders those days. Thereafter Ramanandji continues to explain how so many letters were written and how so many problems happened. There were so many torments and difficulties and some did self-immolation in order to get justice. Baba says, 'So many boys and so many girls died.' Ramanandji explains that up till today we were not knowing how to celebrate this day. The question was proposed what the day should be called and we collectively decided it should be-- Niilkantha Divas. But since 1973 we did not have proper guidance how to observe this occasion. Ramanandji explains how Baba asked them earlier their opinion how to celebrate the day. And none of the Dadas present could give an acceptable reply. And then it was at that moment that Baba first beautifully revealed the concept of sa'ttvika krodha as well as the program of feeding at least one person a tasty and savory meal. (All of which is described up above.) Note: This concludes my diary entry from that memorable morning general darshan of 12 February 1979.
Hence Niilkantha Divas is not something that is limited or just related with that particular historical incident, but it also has a long-term ideological significance. So it is not just a point of history but a way to live life in a new way. It is a day to oppose injustices. That is the purpose. Up till now, through this present moment in 2007, this aspect of sentient anger has mostly ignored or forgotten during our Niilkantha celebrations. Yet as shown above, Baba has clearly given the point of opposing injustices-- especially on this day of Niilkantha Divas. And those who were also present that time can also confirm that Baba has told like this. So just like other festivals have their own specific purposes such as: Light festival, Spring festival, Ananda Purnima etc. Likewise Niilkantha Divas has its own special significance. In the past usually we were just feeding people, but the significance is more than that. By Baba's direction we are to take the strong resolution and vow to fight against injustices and establish dharma. The various religions just give lectures and then feast during their festivals. But our Marga is not like that. All our festivals are joyous and hold the seed of dharma and righteousness also. During our Niilkantha Divas it is our dharmic duty to change sinners into good people. By Baba's grace we are to save and rectify them. In this grand endeavour of following the proper spirit and guideline of Niilkantha Divas, Baba's eternal blessing is with us every step of the way. Namaskar, Amoghasiddhi
In His below teaching Baba clearly outlines the meaning of sentient anger-- sa'ttvika krodha. Baba says, "Suppose a very good man is harshly rebuking an immoral person for having insulted him. Is that unfair? No, no, it is not unfair. It is called sentient anger. Anger is static; but sometimes it may be sa'ttvika, it may be sentient. And that type of anger is sentient anger-- sa'ttvika krodha in Sanskrit." (AV-2, p.73-4 Sept '78) So once again on this occasion of Niilkantha Divas we are to follow Baba's directive of Sattvika Krodha and oppose injustices wherever they may be present. We are to help guide this whole humanity into the era of white peace and righteousness. That is the grand spirit of Niilkantha Divas.

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