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Tips for Relieving Tension in Day to Day Life

From: “Karma Rasa”
Subject: Tips for Relieving Tension in Day to Day Life
Date: 02 Apr 2012, 21:34:33



In this ultra-modern era, where life has become so complex, if we want to save ourselves from mental tension or stress, as well as the more serious psychic ailments like depression, melancholia, personality disorders, and madness etc, we have to proceed very carefully. We are living in the midst of an extremely difficult era – and the problems are only multiplying.

Because of the advancement of science, life is faster than ever before. No doubt many of the physical problems have been addressed, making life easier in that realm, but the sheer speed of life and extreme materialism have brought so much psychic tension. That is why mental issues are on the rise. Under such circumstances, maintaining psychic ease is very challenging.


Due to rapid scientific progress, even the common person has been adversely affected. The present-day world has become increasingly intricate and complex. No longer can people keep their mental balance as they have so many different aspects of life to manage.

From fixing the car to paying taxes, from raising a family to dealing with health issues, from multi-tasking to future planning, from job security to computer meltdowns, from divorce to infertility, from global warming to workforce issues, there are an ever-increasing array of issues that ordinary people have to manage in their day-to-day lives.

For instance, nowadays motorcycles and cars have engines that are more computerized than before. So even if one is mechanically inclined, they cannot fix the car. The issue is too technical and requires specialized machines. And there are countless other examples as well, some of which are mentioned below.

The key point is that the solution to such problems is beyond the means of the common person. That is the source of the mental tension. The advancement of science and the age of modernity has created problems which normal people cannot solve.


In comparison to hundreds of years ago, the citizens of today feel much more mental tension. Here’s why.

In the past, people had problems, but they were primarily physical in nature, not psychic. They were struggling much more physically than people of today, but ultimately those difficulties were manageable. Now, however, due to scientific development, the physical problems have been alleviated to some degree, but in the psychic sphere the problems have multiplied. Because people have to handle so many more intricacies of life.

Science and technology have advanced so far that people are at a loss for solving the problems of modern living.

For example, when humans were traveling by bullock carts, then if there was an accident the situation was not so severe. It was within their knowledge base and capacity to solve the problem. But now if you are traveling by airplane, or even by automobile or car, then if there is an accident, the situation is quite grave. The matter is not easily solved; it is far beyond the knowledge base and capacity of the common person to solve the problem.

Indeed there are so many, regular day-to-day activities that create stress or psychic tension:
(a) Commuting across town for an important appointment but due to crowds and traffic jams you are not able to reach your destination on time;
(b) Having to meet extremely high challenges and goals in today’s materialistic, corporate culture;
(c) Having both mother and father work extended hours 5 or 6 days a week due to financial pressures and not having any time to spend with the children;
(d) Feeling pressure to show your wealth or status through your style of dress; or, feeling pressure to live up to certain beauty standards;
(e) And there are so many other common examples wherein today’s that people feel tense and stressed out.

The wave of mental tension even touches even the youngest of out kids:
(a) Primary school students sit for high-pressure examinations;
(b) Children often must “fit-in” or be bullied, i.e. harassed and pushed around by other kids;
(c) Children are regularly warned about “talking to strangers” – even local streets are not safe;
(d) Write in with your examples that make life stressful for our youngsters.

Here the point is that everyday tasks like commuting to work, meeting materialistic standards and raising a family can and do create tremendous stress in life. There is little or no escape. Either people have little or no means to solve the problem on their own, or life is too complicated; there are too many interdependent factors. Naturally then this creates huge tension in the mind. And people experience this daily. The pressure mounts from one incident to the next.


With all this comes a growing array of mental problems: From a “simple case” of frustration to heated anger outbursts, from mental stress disorder to thoughts of suicide & madness – and everything in between. Millions upon millions of citizens are affected – the malaise is commonplace.

Ultimately that high-level of tension strains the nerves. Nerve diseases, unheard of long ago, are rising at an unprecedented rate: Heart attacks, strokes, high-blood pressure and more. So much sickness today is related with the psychic stress of modern life. Including the growing array of mental problems as well such as stress, depression, and melancholia etc.

Here below Baba Himself has warned us about the growing prevalence of mental tension and psychic instability.

Baba says, “People have lost their tranquility…peace is lost. What is the overall consequence of this phenomenon? Mental disorders have become rampant – more and more people are becoming insane.” (A Few Problems Solved – 4)


This entire package of exponentially increasing worldly difficulties and the rampant spread of mental problems is especially true in so-called developed countries – i.e. those materialistic lands where money is king. No doubt these issues are becoming more prevalent around the globe, but in those places where materialism has been tops for decades and decades like the USA and Europe, then these problems have become systemic. If we are not careful, soon they will be chronic everywhere. That is the very real fear.

Many are aware of all these problems, but psychiatric doctors do not have the solution, they just give sedatives and or other pills. These prescriptions become lifelong; this is not treating the problem, just masquerading it. But Baba has beautifully given the proper solution which can in fact cure the disease: Strengthen and balance the mind so it is able to handle stressful situations in a calm manner. So only Baba has addressed the root cause.


Baba guides us that the solution to this epidemic is singular – one.

The speed of science is progressing fast yet the mind is not developing at the same rate. So there is a serious maladjustment. The result is psychic tension. We have to do something to enhance the quality of the mind: To make it stronger. That solution is sadhana, i.e. psycho-spiritual practice.

When one does sincere sadhana, the mind gets stronger and stronger. Then one is ready to face all kinds of problems and difficulties. And not only that, those very same challenges are no longer problematic. That is why sadhana is verily the key for relieving, even eliminating, the daily tensions and stress of modern living. All because one has a base in life – the base of spirituality. The brings mental strength and balance.

Baba tells us again and again that the way to combat and ultimately defeat this crises is sadhana. Meditation will enable the mind to deal with the complexities of modernity wherein one will maintain proper mental balance.

So only by intuitional practice– sadhana– can one escape the ghastly grip of mental problems that go hand in hand with a money-dominated, materialistic way of life.


Within sincerity in spiritual practices one invariably becomes linked with Him. Here Baba reveals to us the great inner secret for how spirituality dispels all psychic ailments.

Baba says, “While doing work one should ideate, ‘It is the work of Parama Purusa; it is not mine. I am doing His work to please Him’. By following this approach mental tension, nervousness, and psychic diseases will never arise. And also samskaras will not be formed.” (08 April ’84, Tattanagar DMC)

Karma Rasa Deva


"Toma'r liila' tumii bojha, a'ro keu ta'ha' bujhite ki pa're..."  (Prabhata Samgiita #722)


 Baba, You are so loving and unique. Only You can understand Your divine liila. No one except You can know the way You are playing liila. Who can understand Your liila? Before understanding the liila of Liilamaya (Liila Personified), I will have to realise You, the Liilamaya. In order to understand the divine play I will have to realise You, the Controller. Baba, You are my Heart of hearts.

Why does the sun rise in the east. And why does it always set in the west. And why does it make a purple coloured sunset. Why do all these things happen? Baba only You know. And why is there only one moon floating in the sky, yet by that way the night becomes effulgent . Why do such things occur? Who arranges all these affairs? Why this liila? Who is behind these things? Baba, only You know.

To know Your liila is impossible. Why snow forms on the high peaks of the mountains; and why the color of the sky is blue; and why pearls have a brilliant white colour. Why each and everything has its own inherent qualities. Who can understand all this-- only You Baba.

Baba, please grace me to understand and realise You. Baba to understand Your liila is very difficult. That is why I have only one desire-- to understand You. And without Your grace it is not possible. Please grace me, O' Liilamaya.... 

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