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DMS News #2: Two Different Protests Across the Planet

Date: 10 Jan 2010 21:07:57 -0000
From: "Bhavanath  Rajpal"
Subject: DMS News #2: Two Different Protests Across the Planet


"Eso tumi raune rupe a'ma'r maner an'u-a'nute..."  - P.S. 2242


  Baba, please come in my mind with form and color. Please come in each
and every iota of my mind. My whole life has passed in searching You from
country to another country. When I was looking to find You in far distant
places, then I did not get You anywhere. And when I searched You in the
external world nearby me, then also I did not get You. In fact, I did not
get You in any holy land or in the cave of the mountains. In search of You
in lonely places I cried in longing.  
  Baba, by Your grace when I look into my mind then I see that You are
there smiling on my mental lotus. You are in my mental pollen, in its
fragrance, and in its nectar. Sitting there You are smiling. Baba I did not
get You anywhere externally because You are always in my mind. When I try
to look within then by Your grace I feel that You are with me...

                                                DMS NEWS #2:


We all want unity within our Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha. The main question is which avenue will take us there. The events at the recent DMS and the NY winter retreat shed further light on this matter.

You may have heard that at the recent Ananda Marga New Year's DMS in Ananda Nagar one group sat in protest. To some it may look like this group is quite noble: Engaging in a peaceful, silent protest outside the main gate of the DMS pandal with placards, banners, and pamphlets preaching unity.

But to really understand the situation, we have to see the big picture. We cannot just stare at one small piece of the puzzle.

Specifically, when EC was staging a peaceful protest for unity and declaring along with B group that Kinshuk Dada should be the next PP, then we have to see what other activities EC was involved in to evaluate how far they are sincere in their approach.

And indeed if we evaluate EC's situation in NY sector, we get a grander view of the scene.

That same EC faction which was staging a protest at DMS in Ananda Nagar is the same EC group that controlled the winter retreat at Ananda Kanan (USA). At that gathering they deliberately barred other groups and their members - i.e. the Ranchi group NY SS et Co - from entering into NY sector sectorial retreat. EC veritably blocked that Dada from entering the retreat grounds. When that Dada arrived on site they forcefully told him that he was not welcome. This happened the same exact week that EC was staging their own protest for being disallowed to enter into the DMS pandal in Ananda Nagar.

Plus one other interesting thing to be aware of.

In NY this same EC group is fighting tooth and nail in a huge, unprecedented court case for control of the sector. And they are trying desperately to gather as much funds from margiis as they can in order to pay their attorneys and related legal fees. All done to snatch the power from the other group. These are the plain facts. All the groups are unceremoniously indulged in the fight for power - not true unity.

                                           NOT A FIGHT FOR IDEOLOGY

Groupism means harboring a narrow agenda for one's own personal material gain, i.e. for their particular region, caste, community etc. This type of special self-interest is the defining point of being a group. Groupism has nothing to do with how big or small it is in number, i.e. size of their membership; it is only related with harboring a narrow mentality or group feeling. There may be 1 million people in a group, 100 people or 1 person. That is all meaningless. What makes a group a group is their narrow-minded interests.

In contrast, if a fight is going on for the cause of universal welfare, i.e. for everyone's physical, psychic and spiritual development and one is battling against all sorts of exploitation, then irrespective of the number of people involved, it is not a group.

As long as Baba was controlling AMPS it was not a group. Certain non-margiis were labeling AMPS as a group but it was not a group. Those days AM was for universal emancipation, not any narrow agenda.

Today however the various factions are busy trying to grab the power and injecting dogmas like the supremacy of their language, land, community, or tiirtha. Or they just squabble over who can get more purodhaships in their camp etc. None of these "causes" are ideological. That is why the current group struggle is nothing but a factional feud.

All the groups in today's Marga rally around their chosen dogmas and all the groups want to exploit margiis. That is why they never raise the slogan of margii rights or common issues (see note 1). When not in power they cry out about their own pathetic situation in front of margiis and exploit their sentiment; but when in power the situation is different. Then those groups rule with an iron fist.

Sane people understand this quite well.

If anyone is emotionally attached to certain friendships or a particular language or any other narrow cause, then they should not befool themselves into thinking that they are fighting for Ananda Marga ideology.

All in all, the entire present day group fight has nothing to do with AM ideology - rather it runs counter to our ideological standards.

If on this point you have any doubt please write me.

                                        SUMMARY AND SOLUTION

Here the point is that unity can never be based in groupist hypocrisy - nor the hypocrisy of H, B, or EC groups. All such factions have their self-interest in mind and when we see the big picture their true colours can easily be understood. Those who are victims in one sector are the power mongers in another. Such persons can never bring unity.

The only solution is unity based on ideology - not any group agenda. For more about this see note 1.

Thus when one group is preaching unity on one side of the planet and and carrying out factional feuds on the other side of the globe, even the simplest of observers can understand what is going on.

To solve this matter we have to uncover all shades of hypocrisy and rally around Ananda Marga ideology, not any group camp. So-called unity based on groupist sentiment is fragile and can explode at any moment whereas as real unity based on ideology is the true foundation of our AM and human society.

Baba says, "Human unity is purely an ideological unity, which means unity in the psychic sphere. Where there is psychic unity, physical unity will also occur. In the realm of unity, unity is always psychic – ideological unity means unity in the subtlest level of the mind. However, psychic or ideological unity may be affected if we encourage the exploitation of one group by another. So to avoid this there should not be any scope for exploitation in society. And to ensure this we have to start a new order to safeguard the interests of the exploited masses. So for a proper social synthesis what we require is a common philosophy of life; that is, ideological unity." (Prout Nutshell, Part 15)

Baba says, "Lack of unity among the members of society, because of too much self-interest in the individual members, formation of sects for economic or social advantages, or lack of understanding of others, not only brings the downfall of society, but also will wipe it completely from the face of the earth. Instances of so many sects and empires disappearing altogether are not rare in the history of this world." (“Tattvika Praveshika”)



The present group fight in our Marga is not an ideological fight. Here ideological means Baba's divine teachings, not any group agenda. This fight is all about their own selfish group interest. Here following the is the logic and reasoning in support of this fact.

Since 1990, so many injustices have been done related with ideology, yet none of these following points are ever raised by these group leaders - i.e. H, B, or EC. Rather they are the perpetrators.

1. Destruction of BP rights and imposition of the Fake BP Manual;
2. Expulsion used as a weapon since 1995  when all groups qqq were together were living and unitedly ruling qqq
3. Countless intentional scriptural distortions such as placing "Translated from the original Bengali" on the cover page of all AM books, even if those discourses were given in English or Hindi;
4. Elimination of the margii based ACB system: Advisory Committees & Boards;
5. Curtailment of margii rights;
6. Creation of dogmatic pilgrimages in Ananda Nagar, Kolkata, & Jamalpur, and many other places;
7. Issuing of Fake Ananda Vaniis;
8. Victimisation of countless innocent Ananda Margiis;
9. Bangalisation of AM teachings;
10. Ruination of Prabhat Samgiita by using filmy singers etc;
11. Not recognising Silent Action as a fundamental right;
12. Rejecting English and Hindi passages spoken by Baba and only translating the Bengali portions of Baba's holy DMC discourses which were given by Baba in three languages;
13. Treating Baba as a mortal being by using the shraddha mantra for Sadguru Baba and the imposition of dogmatic Mahaprayan;
14. Construction of dogmatic memorials to limit Baba to a particular land or place;
15. And so many more ideological wrongs.

Note: Please do write us if you wish more information on any of the above points.

Yet, no group ever raises any of these universal points related with AM teachings / ideology. They only raise their own selfish claims based on their group agenda for post and power.

So all this infighting is nothing but a factional power fight. In that case why should margiis quarrel, give their resources and time, and do & die in such a fight when it is all about selfishness and grabbing the post - and nothing else.

Regarding the above listed ideological points related with margii rights and scripture etc, neither the factions of Tiirthananda & EC, nor B faction, nor H (i.e. Ranchi faction) support these purely ideological issues. Never do they ever raise these items - they only raise points of personal lust for post and power.

Then why should any sincere devotee sacrifice themselves for this cause of infighting and group agenda. There is no ideology on either side. That is Baba's teaching.

Baba says, "Many of the ills of society develop because people do not care to know other members of society. This may not only mean ignorance of the condition and difficulties of others, but also leads to intolerance and a lack of interest in the affairs of the other members of society. Common social functions bring different members of society together and are therefore a great unifying force. By performing certain functions collectively, all the members are engaged in doing the same thing for some time, and this brings about a feeling of unity and interest in others." (Social Psychology, 1957, Jamalpur)



Baba says, "The Cosmic Operative Principle, whereby the Citishakti [Supreme
Cognitive Faculty] goes on transforming itself into Cosmic Ectoplasms and
those Cosmic Ectoplasms into the bhacakra [spatio-eternal system] without
undermining its own status, must necessarily imbibe the witness-ship of the
Sambharaka." (HS, Edn '99, p.148)

Note 1: To do proper translations of Baba's original discourses the
translator must be aware of Baba's own Grammar book series as well as His
small encyclopedia: Laghu Nirukta. Without these two necessary works, the
translation will be incomplete. And it may lack unclarity and create
confusion. The above example has happend like that.

Note 2: The term 'bhacakra' is not available in any published dictionary in
the general society. That is why the translator / editor could not properly
clarify this term. Instead he speculated about its meaning from his own
mind. The real meaning of the term bhacarka is given in Laghu Nirukta. That
is as follows:

"1. The sky and space which can be seen from one side of the earth
represents only half or a partial amount. To see the other half one has to
go to the other side of the earth. And when the entire thing is treated as
one, then that is bhacakra. Bhacakra is complete."
"2. The next definition means the known and unknown created worlds-- that
combined is bhacakra."

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